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Top Binding Love Spells With Candles 2023


Candle love spells are magical, but without a spark of passion between you two, they won't work. Binding love spells with candles might help you by letting the powers of nature and energy work for you.

Asking the cosmos by using binding love spells with candles to deliver you the proper person is the greatest way to invoke a love spell. By doing this, you can avoid wasting time and effort on someone who might not truly care about you.

Easy Love Spell With A White Candle

You might use a white candle to perform a straightforward love spell with the aim of attracting the attention of someone you admire or adore. Work should be done in a peaceful area without interruptions.


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  • A brand-new white taper or pillar candle that is tall enough to write "Matches or lighter."
  • Candle stand.
  • Olive oil (virgin).
  • A picture of the person you want.
  • A white envelope large enough to hold the photo.
  • Any other tool for inscribing candles, such as an athame knife.
  • 1 sheet of white 8.5" x 11" copy paper.


  • To bring your love, dress the candle with olive oil.
  • Dress the candle by drawing the oil from the top of the candle to the center, then from the bottom to the center, to cast a spell that will bring something to you.
  • On your altar, place the candle in a candle holder. In the absence of an altar, a tabletop will do.
  • Place the desired person's picture by the candle.
  • Inscribe the candle using the point of your athame knife or another tool.
  • On the candle, inscribe the person's initial name. Write from top to bottom along the entire length of the candle.
  • Re-insert the candle in the holder and ignite it.
  • Specify your wish three times, "Bring [insert name of beloved] to me. Let [your name] profess their unwavering affection for me."
  • As you watch the candle burn, imagine the person approaching you in love. Till the candle is entirely extinguished, keep picturing and thinking about the person.
  • Once the candle is extinguished, put the wax pool and the picture inside the envelope and close it.
  • In a secure location where it won't be disturbed, place the envelope containing the remains.

Enchantments by Mya Spalter | Candle Carving 101

People Also Ask

What Is The Candle Love Spell Chant?

"I open the circle with white light and purity of heart and wish no harm." After repeating it three times, light the candle.

What Does If Candle Extinguishes Before Burning Down During Spellcasting?

If the candle self-extinguishes during love spell, it does not imply that your spell was unsuccessful. It merely indicates that your request was granted. Your spell has been cast. The candle's remains should be stored in a quiet place after being wrapped in a white piece of fabric.

Why Are Pink Candles Good For Love Spells?

You can draw the love and friendship of the person you want by casting a spell with a pink candle. Spells involving pink candles can be used to bring about harmony, serenity, unconditional love, spiritual love, and healing.


Including candle magic in your spellwork will give it an extra boost of energy. Your binding love spells with candles will work perfectly on the flame's intensity of power.

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