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Eight Of Cups Tarot Card Meaning - Sense Of Dissatisfaction


The Eight of Cups tarot card meaning appear more depressing than the Nine card at first glance, but the eights represent hope.

Therefore, we must endure this gloom to receive the fulfilling result of the Nine. In this first card, we find that all eight cups have been abandoned.

These cups, as we have seen so far, have previously contained pleasure and community in the three of cups, lonely introspection in the Four of Cups, and a variety of fantasies in the Seven of Cups.

However, even things that formerly made us feel wonderful later on don't help us. They may have been flimsy sources of enjoyment, poisonous relationships, or overindulgent.

Anything else we may have believed we desired, but that wasn't ultimately satisfying.

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We must thus let go of what no longer serves us and go on to something more significant, even though it could be with some grief and struggle (as in the Six of Swords).

Cut out the excess that is dragging us down so that we can ascend more easily. The person's staff reminds me of the Wands suit in tarot cards, which stands for taking action.

The eight of cups is a signal to follow our gut instinct, represented by the moon, which has been warning us that something is wrong and it's time to go.

The nine ocups, where we see this somewhat haughty-looking dude with a shit-eating smile, represents the real satisfaction we desire.

This "wish" card makes the promise of monetary, emotional, and even spiritual satisfaction.

After his voyage, this man has put down his staff and taken a seat, allowing him to put his feet up and simply relish in the good times.

As long as this cycle keeps going, people will always be unhappy, but for now, everything is fine.

Spirituality Meaning Of Eight Of Cups Tarot Card

In a health reading, The Eight of Cups suggests that you are concentrating too heavily on the negative aspects of your life.

Your mental health may be suffering as a result. It is advisable to get treatment as soon as possible if you are struggling with anxiety or despair.

If you're prepared to put yourself first, self-care techniques like meditation, therapy sessions, and online support groups can help you get through challenging times.

Eight Of Cups Tarot Card Meaning Upright

The Eight of Cups portends a time of transformation or transition that will include letting go of something.

Like a caterpillar must die to transform into a beautiful butterfly, we all need to shift from time to time in our lives.

This is especially true when someone decides to travel to learn more about life in general after getting tired of living day to day.

If you get the upright side of this card, it means you need to find a greater purpose in your life since you are unsatisfied with it.

Since you seem to have everything you desired on the surface, others might not understand, but you know in your heart that it is not in your best interests. It is now time for you to let it go and go on.

The Eight of Cups may suggest that you are trying to escape a challenging emotional situation or steer clear of any major psychological issues and concerns.

The cups in the front represent emotional issues in your life that is still very much present.

The Eight of Cups indicates that you need to leave the unsatisfactory situation rather than wait for things to get better because you feel like something is missing, especially on an emotional or spiritual level.

Even if you seem to have achieved your goals on the outside, you know in your heart that it is not in your best interests. As a result, it is time to let it go and move on.

A Woman Making Love Sign Over The Sunset
A Woman Making Love Sign Over The Sunset

Upright Eight Of Cups Tarot Love & Relationships

The Eight of Cups is a love card that denotes loneliness or feeling abandoned. It suggests you might be concerned that your partner might break up with you.

Maybe you've had a bad relationship in the past, or maybe your parents split up when you were a child.

If you can connect to this, it could be a good idea for you to get help right away with your problems.

This card may be seen as a sign that a new chapter is about to start if you are the one ending the relationship. Consider for a while whether you are content with your relationship.

The tarot love meaning of the 8 of Cups advises that you constantly reflect on whether your partnership genuinely satisfies you.

Can you see yourself spending the rest of your life with this person? Do they encourage you to strive to be your best? Do they foster your development?

Maybe you're with them because you don't want to be by yourself or have to get back into the dating scene.

The seeker must relinquish control, brave the wilderness, and come out changed.

In the life of the seeker, the wilderness represents the moment when everything is on the line to accomplish something more important.

This card may portend a connection between two people who will go on a spiritual trip together.

