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Internet Of Things - Its Impact In The Future Of Higher Education


The Internet of Things (IoT) is a relatively new technology that has made inroads into a variety of industries, most notably education. Following the widespread adoption of this technology, more developments are envisaged in this field.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is reaffirming its significance in the context of ICT and societal development. Institutions can improve learning outcomes with the help of IoT by providing more affluent learning experiences, increasing operational efficiency, and gaining real-time, actionable insight into student performance.

Digital highlighters are an example of IoT devices that can be used to interact with the board. With the aid of a digital scanner, text can be transferred digitally to the cellphone. With these network devices, students can communicate with their teachers, peers, and experts from around the world.

How Does IoT Impact The Education Sector?

By implementing IoT-based smart facilities in universities, the environment can be completely transformed. Using IoT technologies, it can improve the overall facilities. Smart classrooms, smart laboratories, and smart buildings are all part of the plan for a digital campus. To manage these devices and systems, various applications can be developed.

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A digital campus system serves as an important platform for students to access a variety of resources. Campus administration is also being influenced by new technologies. The demand for higher educational institutions to digitize all contents and events is growing as technology advances. Their main goal is to adopt methods that enable academic and research-related members to work effectively in a digital environment.

A digital university base can be created by combining a physical campus with technology, which provides appropriate settings and services for training, learning, and research. It supports and motivates students to achieve their full potential. A university's digital campus must have technology that supports teaching, education, and collaborative research. All digital universities face challenges, but only a few have the vision to develop a strategy and put it into action using cutting-edge technology.

What Is The Use Of IoT Platforms In Teaching?

IT companies such as Cisco, Xerox, IBM, Bosch, NI, HP, Apple, and others believe the Internet of Things will be a major disruption in education, just as it is in other industries. Many well-known academics have recommended the use of IoT tools and technologies in the classroom, including:

  • MOOCs.
  • Additive Manufacturing Devices to create 3D objects.
  • Virtual Reality.
  • Augmented Reality.
  • eBooks.
  • Biometric Attendance tracking.
  • Security cameras and video conferencing.
  • Wireless door locks.
  • RFID enabled Student ID cards.
  • Smart HVAC systems.
  • Automatic Electric lighting.
  • Mobile phones, iPADs, Laptops and Tablets.
  • Electronic white boards.
  • Advanced embedded systems.
  • Microcontroller development boards.

Classrooms with electronic interactive white boards provide a richer and more consistent learning experience for students and teachers throughout the course of their studies, making it easier to share, add, and edit content with students while bringing online content to support classroom discussions on the fly. Students are encouraged to bring their own devices to class (laptops, tablets, phones, etc.) so that they can complete their classwork and assignments. This enables students to take their classroom work home with them, allowing them to review and reinforce concepts during their free time.

Internet of Things (IoT) | What is IoT | How it Works | IoT Explained | Edureka

How Can IoT Be Used For Those With Special Needs (Learners With Disabilities)?

The Internet of Things can be extremely beneficial in terms of teaching and enabling special needs and disabled people to work and be self-sufficient. A billion people, including children, are thought to be disabled. These people will become financially burdened and reliant on their families if proper services are not provided.

However, regardless of their disabilities, the Internet of Things can provide these people with a respectable way of life in which they can learn skills and then find work to support themselves. Consumer-based IoT products have been available since 2000, and the benefits of IoT to consumers in general and people with disabilities in particular are relatively new. Sensor-based appliances are now available, allowing people with special needs to carry out their daily activities without difficulty.

How Does Personalized Learning Through IoT Work?

A great deal of research has gone into laying the groundwork for personalized learning, which allows students to learn at their own pace, in their own time, and in their own space while still achieving the best possible outcomes. Personalized education can now be placed at the center of a student-centered teaching approach, thanks to technological advancements and their integration into the classroom.

This would allow students to personalize their learning activities by allowing them to work at their own pace, in their own style, and under their own conditions. It has been observed that students in large crowds and large halls attending classes with hundreds of students lose interest as their individual needs are ignored, resulting in disinterest in the subject and failure. After careful planning and studies, the Internet of Things provided an effective solution to such issues through the integration of technology.

The abbeviation IOT written in gold surrounded by numerous devices
The abbeviation IOT written in gold surrounded by numerous devices

What Are The Challenges Of IoT In Higher Education?

