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Dream About Jeffrey Dahmer - Why Do I Dream About Him And What Does It Mean?

Jeffrey Dahmer is an infamous figure who murdered men to be able to have 'companions' who can live with him forever. Now, this may shock you but some people dream about Jeffrey Dahmer. Either they are a victim, a friend, or just a topic in your dreamland conversation.

Caroline Teresa
Nov 30, 202237 Shares499 Views
Jeffrey Dahmer is an infamous figure who murdered men to be able to have 'companions' who can live with him forever. Now, this may shock you but some people dream about Jeffrey Dahmer. Either they are a victim, a friend, or just a topic in your dreamland conversation.
A Reddit user shared his/her dream on the platform. Now, note that the 'Jeff' the user is referring to is Jeff Winger, the character of Joel McHale in the TV series Community.
I had a dream where Jeff gave a speech to the group about the Jeffrey Dahmer show.
So the dream was basically an episode where a ton of Jeffrey Dahmer shows and movies were being produced, kind of like a cinematic universe, and the group was disgusted for obvious reasons (and Abed, not so obvious, as he just thought the writing was hackneyed)
Jeff, playing the devil’s advocate, gave a speech and I woke up right as he finished giving it. I wrote it down
”Some may say we have too much Jeffrey Dahmer content. I for one think think don’t have enough. For starters, who WAS Jeffrey Dahmer, and what did he stand for? Yes, he ate people, but so what? Instead of getting so hung up on the people he ate, why not focus instead on the people he DIDN’T eat? I don’t know. Maybe I’m just an idealist. But I think we’re better than that. And maybe, just maybe, by continuing to support a little Jeffrey Dahmer here or there as it passes us by on the unending conveyer belt we call “content”, we can learn to better understand, and maybe even learn to accept...ourselves.”
Another Reddit user commented, "Because this is our chance to feed off HIM! We owe it to the victims to hear their stories in the best way possible... through hastily produced docudramas crapped out by giant corporate media machines in an effort to make people forget to cancel their subscriptions. Sure, we can say, "No" and forget it happened. But if we do that history, is doomed to repeat itself. And we will all be drugged, murdered, raped, and eaten. I don't know about you. But I don't want that. So I'm not gonna say, "No, we can't."I'm gonna say, "Yes, we can...nibal.""
On another platform called Quora, a user asked, "Why am I having dreams about Ted Bundy and Jeffrey Dahmer looking at me through my window?"
A certain Richard Dreiser answered the following:
"You’re having those nightmares because Bundy and Dahmer represent horrible people, mass murderers.
It probably means you believe dreams mean something.
Dreams are make-believe, the product of your imagination.
They don’t mean anything.
One dreams of specific or random things because something triggers your mind and your imagination while you are sleeping and stitches together a story, frequently an odd or unusual fantasy. Dreams don’t mean anything.
Dreams are from YOUR imagination. They may be sparked by anything out of your life, popular culture, television or the movies, literally anything you’ve seen, read, or heard.
Most dreams are about everyday activities. Something seen or heard from which your imagination fills in the blanks while you are sleeping.
Dreams, good or bad, do not really mean anything. They come from your imagination. They are not sent by God, angels, devils, demons, or spirits, good or bad. They’re nothing that your subconscious mind is trying to tell you, only a byproduct of your brain as it is processing information.
You might think dreams have meanings. I don’t blame you; people have thought so for thousands of years. You may believe complete strangers here on Quora (with no personal knowledge of you, your culture or beliefs) can somehow interpret or explain them, which is very curious to me.
When you are awake, you are constantly receiving a barrage of information that goes straight to the brain. At certain times while you are sleeping, it gets sorted, filed away as memories, or discarded, resulting in your imagination going wild. The brain makes an attempt to create a narrative, often with bizarre results.
This happens mostly during the REM (rapid eye movement) stage of sleep, which corresponds exactly as one is dreaming.
You are much likely to remember your dreams if they are particularly strange, violent or sad, or very emotional, especially if you are interrupted in the middle of a dream or shortly after having dreamed."

Jeffrey Dahmer's Last Interview

People Also Ask

Why Are You Dreaming About Jeffrey Dahmer?

There is no direct answer to this question. However, you might want to stop and have an intervention with yourself because these kinds of dream are a product of imagination and feelings.

Why Do I Feel Sympathy For Jeffrey Dahmer And Not For Ted Bundy Or Gacy?

Due to the fact that Dahmer's motivations were merely different, less nefarious, and he showed genuine sorrow to the families of his victims.

Why Isn't Dahmer Considered A Psychopath?

He was a wreck, a mess, and a control freak, yet he lacked adequate psychopathy-related characteristics. He was neither given an Antisocial Personality Disorder diagnosis nor did he match the criteria for the study constructs "psychopathy" or "sociopathy" according to the Hare checklist ( now known as factor 1 and 2).

Final Statement

We hope this article about people who dream about Jeffrey Dahmer gives you more insight! Don't hesitate to share your opinion in the comment section below.
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