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7000 People Freed Because Of The Amnesty By Myanmar Military Junta

According to state broadcaster MRTV, 7,012 convicts will be freed as part of an amnesty by Myanmar military junta to commemorate the nation's independence day.

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Jan 05, 202315 Shares467 Views
According to state broadcaster MRTV, 7,012 convicts will be freed as part of an amnesty by Myanmar military juntato commemorate the nation's independence day.
According to MRTV, inmates who have been convicted of murder and rape or who are currently in jail on account of explosives, illegal association, weapons, drugs, and corruption will not be released.
I want to say thank you to some international and regional countries and organizations and individuals who positively cooperated with us… in the midst of all the pressure, criticisms and attacks- Senior General Min Aung Hlaing
If any political prisoners would be released was not immediately apparent.

The Political Situation In Myanmar Under The Military Junta Government

The junta collaborates closely with neighbors like China, India, Thailand, Laos, and Bangladesh. We will collaborate for border stability and development, Min Aung Hlaing declared during a parade in the capital Naypyitaw that featured tanks, flag-waving government employees, marching soldiers, and military jets performing a flyover.
Since the army overthrew Suu Kyi's government on February 1, 2021, Myanmar has been in complete disarray.
Since then, they have imprisoned her and other government officials used brutal force to quell dissent and pro-democracy demonstrations, and driven thousands of people from their homes.

Leading Democracy Activists Are Put To Death By The Myanmar Junta

Street demonstrations are now uncommon following bloody crackdowns, but the military engages in almost daily clashes with ethnic minorities, and fear has spread throughout large portions of the nation as members of a so-called People's Defense Force have risen to arms in an effort to restore democracy.
Suu Kyi was recently sentenced to seven more years in prison after being found guilty of five counts of corruption.
This verdict brought to an end a protracted legal battle that was widely viewed as a sham and aimed at neutralizing the biggest threat to the junta's rule at home.
Suu Kyi is being held in solitary confinement in a Naypyitaw jail, but the military maintains that she has been given a fair trial by an impartial tribunal.
On the anniversary of Myanmar's declaration of independence from British rule, the authorities typically release a small number of prisoners.
According to MRTV, the most recent amnesty would not apply to people who had been convicted of murder and rape or had been imprisoned due to charges involving explosives, illegal associations, weapons, drugs, managing natural disasters, or corruption.

If Any Political Prisoners Would Be Released Was Not Immediately Apparent

Sanctions have been placed on Myanmar's military and those thought to have assisted the junta in gaining power by the United States, the European Union, as well as nations like Britain and Canada.
A second reprimand came last month when the UN Security Council passed its first resolution on Myanmar in 74 years, calling for a stop to the bloodshed and the release of all political prisoners held by the government.
Min Aung Hlaing criticized "disruptions from countries and organizations who wish to intervene in Myanmar's domestic affairs," in reference to external pressure.
Protestors against the military junta
Protestors against the military junta

International Support And New Challenges For The Military Government Of The Country

The junta has continued to receive some support from outside. China and Russia continue to argue against taking decisive action, causing the UN Security Council to remain divided over how to handle the Myanmar problem. Along with India, they did not participate in the resolution vote from last month.
Last month, Thailand also hosted regional talks to tackle the problem, including rare overseas appearances by junta ministers despite the absence of several important ASEAN members who have been loud in their criticism of the junta.
Myanmar's generals have been excluded from ASEAN's high-profile conferences because they have broken their agreements to begin negotiations with opponents associated with Suu Kyi's overthrown administration. ASEAN is leading diplomatic efforts for peace.
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