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Death Toll Rises To 12 In India's Mumbai Measles Outbreak

Twelve youngsters in Mumbai and the surrounding regions have reportedly died from measles. Death toll rises to 12 in India's Mumbai measles outbreak. Three children died in a span of 48 hours beginning around October 26-27.

Dr. Cooney Blades
Nov 25, 202237 Shares1181 Views
Twelve kids in Mumbai and the surrounding regions have reportedly died from measles. Death toll rises to 12 in India's Mumbai measles outbreak. Three children died in a span of 48 hours beginning around October 26-27.
Up until last Wednesday, 233 cases have been verified in the city, a threefold increase from the 92 cases and two fatalities recorded in 2017.
On Wednesday, the central government voiced alarm over the increasing instances of measles and issued an alert. The newest victim of the epidemic was an 8-month-old girl. In addition to Mumbai, incidences of measles in youngsters have been recorded in Ranchi, Jharkhand; Ahmedabad, Gujarat; and Malappuram, Kerala.

Measles Outbreak Claims 12 Children Lives in Mumbai, India

Reasons Behind Recent Spike In Infection

The government blames the slow immunization effort during the COVID epidemic for the increase in cases. According to a newsrelease issued by the local government on Tuesday, the most recent fatality to be recorded was an eight-month-old infant who had just recently begun receiving vaccinations.
Measles is significantly more infectious than COVID and may have devastating effects, particularly in children younger than five. Two doses of the mumps, measles, and rubella (MMR) vaccination are sufficient to protect against the illness.
Several major outbreaks have occurred in European nations when MMR vaccination rates were low. If you're not immune and exposed, you're 9/10 likely to get it.
Measles is a highly infectious viral virus that is conveyed via the air by respiratory droplets and poses a serious threat to infants and young children. It can infect more people in a shorter amount of time than influenza, Ebola, or COVID-19.
A government statement claimed the boy became ill with a rash on November 20, took him to the emergency room on Tuesday night, and he died within hours.
After COVID-19 delayed vaccinations for millions of newborns last year, the WHO issued a global epidemic warning. According to data compiled by the group and UNICEF, the number of reported cases increased by 79% between January and February of this year compared to the same period in 2021.

Immune Amnesia Research

Measles is characterized by a telltale rash, but it may also cause pneumonia, brain inflammation, and even death. Fortunately, these dangers may be eliminated with vaccination.
The MMR vaccination, when given in two doses, offers almost complete protection against measles and rubella (99 percent) and nearly complete protection against mumps (88%). If a sizable proportion of the population has been immunized, the illness will be more difficult to spread.
However, there has been a worrying decline in the timely vaccination of youngsters since the onset of the COVID epidemic. In 2020, 23 million kids didn't get the full complement of recommended immunizations. According to Unicef, it is 3.7 million more than in 2019, making it the largest number since 2009.
Nearly 20,000 youngsters in Mumbai did not get their measles vaccination on time, according to city officials, who blame the epidemic.
Now, we are tracking all these children and holding vaccination camps on priority.- Dr. Mangala Gomare, Mumbai's executive health officer
And according to healthexperts, other problems, including vaccination skepticism, are hampering the effort as well.
After vaccination, some children develop mild fever and pain in the injected area, so parents don't let them get vaccinated.- Shreya Salvi, Health volunteer

Final Words

The symptoms of measles, which include a fever and a rash of tiny red dots, make it one of the most dreaded infectious diseases, particularly among youngsters.
The age group most at risk for contracting the virus is youngsters. The majority of measles cases occur in children aged 9 months to 5 years. Eleven of the 24 city districts have reported measles outbreaks.
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