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Candle Magic Significance - Wishes Into Reality


Candle magic refers to the practice of using candles in rituals and spells for several purposes. In just a moment, we'll talk about how various combinations of color and scent might help you achieve your goals.

Candles allow you to combine the frequencies of many colors with the frequency of fire. When you mix these two, you generate a massive frequency exchange and cleansing.

Candle magic is one of the best ways to get in touch with the afterlife, spiritual allies, and even loved ones who have died.

Much like with reading, one may gain understanding by watching the candle burn. An intention may be set using candle magic. So, candle magic is a sacrament that may help you get closer to the divine and bring your wishes into reality.

Examining The Flame Of A Candle

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As you may assume, a huge flame suggests that the reading is very stimulating. If it's not dramatic, it can be a symptom of a "slow burn" issue that will take some time to fix. The rate at which your candle burns is also affected by this. If a candle burns rapidly and cleanly, there aren't many energy barriers or limiting beliefs.

It can take some time for it to burn, meaning that you are likely to face many challenges to achieve your goal. If the candle burns black on the clear glass, it also suggests that you will need to overcome many energies and belief systems to realize your desire.

(To avoid this from happening, always use a long candle lighter and light it from above; just be cautious not to mix this with the black on the glass left from your lighter.) Pay attention to the wax as well.

Resistance often referred to as "wax tunneling," can occur when you run across roadblocks or become "stuck" trying to reach your goal. Last but not least, pay attention to the candle wick. If it splits or if you see it moving in a specific direction,

Candle Magic And Witchcraft

The use of candles is so essential to witchcraft and other occult practices that they have given rise to a whole field of magic.

One of the easiest types of witchcraft to practice is candle magic. Candle magic seeks sympathetic magic by substituting candles of various colors for the people and things that the spells are meant to affect.

Every hue denotes a unique character, impact, or feeling. We'll look at the principles of candle magic right here. Because every magical tradition or style interacts with candles differently, think of the material as a guide rather than a set of laws.

This is important information because if you don't know it, you will not comprehend why different instructions on your BWC website instruct you to utilize candles in various ways.

You probably used candle magic for the first time when you accidentally made your first wish while blowing out the candles on your birthday cake.

Concentration, willpower, and vision are the three core principles of magick, which serve as its cornerstone. You concentrated on the candles, rapidly extinguished them, and imagined your desire coming true.

Man in Black Leather Jacket Smoking Cigarette
Man in Black Leather Jacket Smoking Cigarette

Candle Magic For Divination

Some magical traditions use candles as a form of divination. Reading the wax and watching how the candle burns are the two most often used methods for candle divination are reading the wax and watching how the candle burns.

You must observe a candle's burning process to create a forecast based on it, including how high it reaches, how quickly it flickers, and how many flames it has. Two flames might be a sign that the afterlife is helping you accomplish your goal.

By observing the hues of the flame, you might be able to gauge the strength of your spell. On what these hints mean, though, there is disagreement.

While some practitioners believe that a candle that burns tall strongly suggests that one's request will be granted, others point out that the candle's ability to burn depends on the length and quality of the wick as well as the presence of an air vent. Focus on your objective rather than how the flame is burning.

Bright golden freeze light with bunch of beams at night
Bright golden freeze light with bunch of beams at night

Using Candles In Ritual

Before lighting a candle, give it a quick dressing or oiling. By doing so, a psychic link will be established with the candle.

In other words, you transmit your purpose into the wax and charge it with your energy and vibrations before lighting the candle. To decorate a candle, you'll need a natural oil; because grapeseed has no smell, many practitioners like it.

Additionally, you might use certain candle magic oils that you can get from a store that sells metaphysical products. Starting at the top of the candle, rub the oil down to the center.

Then, beginning at the candle's base, work your way up toward the center and stop where you began. Some cultures do the act of anointing the opposite way, starting in the middle and moving outwards.

