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How To Choose The Best Irish Betting Sites | Jimmy Daytona

Northern Ireland has a rich history of sports betting and has now transitioned into online betting. Read the expert guide on OA Publishing London by Jimmy Daytona.

Suleman Shah
Dec 20, 2022156 Shares2407 Views
Irish culture and gambling go hand in hand. And it’s been this way for as long as we can remember. There are still bettingshops that date back more than 100 years! As time progressed and technologyevolved, the world was introduced to online gambling. And Ireland has been an integral part of the paradigm since the beginning.
In this OA Publishing Londonfeature, we plan to explore the depths of Irish betting sites. To help us in the process, we’ve invited Jimmy Daytona from BetZillion. Jimmy has been a professional in the industry for many years. If there’s someone who can give accurate information regarding the legal situation of gambling in Ireland, it’s him.
The first thing to point out here is that we’re talking about Northern Ireland, not the Republic of Ireland. The one in question today is part of the United Kingdom, England, and Wales.
And that should answer your question already if you’re familiar with the gambling laws in the UK. But we asked Jimmy to shed some light on the matter anyway.
Modern historians most closely related gambling to horse racing, a forte of the English, Welsh, and Irish people. Gambling has pretty much been legal in the UK. After passing the Gambling Act of 2005, online gambling became legal in Ireland.
As it’s part of the UK, the operations of both online and offline operators are governed by the United Kingdom Gambling Commission (UKGC). If you’re not aware, the UKGC is one of the most respected gambling governors in the world. An online betting site boasting a UKGC license means it’s strictly regulated.
In Ireland, too, you’ll only find online betting sites with the UKGC license. The site's operator must obtain the permit before it can offer interactive gambling services to Irish punters. For Southern Ireland, however, the authority is the Irish Revenue Commissioner.
The next logical question we asked Jimmy was what sports are the most popular in Ireland. This general area is known for giving birth to many mainstream sports now played worldwide.
Association football is one of them. It’s known as football or soccer. The distinction is important, so you don’t confuse American football with association football.
It’s hard to pinpoint a few sports that get the most traction.
Apart from football, Irish punters are known for betting on:
  • cricket,
  • horse racing,
  • Gaelic football,
  • hurling,
  • cycling,
  • swimming,
  • and many other sports.
Football, Gaelic Football, and cricket will remain on the top 3 list of Jimmy Daytona.

Gaelic Football - The Original Beautiful Game

Jimmy Dayton Teaches How to Choose the Best Irish Betting Sites

It is the section we’ve been the most excited about. For any jurisdiction, punters must know how to choose suitable gambling sites. Jimmy will list the most important criteria you must check out every time before signing up.

A License is Mandatory

According to the Gambling Act 2005, no company can offer interactive gambling services to people with a valid license from the UKGC. You must cross-check the permit every time you land on a new bookmaker. As part of the UK, the same applies to Ireland.
Thankfully, verifying UKGC licenses is very straightforward. You’ll find account numbers on the bookmaker’s website, usually in the footer section. If not, look at the T&C page.
On the homepage, you’ll find an integrated search engine for the website. Enter the account number. The operator's details and what brands will show up.

The Website Usability

It is one of the things many new bettors need to remember to check. Your user experience is a significant factor. Because you’re uncomfortable using the platform, all the security features won’t mean anything to you.
Check whether the site offers downloadable apps if you prefer a mobile app. From what we’ve seen, most online betting sites in Ireland provide apps for iOS and Android.
And if you’re okay with the desktop site, explore the website before committing real money.

The Payment Methods

As Jimmy says, checking the payment methods library is only sometimes crucial. If you stick to the list of the best Irish betting sites he has provided, almost all of the sites offer a similar list of online payment methods.
These methods usually include:
  • Debit cards like Visa/Mastercard,
  • E-wallets like Skrill/Neteller/PayPal/EcoPayz,
  • Bank transfer methods like Trustly/Zimpler,
  • Mobile money methods like Boku,
  • and even cryptocurrencies.
The idea is to find an online betting site where you can seamlessly deposit and withdraw. The automatic choice is to pick a platform where you can use existing methods. However, if you like the features of a particular site very much, signing up for a new payment method is a small deal.

The Sports Library

If the quality of sports is something to go by, this should’ve been the first criterion for choosing the best Irish sportsbooks. But Jimmy believes you should only come to the sports library when you’re confident that the other connecting features are on par.
He firmly believes that online sports betting is a collection of experiences across many different variables. So, it only makes sense for him to take one step at a time.
In this step, he recommends checking for your preferred sports, betting markets, and all other betting-related options. Some punters prefer to cash out, while othersprefer competitive live betting. But you’ll need a payment method and a licensed bookmaker for all of these.

Customer Support

Lastly, Jimmy highly recommends giving the customer support channels a go. You can ask some dummy questions or send an email to check how it responds. The goal is to eliminate any chances of mediocre support when you need it.
An online betting site in Ireland should offer support via live chat, email, telephone, and social media. But we don’t live in a perfect world, so expecting all these from a single bookmaker is impossible. But as long as you can find a combination of 2 or more channels, you’re good to go.
Last but not least, check out the FAQ section. Most reputed online betting sites have impeccable FAQ sections. So much so that the punters don’t even need to contact support!

How to Sign Up for Real Money Betting in Ireland

We’re nearing the end of our short guide, and Jimmy is insistent on sharing some tips for account registration. You can go wrong in a few different ways!
  • You must register using your real name, address, and phone number and verify an online gambling account in Ireland. You can’t verify fake information.
  • Be mindful of the minimum deposit requirement if you’re claiming a bonus. Depositing lower than the required amount will result in disqualification.
  • Always use a payment method that’s registered in your name. Otherwise, withdrawals won’t come through.
  • Keep in mind that using credit cards for gambling is strictly prohibited across the UK.
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