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Cleansing Spell Interpretation - Carefree Life


Cleansing spells are a particular kind of spell created to combat bad energies, create fresh positive energies, and support you in leading a more carefree life in the spirit of freedom. Without negative forces.

The surroundings in which you reside are largely depressing. This is because it is where you or other people have gone, often against your will, leaving a physical sign of your pain. People are told to do "energy cleanings often" because it is a natural and healthy thing to do.

What Do Cleansing Spells Do?

To help you feel at peace and in harmony with yourself, your life, and those around you, cleaning spells expunge negative energy and make an effort to draw in positive energy. This creates a type of balance between the two forces.

What matters most is that you want to see your surroundings as peaceful, happy places where you can be yourself.

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House And Spirit Cleansing Spell

How can one completely rid their home of evil spirits and energy? With a thorough spiritual cleansing! Try this Wiccan cleaning ritual to give your house and mind more security.

It's probably time to get rid of any bad vibes around you if you've been sensing them. With this simple yet effective house cleansing spell, you may raise the vibrations at home.

Blindfolded Woman With a Candle
Blindfolded Woman With a Candle

What Herbs Are Used For Spiritual Cleansing?

The Green Witch Video Course will teach you about plants' mystical qualities. It is a free course that contains. Home herbs for spiritual purification (for incense, baths, oils).

  • Rosemary
  • Lavender
  • Lemon
  • Mugwort
  • John's wort
  • Cinnamon

Frankincense, Copal, Myrrh, Dragon's Blood, and Benzoin are typical cleansing incense. Search for another home blessing prayer or read about how to remove the elements by using salt, water, sand, or the sound of a bell, as described here.

The Aura For Cleansing Spell

People's early perceptions of you are frequently influenced by your aura, which conveys subliminal messages to those in your vicinity. It serves as your spiritual identification. In essence, you are your aura.

However, with time, your aura may become out of control and chaotic as a result of stress and dissatisfaction in your daily life. Your good energies may therefore be prevented from flowing as a result. Your aura may be cleaned and restored with the use of your aura cleansing spell.

Your emotions and sentiments are constantly reflected in your aura. An aura that is in good health and balance reveals a contented soul and represents your harmony and well-being.

You may restore full harmony to your aura by using this spell. Getting rid of the stress and negative energy, helps you get back to a place of balance and hope, so you can shine brighter than before.

Once one of your Master Witches has cleared your aura, you will feel your natural radiance return.

New Year’s Cleansing Spell

It's time to prepare for the next year. That entails throwing out the old and bringing in the new. As you prepare for the next year, there is an aura of optimism and hope for the future.

What you want to accomplish, what you want to let go of or forget, and what you can do to move closer to your goals.

As you advance, each year ought to be a stepping stone that builds upon the one before it. Every year will have its ups and downs, with some years being worse than others, but when you look back over some time, you can frequently see how far we've come.

You'll require:

  • A cauldron, bowl, or dish that is fireproof (for charcoal or incense).
  • Discs of charcoal for incense burning (available at The Witchery).
  • The finest loose incense for cleaning and cleansing is New Year's Clearing Incense from The Witchery, which you are now burning.
  • Lighter.
  • A tea light candle in white (in a candleholder).
  • Sage (or palo santo, sweet grass).
  • For the sage, palo santo, or sweet grass, use an abalone shell or a fireproof dish.
  • Feather.
  • Your preferred ritual oil, based on what you plan to bring in the new year. There is a wide variety of ceremonial oils at The Witchery.
  • Black salt and/or white coarse sea salt (or a combination of the two; sea salt will do if you can't find black salt).

New Year’s Cleansing Spell - Part I

Put your chosen ritual oil on the top of the white tea light candle at your altar or wherever you'll gather your supplies. Your goal for the year, or anything you desire to attract to you in the next year, will be symbolized by this candle.

Place the lit tea light candle on your altar after placing your goals and desires for the coming year inside of it. Put your eyes closed and take a moment to center yourself.

Young Man and Woman in Black Robes Holding Magic Wands and Book
Young Man and Woman in Black Robes Holding Magic Wands and Book

New Year’s Cleansing Spell - Part II

Next, get ready to leave your house and, if feasible, go to your front yard, backyard, or balcony. If it's freezing outside, dress accordingly and give yourself plenty of time to get ready.

