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Dark Night Of The Soul Symptoms - How To Get Through

The dark night of the soul symptoms are related with a spiritual despair, an existential crisis that calls for a deep and painful drop before illumination. St. John of the Cross' poem "The Dark Night of the Soul" has become synonymous with the notion of the "dark night of the soul," which has been pondered for centuries.

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The dark night of the soul symptomsare related with a spiritual despair, an existential crisis that calls for a deep and painful drop before illumination. St. John of the Cross' poem "The Dark Night of the Soul" has become synonymous with the notion of the "dark night of the soul," which has been pondered for centuries.
The term "black night of the soul" is used to describe a personal spiritual journeythat necessitates letting go of long-held convictions, harmful behaviors, and toxic relationships in order to create way for a more present, meaningful existence.
It causes waves in every part of your existence. It challenges you to think critically about your whole life. It's frustrating to the point of insanity. It alludes to the spiritual low or cleansing process required for one to finally "wake up." However, if you're going through it and have no idea what's going on, it might be terrifying.

What Is A Dark Night Of The Soul?

To have a spiritual journey named after a "dark night of the soul" is poetic; such a trip involves shedding limiting spiritual ideas in favor of more expansive ones. The dark night of the soul, also known as an existential crisis, is a period of profound emotional and psychological distress. You need to persevere through the dark night of the soul to learn the lessons it holds.
The dark night of the soul occurs when you experience a shattering of the worldview that supports your existence. It's a breakdown in meaning. Positivities may be rediscovered and again beginnings can be made by seizing this opportunity. But at the moment when your worldview crumbles, it may not seem that way. You may be experiencing the dark night of the soul or worry that a loved one is.

Dark Night of the Soul SYMPTOMS and SIGNS

Dark Night Of The Soul Symptoms

Your Life Seems Meaningless

Nothing makes any sense, and you have no idea what you're living for any longer. There is a profound feeling of futility pervading your being. You've changed your interests because you've recognized that the things you used to like doing aren't what would bring you happiness.

Your Body Is Purging

Purging symptoms are a bodily manifestationof the dark night of the soul. You may notice changes in your eating and sleeping patterns, as well as the beginnings of anxiousness.

Your Re-Connecting With Your Inner Child

You accept and celebrate your inner child by returning to the pursuits you once enjoyed as a kid, whether they be creative ones like painting, singing, or playing games, or even carefree ones like simply having fun.

You Notice More Synchronicities

More and more synchronicities arise in your life. You can trust them to lead the way, so pay attention!

You Feel Unhappy

Since you aren't feeling cheerful, you're unhappy and depressed but also bewildered. When you realize that the things you used to like don't really bring you joy, it's odd to reflect back on them. That was only a mirage. The time has come for you to awaken.

You Feel Lost

You don't know where you're going and you don't know how to go somewhere. No longer do I have any idea of where I am. Everything you've come to believe in the past should be questioned. You may want to make significant changes to your life but feel at a loss as to how to go about it. There will be many inquiries about your identity and your goals in life.

You Start To Incorporate Healthy Habits

While experiencing the dark night of the soul, you may begin to question the effects of your actions. You decide to better yourself and start looking into various methods for doing so. You might make adjustments to your eating and sleeping patterns, start meditating or become active.

You Get In Touch With Your Spiritual Side

The new is pushing through the old, and this pulls you toward the spiritual path. If you're looking to make a shift in your state of mind, then you need to keep learning and developing. Spiritualityis a source of wisdom and solace. Discovering that new purpose is what gets you through the worst times in life.

You Start To Remember

Some long-forgotten, buried childhood memories are beginning to surface. These are the painful recollections that have been pushed to the side for far too long. When you're confronted with fresh information and forced to face your traumas, the memories from your terrible upbringing might really strike you hard. To start the healing process, it's important to conduct some inner child work.

People Also Ask

How Do You Know If You Are Going Through Dark Night Of The Soul?

You'll have a wide range of emotions, including confusion, anger, desperation, helplessness, and hopelessness. In a twist of fate, things will finally make sense to you during this time of intense cognitive dissonance. Even though it's dark, that doesn't mean you have to "do" anything.

What Triggers The Dark Night Of The Soul?

An external occurrence, such as a natural catastrophe, may serve as a catalyst in certain cases. Losing a loved one can do it, especially if they pass away too soon; the loss of a child, for example, could set off this reaction.

How Long Does Dark Night Of Soul Last?

If you want to become a spiritual human being, the Dark Night of the Soul will last as long as it takes. There's more to it than just a one-night stand, though.

Final Words

Dark night of the soul symptoms will indicate the low points of your life that have been the catalyst for positive development. As you emerge from the depths of the dark night of the soul, you will undergo a metamorphosis of awareness that will allow you to appreciate the need of going through the pain you did.
Because in the end you will be glad you did; your soul will be enlightened; your life will have meaning again; and you will feel liberated; joyful; and at peace.
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