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Hilde Osland - Norwegian Instagram Celebrity With Multi-talented Social Media Influencer

From Brevik, Telemark, Norway, and England, Hilde Osland is a well-known model, singer, influencer, and social media celebrity. She gained notoriety for her appearance on the Disney television program "As the Bell Rings."

Suleman Shah
Jan 05, 202380 Shares1171 Views
From Brevik, Telemark, Norway, and England, Hilde Oslandis a well-known model, singer, influencer, and social media celebrity. She gained notoriety for her appearance on the Disney television program "As the Bell Rings."
She even competed in the sixth season of "Idol Norway" and finished in the top forty. The model has always been the star of her adventurous photos and videos.

Quick Facts About Hilde Osland

Full nameHilde Osland
BirthdaySeptember 8, 1987
Place of birthBrevik, Telemark, Norway
Height5 feet 3 inches
OccupationModel, Instagram Star, Actor, Singer
Body measurements34-26-39
Eye colorHazel
RelationshipJames Lewis Foster (Fiancée)
Hair colorBlonde

Hilde Osland’s Early Life

She was born on September 8, 1987, in Telemark, Norway, and raised there. Osland's family relocated to Melbourne, Australia, when she was a little girl. She attended RMIT University to further her education after completing her secondary education in Melbourne. She has a bachelor's degree in business accounting.
Osland continued to be passionate about pursuing her childhood ambition of being a singer and dancer even after she finished her further schooling. Her passion-fueled determination propelled her to compete in "Idol Norway" in 2011.
Hilde has always been her parents' only beloved child, even though she hasn't revealed much about her personal lifeor her parents. Her followers are eager to learn more about this fascinating lady, but the media has never been allowed access to her private life.
Hilde Osland Posing In Black outFit
Hilde Osland Posing In Black outFit

Career Of Hilde Osland

Osland made her television debut in 2009 in the well-known Disney program "As the Bell Rings." She did, however, begin her path to stardom in 2011, after her participation in the sixth season of "Idol Norway."
The judges and audience could not help but notice her vocals as she performed Joss Stone's song "Some Kind of Wonderful." She succeeded in making it to the top forty competitors, but she was unable to go further.
Hilde, who loves and appreciates music, kept on singing and uploading songs to her YouTube page. These Boots Are Made for Walking, Boyfriend, Say Something, and The Cup Song are a few of the songs she has covered. But in 2015, she ceased uploading to her YouTube account. She still shares renditions of songs like Bruno Mars's "Marry You" on Instagram, proving that she hasn't given up singing.
She is more of a model, yet she can also dance and sing well, and she seems to enjoy what she does. Hilde also seems to be professional in her approach to her work, judging by the fact that she has managed to avoid becoming involved in any kind of controversy or online drama. She similarly tries to keep her private life out of the spotlight.
The blonde with blue eyes quickly signed up for Instagram and began treating her exercise regimen seriously. Osland acquired and maintained her well-contoured physique via rigorous exercise, which contributed to her breathtaking attractiveness, and she began to draw more fans to her page.

Hilde Osland’s Boyfriend

James Lewis Foster, the photographer who takes most of Hilde's beautiful pictures, is the person she is seeing. They've been dating for a very long time. They support one another in advancing their professional careers.
The couple is now engaged and deepening their love. James proposed to her in a very romantic manner, and Hilde also shared a photo of her engagement ring on social media. In addition, the couple has a child named Ragnar.

Hobbies Of Hilde Osland

Hilde enjoys swimming, dancing, and traveling, according to her social media profiles. She uploads dance videos to her Instagram and TikTok accounts. She first gained popularity for her singing videos, but she now uploads them rarely. The followers speculate that she has joined the social media bandwagon and has stopped making music videos.

Interesting Facts About Hilde Osland

  • Hilde presently lives in Melbourne, Australia, although she is originally from Telemark, Norway.
  • Hilde is a well-known model, singer, and online personality.
  • She has a lot of fans on TikTok because she posts videos that are flashy, musical, and glamorous.
  • Ballet, jazz, and tap dancing are Hilde's areas of expertise as a trained dancer.
  • On Instagram, she has over 3.7 million followers.
  • Her favorite color is white.
  • Her preferred vacation spot in Australia.

Physical Appearance Of Hilde Osland

For a very long time, being a model entailed having a terrific physique. Hilde Osland has always had a wonderful physique, even if the times have changed, and being a model no longer requires a certain form.
She has become so well known in the modeling industry because of the mouth-watering photos she posts on social media. To be fair, Osland is a lady of medium height at 5 feet, 3 inches (1 meter, 60 cm), standing tall. She is said to weigh between 50 and 55 kilograms.
She had body dimensions ranging from 34-26-39 to 35-23-36, and she was in terrific shape. She may have just given birth, which might have changed the form of her body, yet she has already returned to her previous perplexing body dimensions.

Hilde Osland Social Media

Hilde Osland's primary source of income is social media, particularly Instagram, as was previously noted. She has previously worked with companies like "Mura Boutique," "Zanic Boutique," "White Fox," "ASOS," and many more.
Her Instagram has 3.7 million followers. She often posts on Instagram about her daily activities, professional images, and corporate partnerships. In addition to this, she has enormous popularity on TikTok. More than 127.1k people follow her, and her videos have received 575k likes overall.
She is well-known for having an amazing physique and captivating dancing techniques. She also posts cover songs and acting videos on her TikTok account in addition to dancing videos.
She also has a YouTube channel, which now has 2.57k followers, which is not a very impressive amount. Despite having few followers, she uploads cover songs to her YouTube account, where they get hundreds of millions of views.

Hilde Osland's Net Worth

The gorgeous blonde has never revealed to her followers how much money she makes. However, it is well known that YouTubers get a few bucks for every thousand views on their videos. It is assumed that she makes between $32,000 and $48,000 a year. Hilde also earns a lot of money from brand sponsorships in addition to her YouTube earnings.

People Also Ask

Who Is Hilde Osland?

Hilde Osland is a Norwegian model, singer, and social media celebrity.

What Is The Age Of Hilde Osland?

Hilde Osland is 34 years old.

What Zodiac Sign Belongs To Hilde Osland?

The zodiac sign of Hilde Osland is Virgo.


Hilde Osland's pleasure with her present circumstances is now tipping the scales in favor of her personal life over her career. She aspires to achieve a lot in the future, in addition to inspiring her classmates and younger generations.
There can be no denying Hilde Osland's success in the future. With our best wishes for her, she will be able to achieve greater success in both her professional and personal lives. best-case scenario, please.
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