8 Eight of Cups Tarot Card Meaning Upright & Reversed

Upright Eight Of Cups Tarot Career

In a professional reading, the Eight of Cups indicates that you could quit your current position. Do you dislike or find fault with your current position?

The cards advise that it would be prudent to set out and search for fresh opportunities, maybe outside of the current location that you are in.

You should use caution while making new financial investments, according to the Eight of Cups.

If work has been particularly hard lately, even a short break might help you feel refreshed.

If you're trying to determine whether or not to leave your job, keep in mind that there are times when you have to know when to fold and move on.

The eight cups might represent the occasional work that the seeker does while on a spiritual search.

The eight cups may also stand for pursuing a dream that the seeker has always had but has been too afraid to pursue. The need to start a new life has won out in the Eight of Cups over dread.

Upright Eight Of Cups Tarot Finances Meaning

Sometimes, to make the greatest choices for ourselves, we must leave all we've built behind.

The eight cups may suggest that you may need to give up some of your financial security to live the sort of life that is right for you.

Take advantage of this opportunity to manage your finances before making a crucial decision. Keep track of your prices and spending habits.

Be cautious right now while making important transactions. You could find that you have less money than you anticipated to spend on them. This card could only serve as a reminder to plan.

Woman Reading Tarot Cards While Sitting on the Floor
Woman Reading Tarot Cards While Sitting on the Floor

Eight Of Cups Tarot Card Meanings Reversed

If you have drawn the Eight of Cups tarot card in reverse, we will go into what it means a little further in this section (upside down).

The Eight of Cups reversed represents apprehension about pushing forward. If you see this card in a spread, you should carefully consider your relationships. Are you resisting leaving a toxic relationship out of fear?

If you can relate to this, it would be wise to have the confidence to end this relationship, whether it be personal or professional. If one keeps taking the same dead-end path, it is hard to find the right way to travel.

Have the courage and confidence that you deserve more and that happier things are waiting for you if you have the guts to take this path.

The candidate could have given up their business to accept a job they detested to please someone else.

The Eight of Cups may occasionally appear reversed when the seeker is battling feelings of guilt and regret and feels lost in the world.

They battle with laziness and apathy and constantly overestimate the severity of the situation.

When confronted with a choice, people frequently choose the path that poses the fewest challenges.

Whether they like it or not, they will be compelled to participate since their lack of personal development eventually affects them.

This is a person who often fades into the background and gets overlooked. There is a serious emotional breakdown between them.

Reversed Eight Of Cups Tarot Love & Relationships

The Eight of Cups appears backward in a love tarot reading. The spread could indicate that you are in a relationship despite being unhappy with it because you are afraid of being alone.

Your relationship may seem to be going well on the outside, but on the inside, things might be dull and stagnant.

It could also be a sign of emotional immaturity or a reluctance to commit, which are problems in a relationship.

When it comes to a divorce or separation, the reversed Eight of Cups represents things being handled improperly, such as a father or mother running away from the family or a nasty divorce.

According to the reversed 8 of Cups tarot love reading, something may be preventing you from ending your relationship, even if your gut may be telling you that you should.

It's important to talk about this and dispel that concern. It is really difficult to give up what has been produced; the time, emotions, and energy we have invested in another person.

And if you're looking for your soul mate, now is the time to integrate yourself into society and the community on every level.

Your loneliness will go away if you try to spread joy rather than just staying alone and feeling lonely.

Curly Haired Female Holding a Tarot Card
Curly Haired Female Holding a Tarot Card

Reversed Eight Of Cups Tarot Career Meaning

In a professional setting, the reversed Eight of Cups indicates that you are clinging to your job despite it being boring and unfulfilling to you out of a fear of change.

It's possible that you chose to accept your fate in life without carefully weighing all of your options. When this card appears, you must be willing to adapt.

Even if it involves entirely changing your job path, you are the only one who can make your career more meaningful. Be brave and go after what you want.

Even if you don't get everything you want, you'll know you tried. When the eight cups are reversed, you can find it difficult to leave something or perhaps openly refuse to do so out of fear. You could feel unfulfilled in your profession, even if you can change it.