Roll the oiled candle in the dry herbs until it is thoroughly covered if the task also calls for the use of herbs. But it's important to remember that a candle is only a tool. It is a means to generate magic by employing the element of fire to put one's purpose into action but is not magic in and of itself.

Like other items used for magical purposes, candles must first be spiritually cleaned before they can be used in a spell.

The most simple kind of candle magic uses a piece of colored paper that matches the function of your candle. After you've made up your mind about what it is, put it in writing on the sheet of paper.

You would put out your objective before performing a money ritual. In certain societies, a mystical alphabet like Theban or Enochian may be used to record your goal.

Pick a piece of paper that is either gold or green and a candle of the same color, as this is a financial activity. As you write it down, see yourself achieving your objective.

Consider the various ways your desire could be realized, such as through a job promotion.

You never know when the person you owe money to will appear and pay you back. Additionally, you can get a hefty tax refund check! After writing your goal on paper, fold it while always having your desire in mind.

While doing this, some people like to say a little invocation. It doesn't need to be complex. Watch the paper burn by inserting a folded corner into the candle's flame.

The paper should be held without getting burnt for as long as you can, and then it should be put in a fire-safe bowl or cauldron to burn out completely on its own.

Burn the candle out completely. After the candle has melted, dispose of it instead of saving it to be used again. Typically, all that remains of a candle is a stub of wax, which you may discard any way you choose or bury outside.

Soothsayer predicting fate with magic ball at home
Soothsayer predicting fate with magic ball at home

How Do You Charge A Candle?

When the magical intention is incorporated into a candle, it becomes energized. With a charged candle, your goal can spread beyond your own space and into the four elements and the celestial realm.

Ritual candles are chosen according to their color correspondences, then they are carved, "dressed," or anointed with special oils chosen for their distinct energies.

Once your goal is clear, cleanse your candles by allowing them to pass through the smoke of sage or incense. If you want your candle to have more vigor, carve a symbol into the wax.

Before cutting your complete purpose into the candle wax, you might warm the tip of the ceremonial knife with a lighted match. You are giving the candle energy as well as the aim and hope of your spell as you write the essential magical phrases on it.

In circle meetings, you have used and observed several highly successful instances of this, such as: "Healing for my friend who is in the hospital; she will recover with renewed and enhanced health."

In the coming season, new true love will enter your lives. Bless you. The following step involves "dressing" your candle with a certain oil. The plants and flowers that were used to make each essential oil give it a special power.

You can anoint your third eye or the top of your head with oils to increase mental clarity. By anointing yourself and your tool, in this example, the candle, you may amp up and magnify their powers by leveraging the natural qualities of essential oils.

Essential oils are very strong extracts of flowers, herbs, roots, or resin that are sometimes mixed with a base oil that isn't as strong.

Try to avoid using any synthetic oils; they are manufactured with chemicals and lack real vitality. When handling oils, use caution to keep them out of your eyes.

It's a good idea to keep a set of fresh cotton gloves in your witch's kitchen for handling delicate goods. You may conserve your magical equipment and avoid using oil droppers to clean up the mess.

During the first trimester of pregnancy, use essential oils carefully. If you wish to use them later, get the guidance of an aromatherapist.

Locate a trustworthy herbalist at your local metaphysical shop; they typically have a plethora of helpful knowledge to impart. You did your best to include as much information on oils in this summary as possible.

These magic candles are carved with the spell of your choice

People Also Ask

What Is The Magical Candle?

Relighting candles is another term for magic candles.

What Is The Meaning Of Burning Candles?

The magic that involves burning candles stands for intrigue, romance, safety, warmth, hope, and desire.

What Huge Flame Indicates?

The huge flame implies that the reading is engaging.


Focus your attention on the "aura," the light that comes from the candle magic, and imagine it growing until it envelopes everything around it. After that, visualize it growing into the cosmos and delivering a message to you to fulfill your objective. Do this repeatedly until you are satisfied.

For as long as you can, cling to this image in your head. As soon as you see that your focus is slipping or that you are beginning to become sidetracked, put out the flame.

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