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Here Are 9 Queerest Moments At The Last Night's Golden Globes

In the midst of critically important emphasis on abuse were a number of gay people and situations that spoke to the occasion, with honesty despite considerable danger becoming a recurrent motif of the evening. Here are 9 queerest moments at the Golden Globes.

Alexander McCaslin
Jan 12, 20232 Shares526 Views
The #MeToo campaign against sexual assault and harassment has been at the forefront of national debate, and last night's 75th Annual Golden Globe Awards was the first major event to take place since.
In the midst of this critically important emphasis on abuse were a number of gay people and situations that spoke to the occasion, with honesty despite considerable danger becoming a recurrent motif of the evening. Here are 9 queerest moments at the Golden Globes.

Jerrod Carmichael Apologizes To Jennifer Coolidge "on Behalf Of All Gays"

Carmichael delivered a statement as he welcomed "The White Lotus" actor and LGBT legend, who was about to receive an award for best supporting actor.
As a gay man, I want to apologize to her on behalf of all of the gays for what we did to her on that boat.- Jerrod Carmichael, LGBT actor
The antagonistic "high-end" homosexuals with links to the Italian mafia attempted to kill Coolidge's character in the award-winning HBO film "The White Lotus," but they failed.

Michelle Yeoh's Acceptance Speech Mentions Jamie Lee Curtis

Michelle Yeoh's performance in the sciencefiction dramedy "Everything, Everywhere, All at Once" earned her the Golden Globe Award for best actress in a motion picture, musical or comedy.
Yeoh complimented her co-star in the film, Jamie Lee Curtis, during her award speech, calling Curtis her "hot dog lover" in allusion to the hot-dog-like fingers both characters had.

Zendaya, Star Of "Euphoria," Receives Her First Golden Globe

Zendaya, an actress and singer, took home her first Golden Globe for her portrayal of troubled LGBTQ adolescent Rue Bennett on HBO's breakout series "Euphoria."
In spite of having won two Emmys for the same role, the 26-year-old performer was noticeably absent from the ceremony where she would have accepted her Golden Globe.

Battle Of The Sexes + Emma Stone And Billie Jean King Attending As Dates

In the 1973 tennis match between former champion Bobby Riggs and the world's number one female player, Billie Jean King — who later became an LGBTQ+ activist and advocate — the story of the founding of the Women's Tennis Association and the demands for equal pay by professional women tennis players is told. Among the nominees for the film were Steve Carell as Bobby Riggs and Emma Stone as Billie Jean King.
Even though neither Stone nor Carell were recognized for their efforts, it was vital to share the tale of how King fought for gender equality in tennis and came to termswith her sexuality.
Of course, the fact that Emma Stone's companion was none other than Billie Jean King made for yet another unforgettable queer moment of the evening. Both Stone and King wore full black attire.

Billy Porter's Fiery Speech And Fuchsia Outfit Introduce Ryan Murphy

In keeping with the "Pose" star's over-the-top red carpet ensembles, actor Billy Porter walked out in a stunning fuchsia dress to give the Carol Burnett Award to TV writer, producer, and director Ryan Murphy.
Porter, who has worked with Murphy on many projects including "Pose" and "American Horror Story," once told Murphy, "There aren't enough words in the English language for me to explain what you mean to me."
In the early aughts, when my Black gay decided to come out to Hollywood and try my luck at this film and television thing for the first time, I discovered on Day One that Hollywood wasn't having all this Black boy joy, yet. And as I spent many a year teetering on the precipice of obscurity, it was you, Ryan, and your fearless art that spoke to me, comforted me and let me know that if I could just hold a little while longer, my time would come.- Billy Porter
I'm humbled to know that I'm up here standing in proxy for a myriad of artisans both in front of the camera, behind the scenes and beyond whose lives you have touched and changed for the better.- Billy Porter

Ryan Murphy Accepts The Carol Burnett Award

As he won the Carol Burnett Award, television mogul Ryan Murphy spoke extensively about the LGBTQ performers in the room with whom he had collaborated over the years.
Murphy, who is homosexual, began his address by requesting a standing ovation for "Pose" actress Michaela Jaé Rodriguez, who made historyby becoming the first transgender performer to win a Golden Globe.
Matt Bomer, who has worked with Murphy on multiple occasions, was also mentioned, as was Porter, Niecy Nash (who was nominated for a supporting actress award for her role in Murphy's "Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story"), and Jeremy Pope (who was nominated for a best actor award for his role in "The Inspection").
I’ve dedicated most of my lifetime achievement speech here tonight to these actors I’ve worked with to make a point of hope and progress. When I was a young person at home in the '70s watching ‘The Carol Burnett Show,’ I never, ever saw a person like me getting an award or even being a character on a TV show.- Ryan Murphy

Evan Peters Wins For Playing Jeffrey Dahmer

Evan Peters, who played the notorious homosexual serial murderer Jeffrey Dahmer in the Netflix series "Dahmer — Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story," won the Golden Globe for best actor.
And last but most importantly, I want to thank everyone out there who watched the show. It was a difficult one to make, a difficult one to watch, but I sincerely hope some good came out of it.- Evan Peters

In "The White Lotus," Gay Icon Jennifer Coolidge Wins

In the second season of "The White Lotus," Jennifer Coolidge, a gay legend, played a ditzy and gorgeous heiress who earned her the Golden Globe for best supporting actress.
Winner of an Emmy, Coolidge congratulated the show's creator, Mike White, who was obviously moved by the remarks. And Coolidge remarked that the popularity of the HBO miniseries had helped her social life.
My neighbors are speaking to me. I was never invited to one party, and now everyone is inviting me!- Jennifer Coolidge

Cate Blanchett Wins For Playing A Lesbian Conductor In "Tár"

Cate Blanchett, who played a renowned lesbian conductor named Lydia Tár in the psychological thriller "Tár," earned her fourth Golden Globe for her performance. Blanchett, who has won two Oscars herself, was notably absent from the ceremony.
Although "Tár" has received acclaim from the film critics, it has also resonated with Marin Alsop, the world's most well-known female conductor. In an interview released earlier this week, Alsop, who is a lesbian like her fictional counterpart, criticized the film, saying it hurt her "as a woman, as a conductor, as a lesbian."

Final words

The 80th annual Golden Globes, held on Tuesday, were a very gay event. Jerrod Carmichael ("Rothaniel"), the breakthrough homosexual comic of the year, hosted the event.
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