You may choose to make the necessary changes to work somewhere else or accept a job that doesn't provide you much in the way of creative freedom, emotional fulfillment, or professional growth.

Do not dismiss your sentiments. Yet, you do not need to act right away. There is always a cause for your feelings.

Let's discuss with someone you can trust before you decide to leave your current position.

Reversed Eight Of Cups Tarot Health

The Eight of Cups reversed may be a sign that you are under stress. Always remember that you are completely in charge of yourself and that stress management is a skill you possess.

Give yourself some time to settle down and consider whether your daily habits are harming your health.

Instead of being somewhat stuck, you always know and can influence what you believe or want.

Eight Of Cups - Yes Or No

The Eight of Cups' major theme is putting a bad situation in the past. It stands for the dissolution of a bond, despair or loneliness, and turning away.

In a yes-or-no reading, the response to your question is no, since this card has a generally dismal feeling.

The sole exception to this rule is if your inquiry relates to quitting a relationship or a job. In that case, breaking off relationships can be your best course of action.

The constant leaning toward and away from change is represented by this card.

The Eight of Cups indicates that the answer is "no," but apathy, avoidance, and overall pessimism opine that this is not the case.

The Eight of Cups suggests that it is time to move past these negative emotions and start over in these circumstances.

The answer to your yes or no inquiry in this case is a resounding NO because the Eight of Cups card conveys an underlying sense of loss and melancholy.

8 Of Cups Upright - Yes Or No

The Eight of Cups represents rejection. This tarot card portrays a melancholy truth since it mostly represents a sense of abandonment and letting go of certain situations.

If the eight cups show up upright in your tarot reading, it might be seen as a sign of inspiration to find your purpose.

The upright position of the card implies "Yes," but you may find that it is not what you want.

8 Of Cups And Love - Yes Or No

Eight cups inverted stand for "yes." Though it still represents a metaphorical dread of uncertainty and change, it also shows that you have a strong instinctual understanding of the proper course to take.

The Eight of Cups in reverse tells you to heed your feelings and to trust your judgment. The sideways drawing of the card signifies "No."

A Woman Lying Her Head on the Table With Tarot Card
A Woman Lying Her Head on the Table With Tarot Card

8 Of Cups Reversed - Yes Or No

The Eight of Cups denotes rejection in romantic relationships. In a love-related tarot reading, the Eight of Cups is typically a powerful indicator that you have reservations about your partnership.

The Eight of Cups cautions unmarried individuals against getting married too soon out of a sense of fear or loneliness.

People Also Ask

Why I Keep Getting Eight Cups?

Getting all eight cups means you'll have the strength to let go of everything that isn't helping you anymore.

In Love, What Do Eight Of Cups Mean?

The Eight of Cups is not a particularly auspicious omen in a love or relationship Tarot spread. It stands for abandonment or apprehension over abandonment.

Can You Tell Me What The Reversed Eight Of Cups Represents?

When the eight cups are turned upside down, they represent a person who perceives themselves to be old and irrelevant.


At first glance, the eight cards seem more gloomy than the nine cards, but the eights stand for optimism.

So, to get the fruitful outcome of the Nine, we must put up with this doom. The first card shows that the eight cups have all been left behind.

These cups have previously held enjoyment and community in the Three of Cups, solitary introspection in the Four of Cups, and a range of imagination in the Seven of Cups.

As we have seen thus far. But even things that once made us happy are now harmful to us.

It didn't matter if they were fleeting sources of pleasure, toxic relationships, excessive pleasures, or anything else we may have thought we wanted.

Thus, even though it could involve some sadness and difficulty, we must let go of what no longer serves us and move on to something more meaningful (as in the Six of Swords).

We need to remove the extra that is weighing us down so that we can raise more quickly.

The person's staff makes me think of the tarot card suit of Wands, which represents taking initiative.

Following our gut feeling, symbolized by the moon, which has been telling us that something is amiss and it's time to go, is advised by the Eight of Cups.

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