The Internet of Things helps to improve education by making classrooms smarter. The rapid advancement of global computing and Internet of Things (IoT) technology such as cloud computing, big data, and analytics helps to illuminate the importance of training and research quality. It also affects the Internet of Things society and promotes a new digital philosophy. Every day, the number of online classes and degree programs grows exponentially. It increases the digital momentum in educational institutions, particularly in higher education. Educational institutions may face a number of challenges in successfully integrating IoT devices on campus, including:

  • With the integration of mobile learning apps for student evaluation, the use of various IoT-based applications is growing. Students can use these common applications to learn resources, cope with assignments, and work on projects. Other apps are used by teachers to demonstrate technical concepts, simulations, and other activities.
  • IoT provides incredible opportunities for delivering digital courses while maintaining instruction quality. Students' differing ethics, academic honesty, plagiarism, and data fraud in scientific societies are highlighted in this digital instruction. As a result, IoT-based educational applications, tools, and technologies for teachers and scientists are being developed to improve research and address ethical issues in higher education institutions.
  • The use of e-learning management systems such as Blackboard and Moodle generates a lot of audio and video data. Students can access this data when they need it in IoT-based classrooms and labs equipped with the latest equipment for lecture recording and web streaming. To handle this data during online courses, IoT must provide extra agile and firm service level agreements.
  • As part of their enterprise architecture, most universities use a hybrid cloud to host IoT applications. The Millennial generation, which is currently attending university, uses a tablet or mobile device. It introduces new approaches to improving enterprise architecture, instructional technology, research, and the educational environment. Because of the significant growth of audio and video instructions, there is a significant demand for content; as a result, the enterprise architecture of the institutions must reduce latency time.
A car, an aeroplane, a house, and many other things that can be connected to the internet in a circle
A car, an aeroplane, a house, and many other things that can be connected to the internet in a circle

People Also Ask

What Is The Application Of IoT To Education In The Future?

The rise of mobile technology and the IoT allows schools to improve the safety of their campuses, keep track of key resources, and enhance access to information in the learning environment. Teachers can even use this technology to create “smart lesson plans,” rather than the traditional stoic plans of yesteryear.

What Is IoT In Higher Education?

At colleges and universities across the country, the notion of leveraging Internet of Things (IoT) technologies to connect campus systems and modernize services is critical to improve the student experience.

How Is IoT Used In Education?

IoT in schools means a better-connected and more collaborative future for education. IoT devices give students better access to everything from learning materials to communication channels, and they give teachers the ability to measure student learning progress in real-time.

What Are The Challenges Regarding Internet Of Things In Education?

Lack of financial resources, development, complexity and implementation of IoT, ethics, trust and privacy, quality and data security were major challenges of IoT in education.


The Internet of Things has numerous advantages as well as challenges that should be thoroughly examined and comprehended. Developments in ICT, the knowledge-intensive society, and the current pandemic have increased the pressure on the educational system, requiring more intensive ICT adoption and the transformation of education into smart education.

According to the findings of this study, the adoption of IoT in higher education has a positive impact on teaching excellence, additional resources, and learning excellence. Education policies do have an impact on the adoption of IoT in universities in terms of managerial support and change attitudes, but it is a minor one.

The adoption of IoT in universities has a positive impact on intra and extra-university connectivity while also posing challenges in terms of data security and integrity, though the impact is minor.

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Suleman Shah - Suleman Shah is a researcher and freelance writer. As a researcher, he has worked with MNS University of Agriculture, Multan (Pakistan) and Texas A & M University (USA). He regularly writes science articles and blogs for science news website immersse.com and open access publishers OA Publishing London and Scientific Times. He loves to keep himself updated on scientific developments and convert these developments into everyday language to update the readers about the developments in the scientific era. His primary research focus is Plant sciences, and he contributed to this field by publishing his research in scientific journals and presenting his work at many Conferences. Shah graduated from the University of Agriculture Faisalabad (Pakistan) and started his professional carrier with Jaffer Agro Services and later with the Agriculture Department of the Government of Pakistan. His research interest compelled and attracted him to proceed with his carrier in Plant sciences research. So, he started his Ph.D. in Soil Science at MNS University of Agriculture Multan (Pakistan). Later, he started working as a visiting scholar with Texas A&M University (USA). Shah’s experience with big Open Excess publishers like Springers, Frontiers, MDPI, etc., testified to his belief in Open Access as a barrier-removing mechanism between researchers and the readers of their research. Shah believes that Open Access is revolutionizing the publication process and benefitting research in all fields.

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