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3 Dead And Foreign Nationals Injured After Gunmen Attack The Kabul Hotel

Gunmen attack the Kabul hotel, the capital of Afghanistan, resulting in the deaths of three individuals and injuries to a much larger number of others.

Suleman Shah
Dec 14, 202233 Shares555 Views
Gunmen attack the Kabul hotel, the capital of Afghanistan, resulting in the deaths of three individuals and injuries to a much larger number of others.
According to Khalid Zadran, the spokesman for Kabul's police commander, the attack started at about 2:30 p.m. local time in the bustling Shar-e-Naw sector of the city. There were individuals present in the structure at the time of the event.
The smoke in Kabul hotel after the explosion
The smoke in Kabul hotel after the explosion
After the intruders stormed into the hotel, a nearby resident who was an eyewitness told CNN that he saw a shooting break out in the neighborhood. The person was describing what he saw to CNN.
The authorities quickly initiated an operation to evacuate the area and dispatched security personnel to the location, where they promptly began the operation.
According to a tweet that was published on Monday by Zabiullah Mojahid, a spokesman for the Taliban, the attack came to a successful finish with all three of the gunmen being killed and the hotel guests being safely evacuated.
Mojahid further mentioned that no non-locals were killed in the incident, but that two non-locals had injuries as a result of jumping from the rooftop.
At a briefing for reporters on Tuesday, a representative for the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs named Zhao Lijian said that five Chinese people were among those injured.
A journalist in Kabul shared videos on Twitter, which were then authenticated by Reuters. The videos showed smoke rising out of one of the floors amid the sounds of gunshots, and a person was seen attempting to escape the attack by jumping out of a hotel window.

Kabul hotel attack ends as three gunmen killed

After the event, an emergency assistance organization in Kabul tweeted that it had received 21 casualties at its hospital, which was located close to the attack, including three people who had passed away upon arrival. These injuries were in addition to the deaths of the three attackers.
The attack took place just one day after China's ambassador to Afghanistan met with Afghanistan's deputy foreign minister to discuss issues pertaining to security and to request additional focus on the protection of China's mission in Afghanistan.
China is one of only a handful of countries that maintains a full-fledged embassy in the capital city of Afghanistan; nevertheless, the country does not formally recognize the authority of the Taliban, who are known for their religious conservatism.
After the Taliban took power again in August of last year, there has been a significant increase in the number of Chinese business representatives in Kabul.
According to the Chinese state-run newsagency Xinhua, the attack took place close to a Chinese guesthouse, and China's embassy in Kabul is keeping a close eye on the developing situation.
There have been a number of bombs in Afghanistan over the past few months, including an attack on the Pakistani embassy earlier this month and a suicide bombing that occurred close to the Russian mission back in September. The Islamic State has taken credit for both of these attacks.

The Chinese Foreign Ministry Again Encourages Citizens And Organizations To Leave Afghanistan Immediately

Mr. Wang said:
China demands the Afghan side spare no efforts in searching for and rescuing Chinese individuals, and at the same time open a comprehensive investigation, severely punish the attackers, and earnestly strengthen the protection of Chinese citizens and organizations in Afghanistan.- Mr. Wang
According to Mr. Wang, the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs has once again issued a recommendation to its nationals and organizations to leave the country as soon as possible in light of the current security situation in Afghanistan.
This recommendation was made in light of Mr. Wang's statement that the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued the recommendation.
According to the Italian charitable organization Emergency, their hospital in Kabul has treated a total of 21 casualties; of those, 18 were injured and three were proclaimed dead as soon as they arrived.
According to Zabiullah Mujahid, a spokesperson for the Taliban, two foreign tourists attempted to flee by jumping off the balcony of their hotel room, but they were hurt in the process.
There were reports of gunfire and explosives heard after the assault on the hotel that took place. Images taken on Monday afternoon showed enormous plumes of smoke rising from the building's rooftop as well as one of the lower floors of the structure.
An individual could be seen on film frantically making their way out of the building as the sounds of gunfire could be heard in the background.
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