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Elizabeth Scopel - Actress Known For Playing Sarah Fier In Fear Street Series


Elizabeth Scopel is a famous actress from Huntingtown, Maryland. After receiving positive feedback from viewers of the Fear Street video series, she quickly gained online fame and became a sensation. On July 2, 2021, the first segment of the film, titled Fear Street: Part One (1994), was made available to the public.

Quick Facts About Elizabeth Scopel

Full Real NameElizabeth Scopel
Age30 years old
BirthdayOctober 6, 1992
Zodiac signLibra
BirthplaceHuntingtown, Maryland, The United States
ParentsDonald K Scopel, Ann Kathryn Scopel
Net Worth$200k-$500k
HeightIn Feet & Inches: 5′ 3″
WeightIn Kilograms: 45 kg
Hair colorBrown
Eye ColorBlue

The Early Life And Family Of Elizabeth Scopel

In the year 1992, Elizabeth Scopel was born in the city of Huntingtown, which is located in the state of Maryland, in the United States. Even though she does not subscribe to the concept of zodiac signs, she is a Libra, which is a solar sign associated with the element of air. Libra is ruled by Venus, which makes Friday the most auspicious day of the week for anyone born under this sign.

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On May 4, 2019, she uploaded a picture of a woman identified as Magdalena "Maggie" Scopel, who is believed to be her younger sister and whose birthday is on May 22. In addition to this, she has a brother whose name is Andrew Scopel and he graduated from college in 2014.

Her father’s name is Donald K. Scopel, and her mother’s name is Ann Kathryn Scopel. Her father had a career in the military services of the United States. Maggie Scopel, Elizabeth's sister, attended and graduated from the Howard University College of Dentistry with a degree in dental hygiene. She has even held a position as a trainer at CrossFit Merit.

Acting Career Of Elizabeth Scopel

Her career as an actress began in 2010 when she was given the opportunity to be a part of the cast of a short film called "Local Hero." People referred to her as a "coffee shop girl." After that, Scopel played the role of Noni in the television series Grave Secrets. On the other hand, the amount of time that she spent on screen was extremely brief.

Elizabeth Scopel gave a performance in an episode of The Women in the Woods that was broadcast in 2017 and was titled "The Women in the Woods." During the same year, Elizabeth Scopel gave her performance as Samantha in a Ghosted: Get Some clip that was released online.

Her next project was in 2019, and it was a short comedy-themed film called Skin the Wire, which was directed and written by Erin Greenwell. She was asked to play the role of Ashlie in the film.

The film also featured prominent roles played by Brandon Damiano, Declan Eells, Kathryn Milewski, Maddie Small, and Jeanette Villafane, amongst others. Elizabeth also appeared in the television film Half-Empty (as Julie) and the film Chicago Med (as Britt Mills) in 2019.

Can't Unring That Bell was the episode of Chicago Med in which Elizabeth Scopel was featured as a performer. During the filming of the TV movie, "Half-Empty," she was an employee of Augustine Frizzell and worked under his direction. Elizabeth Scopel played Daisy / Mia Anderson on the television show FBI: Most Wanted in the latter half of the year 2020.

Elizabeth Scopel At Netflix Promotion
Elizabeth Scopel At Netflix Promotion

Elizabeth Scopel In Fear Street

In the first part of Fear Street 1994, Elizabeth Scopel portrayed the role of Sarah Fier. In the episode "Prophet," her character made an appearance. Despite this, her role in the film series Fear Street helped her become a household name all over the world. This actress played the role of Sarah Fier in the film's first chapter, which was released on July 2, 2021, and was the first in the series.

Ashley Zukerman plays the role of Nick Goode in the film, while Kiana Madeira portrays Deena, Fred Hechinger plays the role of Simon, Olivia Scott Welch plays Samantha Fraser, Benjamin Flores Jr. plays Josh, Julia Rehwald plays Kate, and a number of other actors fill out the supporting roles.

In 2021, the second part of the film, titled Fear Street: Part Two (1978), was made available on the Netflix platform. In this part, Elizabeth reprised her role as the main protagonist. In addition to Gillian Jacobs, who played the role of C. Berman/adult Ziggy, the very brilliant Sadie Sink was cast in the role of Ziggy Berman.

She went to Vassar College and has appeared in a number of short horror films, including "Skin the Wire," which was directed by Erin Greenwell. They made an appearance in an episode of the 2019 season of the medical drama Chicago Med. They appeared in an episode of the show FBI: Most Wanted in the Year 2020 as well.

Some Interesting Facts About Elizabeth Scopel

  • Before she began her career as an actor, she worked for Watermark for many years as a tour guide.
  • After some time, Elizabeth found employment at the Historical Clothing Collection and Costume Shop.
  • During her internship at Fleisher's Grass-Fed & Organic Meats, this actor spent three months working both in the cashier and social media departments.
  • In addition to that, she had a research assistant position at Vassar College.
  • In addition to her experience at Ticket Central and Capgemini, Elizabeth Scopel has also worked at Imaginal Labs.
  • Since the first film in the Fear Street series was released, this actress has earned an unbelievable amount of praise from fans and critics alike. The size of her fan base is expanding at a fast rate.

Elizabeth Scopel Net Worth

It is believed that Elizabeth Scopel has a net worth that ranges between $200k and $500k at this time. The majority of their wealth comes from the performing work that they do. She spent several years working as a tour guide for the Watermark before embarking on a career in acting. Prior to that, she had a career in theater.

People Also Ask

Why Is Elizabeth Scopel Famous?

She is well-known for playing Sarah Fier, the main character, in the Netflix series Fear Street.

What Is The Birthdate Of Elizabeth Scopel?

Her birthday is October 5, 1992.

What Is The Zodiac Sign Of Elizabeth Scopel?

Libra is Elizabeth Scopel's zodiac sign.


Elizabeth Scopel made her first appearance in front of the camera in the 2010 short film Local Hero, playing the role of a coffee shop girl. Because of her outstanding performance, she was given new possibilities to appear in a variety of films and television programs.

We hope that by sending her our best wishes, she will be able to accomplish much more in the years to come. In the field of acting, she is known for her prowess and aptitude.

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