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Book Of Lies By Aleister Crowley - History Of This Book


In this article, we will be discussing the history of the Book of Lies By Aleister Crowley and will try our best to convey all the information about this book to you.

In 1912 or 1913, English occultist and teacher Aleister Crowley released his book named “The Book of Lies”. The topics discussed in this book range from the most fundamental to the most theoretical.

Who Is Aleister Crowley?

Aleister Crowley, also known as Edward Alexander Crowley, was a British occultist, author, and mountaineer who practiced "magick" (or, as he spelled it, "magic") and referred to himself as the Beast 666.

He was born on October 12, 1875, in Royal Leamington Spa, England, and passed away on December 1, 1947, in Hastings. He had few disciples and was criticized for leading a debauched lifestyle in his own time, but after his death, he gained cult status.

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A wealthy brewer's heir who later became an apostle for the Plymouth Brethren, a Nonconformist religious sect, was Crowley's father. However, the younger Crowley developed a dislike for Christianity very early in life.

He started using the moniker Aleister as a student at Trinity College, University of Cambridge, where he also developed a reputation for chess prowess. He left the institution in 1898 without receiving a diploma. He had the freedom to travel far and arrange for the publishing of his books thanks to his fortune.

An Opened Book Placed On A Wooden Table
An Opened Book Placed On A Wooden Table

Explain The Book Of Lies By Aleister Crowley In Detail

The Book of Lies, also known as Which Falsely Calls Breaks. The Wanderings or Falsifications of Frater Perdurabo's One Thought, which is an untrue thought in and of Itself.

Also known as Liber CCCXXXIII, this work by English occultist and educator Aleister Crowley was initially released in 1912 under the pseudonym Frater Perdurabo. Although it is a Babes of the Abyss official book, it is not suggested for novices due to its strong suggestiveness.

There are 93 chapters in the book, and each one has one page of content. Poems, rites, directions, esoteric references, and cryptograms are all included in the chapters. Each chapter's topic is often decided by its number and its associated Qabalistic meaning.

Leila Waddell, also known as Layla, served as Crowley's influential Scarlet Woman and served as his inspiration when he was writing this book. She is mentioned in many chapters and a picture.

Aleister Crowley - The book of lies (Complete Audiobook)

When And Where Did The Book Of Lies Publish?

Aleister Crowley's little masterpiece, The Book of Lies, which was initially published in London in 1913, has long since gone out of print. Its re-publication with the author's Commentary provides an opportunity for a few observations.

We already have so much writing by Crowley himself regarding this book that we can just extract a few sentences from the several unpublished volumes of his "Confessions".

People Also Ask

How Many Pages Does The Book Of Lies Have?

There are 91 chapters in the book, and each chapter has one page of content.

What Is The Book Of Lies By Aleister Crowley?

Aleister Crowley, an English occultist and educator, initially published The Book of Lies in 1912 or 1913 under the pseudonym Frater Perdurabo. As stated by Crowley: "This book deals with many matters on all planes of the very highest importance. It is an official publication for Babes of the Abyss, but is recommended even to beginners as highly suggestive."

How Many Aleister Crowley Books Are There?

Aleister Crowley has written 54 different books.


In this version of Aleister Crowley's clever and educational collection of paradoxes, the author's comments are included, which is uncommon in previous editions of the book. We hope this article has given you enough knowledge of the book of lies by Aleister crowley.

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