There is another section following this one if you can't or don't want to burn charcoal. Go outdoors where you won't be interrupted or disturbed and gather the cauldron (or fireproof dish), charcoal, and loose incense for burning in the cauldron.

The optimum time to accomplish this could be at night when most people are asleep and not present. Add some of the incense after lighting the charcoal in the cauldron or fire-resistant dish until it catches. Permit the cauldron's smoke to ascend.

As the smoke rises, consider the things you want to let go of from the previous year, the things you don't want to take with you, the connections you want to improve or mend, the protection of your house and property, and any relationships you want to cut ties with.

Hold the pot by the handle or set it safely and far from anything that may catch fire or be damaged by heat or warmth on a fireproof surface.

New Year’s Cleansing Spell - Part III

After completing the spell's outside component, go inside, take off any outdoor gear you may have, such as your boots and shoes, and gather your sage (sweet grass or palo santo) and a feather to purify your home.

If your house has more than one story, start with the first floor or the front entrance. With the burning cleaning herbs, move counterclockwise around each floor, getting the smoke into every room (closets, restrooms, entrances, windows, window sills, etc.).

New Year’s Cleansing Spell - Part IV

Imagine that the sea salt and black salt are clean and free of any impurities, blessed by Spirit/Goddess/God, and placed in a tiny dish or bowl.

If you're on the ground level or in a house, take a pinch of a small handful of salt and sprinkle it on the sills of your windows, outside your front door, rear door, window sills, and any door entries that lead into your home (including along garage doors.)

Repeating the last step regularly throughout the year will increase your protection both physically and psychically. Once all of these components have been completed, stand in the middle of your house and give a single stomping or clapping motion.

Cleaning Spell For An Area Or Space

Any space may be cleansed, be it a little altar area on a table, the interior of a magic circle, or a complete house or office. While cleaning a vast space, there are several areas that people feel need more care and attention.

Doors, windows, and other thresholds are vulnerable locations. Dark closets, baths, and any place that feels unsettling are thought to be favorite hiding places for malicious spirits, as are corners, especially dark ones, and the space behind doors, especially ones that are frequently pushed open.

Do you remember how kids would frequently hesitate to pull their fingers and toes out of the covers for fear of being nipped by something under the bed? More than just dust bunnies may gather in dark areas under the bed. All of these require more focus.

Even though some ways of cleaning yourself have a more direct and powerful effect, everyone who takes part in the process of cleaning a space or who is exposed to the cleaning elements is immediately cleaned as well.

Close-Up Shot of a Person Holding Potions
Close-Up Shot of a Person Holding Potions

Animal Allies Cleansing Spells

The best animal companions for cleaning are scavengers, especially vultures. There are also magical ravens, jackals, and coyotes. If spiritual cleaning is important to you, use them in your spells or try to make a magical connection with them.

Vulture-related spirits include Mut and Oshun. Deer and doves are examples of non-scavenger animals connected to spiritual purification.

Vulture Cleansing Spells

Despite having a terrible image as dirty scavengers in the modern world, vultures were previously thought of as heavenly beings. Images of vultures can be found in religious Paleolithic art.

Ancient Egyptians believed that vultures symbolized the virtues of motherhood, with a wingspan large enough to encircle a human being. The vulture is one of the holy birds of Oshun, the most attractive of the orishas, along with peacocks and parrots.

This powerful visualization spell for purification uses this optimistic vision. Not for the weak-hearted, take note.

People Also Ask

How Do Cleansing Spells Work?

Cleansing spells purge negative energy and attempt to pull in positive energy to help you feel at peace and in harmony with yourself, your life, and those around you.

For Spiritual Cleansing, Which Herbs Should Be Used?

Home remedies for spiritual cleansing include cinnamon, mugwort, lavender, lemon, and lemon balm.

Which Animal Allies Are Good For Cleansing Spells?

Scavenger animals, especially vultures, are the ideal cleaning partners.


Even if there is a cleansing spell that concurrently clears both types of mess, genuine cleanliness, as defined by the absence of dirt, dust, or disorder, has nothing to do with magical cleansing. Even the most unorganized, sloppy witch will have a regular program for psychic purification.

Simple cleaning spells to clear away psychic and spiritual sludge. This debris builds up to some extent continually. As your psychic awareness grows, you might become more aware of this and feel the need to get rid of it more often.

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