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Karma Spells Symbolism - Positive And Negative Aspects

Give karma back to someone. Karma spells depend on the person's deeds and manners, this might result in either positive or negative karma for them. This spell should only hasten the process by which positive and negative karma is accumulated for each person by their actions and behaviors.

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Give karma back to someone. Karma spellsdepend on the person's deeds and manners, this might result in either positive or negative karma for them.
This spell should only hasten the process by which positive and negative karma is accumulated for each person by their actions and behaviors.

Karma Spells In Witchcraft

A succession of events, similar to a chain reaction, has been triggered as a result of the thousands of years that humans have lived on this plane or in other realms. Every time you take a breath, you cause a shift in the astral and physical planes via the actions, thoughts, and feelings that you have.
This change in energy will, at some point in the future - or right away, if you prefer become real events that happen in your world.

Can You Relieve Yourself From Your Bad Karma?

The following incantation has the power to undo any negative karma and to dissolve any curses or evil spellsthat you have cast in the past (but not the karma of your actions, although this is pretty big too).
If you do this, you will liberate yourself from the anguish and the shadows that all of this destructive magic may have cast over you and other people. It is as though you are all a part of the same cosmic network, which is analogous to a gigantic spider's web, and this force connects you all.
When you put a curse on yourselves, whether knowingly or not, your purpose is to cause yourselves damage. And, while this may take some time, it will inevitably backfire on us.
Black magicis any form of magical activity, whether it is performed intentionally or unintentionally, that either intends to cause harm to a person, makes use of evil forces (such as demons), or intends to interfere with the free will of a human soul. Black magic can take one of three forms (i.e., love binding).
Blindfolded Woman With a Candle
Blindfolded Woman With a Candle

Casting Instructions For Karma Spells

The spell is a bit more complicated than the others, and you should only use it at your peril. If you have been practicing witchcraft for a significant amount of time and are confident in your abilities, there are some "spell elements" that you should not undertake.
When this is carried out, you are not accountable for anything that may occur as a result. Make use of this at your peril.
  • On a scrap of paper, jot down the name of the individual to whom you want to donate or send karma, and then go to the next step.
  • You could also draw a pentagram or pentacle on it, or you could use one of your own (any that you possess).
  • Include it on the list along with the person's name if you have any belongings or other items that belonged to that person.
  • A person might visualize obtaining good or bad karma by lighting the candle and focusing their attention on it.
  • It is important that you are in a place with no distractions and that you keep your mind on the task at hand.
  • Start the incense burning.
  • Sensitize yourself to the energy that is emanating from the candle and the incense. You need to clear your thoughts and concentrate on the task that is next.
  • You should make a small cut on your finger and then drip some blood over the paper and the candle.
Repeat the following three times:
"On this night, you pray to the Gods and Goddesses of the earth, the air, the fire, the water, and the spirit to hear me. you want to give this guy bad karma through either the dark or the light! This individual has caused me (pain or delight), and you want to reciprocate the identical sensation that they've given me on this night of the Full Moon! By the power of the Gods and Goddesses, by the power of Karma and the power that has been invested in me, by my very blood and the act of Justice! Please give (name of person) what's coming to them in termsof karma. May it be so! "
Ethnic girl in devil costume with trident standing in park
Ethnic girl in devil costume with trident standing in park

The Threefold Law Of Wicca

In Wicca, Karma has been replaced with something called the Law of Three, which is also known as the Threefold Law. It is stated unequivocally there that whatever energy a person sends out into the world, regardless of whether it is positive or negative, will return to that person three times.
Both ideas Karma and the Threefold Law describe the global laws of cause and effect, and as a result, they encourage individuals, whether they engage in magical practice or not, to conduct themselves in an honorable manner.
You have been of assistance, you have harmed, you have caused death, and you have provided treatment. You have all lived your lives as both sinners and saints at various points. This may be why some aspects of your personality or circumstances in your lifecan bring you good fortune or bad fortune.
Mystics, priests of the old religion, magicians, and occultists are very convinced that in your prior lifetimes, you may have employed the dark pathways of magic either purposefully or unwittingly. They believe this to be the case because they believe that your souls are capable of remembering your actions.
To put it another way, at some point in your lives, every one of you might have been a dark wizard. Whether you were aware of the consequences of your actions at the time, they may still have an impact on the rest of your lives.
In other words, the majority of the issues you face now are the direct result of your improper use of magic in previous lifetimes, or even in this one. There is always a cost associated with having a wicked wizard or witch as an occupation.

The 12 Laws Of Karma That Will Change Your Life

People Also Ask

How Do Karma Spells Work?

This spell should just speed up the process by which each person's good and bad karma accumulates based on their actions and behavior.

Can You Relieve Yourself Of Your Bad Karma?

Various spells might help you get rid of your negative karma.

What Is The Threefold Law Of Wicca?

It is mentioned in the law of threefold that any energy a person releases into the world, whether it is positive or bad, will come back to them three times.


Carry out the deed that must be done and reverse the ill karma spells of another. Depending on how they act and what they do, the person who was engaged in this situation might receive either positive or negative karma as a result.
The casting of this spell ought to hasten the process by which each person's good and evil acts are weighed and measured as karma. If anything, this should make the process run more quickly.
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