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Define Evocation - Meaning And Interpretation


Define evocationis one of the eight schools of magic commonly used on Golarion. Evokers are the name given to the type of wizard who specializes in this type of magic. Evocation is the practice of creating and using raw magical energy, which is usually for bad things.

Evokers are mesmerized by the unchecked power that they possess and frequently take pleasure in the devastation that they are capable of wreaking. Because their expertise is so useful on the battlefield, it is common to find them serving in the employ of armies or as a component of a military force.

Evocation is the second-most popular specialty after conjuration at the Acadamae, which is the most prestigious and well-known arcane school in all of Varisia.

Evocation School Of Magic

Magical person wielding a sword and using magic
Magical person wielding a sword and using magic

Spellsthat were part of the evocation school of magic were able to manipulate energy or draw power from a source that was hidden from view to accomplish the intended result. To put it another way, they made something out of thin air.

A great number of these spells generated magnificent effects, and the evocation spells were capable of doing a significant amount of damage. Evocation was responsible for the creation of a great number of legendary offensive spells.

Such as magic missiles, lightning bolts, and fireballs. The reprimanded school did not have any sub-schools. An evoker was a term for a wizard who was good at calling things to them.

What Are Evocation Spells?

In the Western mystery tradition, the act of calling or summoning a ghost, demon, deity, or other supernatural force is known as evocation. Evocation can also be referred to as invocation.

Evocation spells are used to achieve the desired result by either manipulating energy or drawing power from an invisible source. In practice, what they do is construct something out of thin air. Most of these spells can stun their targets, and the evocation spells can do a lot of damage to their targets.

The School Of Evocation's Advantages

You need to look no further if you want the most powerful elemental harm. Evokers use all of their skills to improve, cast, and make the most of their evocations. With the help of a wizard's wide range of spells, you can become a damage-dealing Swiss Army knife, with a powerful spell for every situation.

Even though many evokers focus on a single element (and may even take the Elemental Adept feat to enhance their spells that deliver that sort of damage), an evoker can be even more potent if they have spells that deal a variety of various forms of damage available to them.

For example, friends who are resistant to fire or cold damage frequently frustrate evokers that specialize in those damage types. On the other hand, the dearth of spells that may cause acid or poison damage tends to confound evokers who specialize in that kind of harm.

What does Evocation mean?

People Also Ask

What Is The Evocation School Of Magic?

The spells in the evocation school of magic used energy or drew power from an invisible source to do what they were meant to do.

How Many Different Evocation Spells Exist?

The School of Evocation is home to 109 spells.

What Are The Different Schools Of Magic?

The eight schools are transmutation, illusion, necromancy, enchantment, conjuration, and divination.


Evokers are experts in destructive magic; they have the power to cast spells beyond their regular range and even modify them to avoid harming their comrades with the powerful, area-of-effect damage spells they so like. At the second, sixth, tenth, and fourteenth levels, the wizard receives five subclass traits.

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