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Kate Moss Slurs And Stumbles At The Wall Street Journal Awards Ceremony

Kate Moss's fans are worried after a video clip of her giving a speech at a fashion event showed that she seemed to stumble and slur her words. The supermodel looked like she was having trouble at the podium because she used her phone as a prompt right after she started talking.

Alexander McCaslin
Nov 10, 20222 Shares425 Views
At the Wall Street Journal awards ceremony, supermodel Kate Moss slursand stumbles through her speech. Moss took the stage at New York's Museum of Modern Art to give the Fashion Innovator award to designer and YSL artistic director Anthony Vaccarello.
The Journal posted a video from the show on Instagram, and it shows that Moss had a hard time getting her message across. Moss used to be known for how much she partied, but the Evening Standard says she hasn't been drinking in years, and her Cosmoss wellness brand shows that she's more interested in self-care these days.

Kate Moss Slurs And Stumbles On Awards Ceremony

Kate Moss slurs her words, stumbles over speech at WSJ Magazine Innovator Awards | Page Six

Kate Moss made people worry when she looked out of sorts at a recent fashion event. At the Wall Street Journal Magazine Innovator Awards last week, the supermodel, who is 48 years old, gave Anthony Vaccarello, the creative/image director for Saint Laurent (YSL), the title of 2022 Fashion Innovator.
Moss looked great in a sheer, deep chartreuse outfit as she gushed about her longtime friend. However, she seemed nervous and held on to the podium as she slurred some of her words.
“Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. Anthony and I have worked together for years.- Kate Moss
Moss said at the end of the night, stumbling over the name of the most prestigious award of the night.
Since he started at Saint Laurent, I could recognize his instinct for fashion. And I wanted to be part of that. I’m honored to be part of his Saint Laurent family and to be his friend.- Kate Moss
Moss also stopped at odd times when she gave Anthony Vaccarello of YSL the 2022 Fashion Innovator award, whose name she seemed to forget.
Ladies and gentlemen, I’m honored to present Anthony Vaccarello with the Innovator of the h–award.- Kate Moss
People on social media were quick to worry about the catwalk queen's strange behavior.“She’s clearly on drugs,”one Twitter user alleged, to which someone else replied, “I think so too but I don’t want to make any assumptions or accusations.”
“I feel her heart beating through her chest from here 😩,” someone else remarked, while another observer claimed, “The streets are saying diet coke isn’t the only coke she’s an ambassador for…”
Page Six has asked Moss's representatives for their thoughts, but they haven't replied yet. People quickly voiced their concerns on social media, and many of them wondered if the model was "on drugs."
The fashion icon of the 1990s became famous during "the supermodel era," when models were skinny and went out to parties a lot. She was called "Cocaine Kate" after pictures of her snorting cocaine were published in a British tabloid in 2005. She was also called "The Tank" because of how much vodka she could drink.
But Moss has been clean and sober for four years, according to reports. In fact, insiders told Page Six in February that the 24-year-"really old's bad coke addiction" had hurt her relationship with her younger sister Lottie Moss a lot.
There have been times when Kate has felt straight-up mortified. She has had her head in her hands about Lottie and what she is doing with her career.- Kate Moss family
A family source shared at the time, adding that Kate’s 20-year-old model daughter, Lila Hack, “won’t have anything to do with Lottie.”
Moss used to be known for how much she partied, but the Evening Standard says she hasn't been drinking in years, and her Cosmoss wellness brand shows that she's more interested in self-care these days.
My happy place was being on a dance floor, that was my absolute idea of happiness. I still love being on the dance floor, but now I want to wake up feeling fresh. I want to wake up and do Pilates or yoga. I think I’m the happiest I’ve ever been.- Kate Moss


Kate Moss gave a speech at an awards show in which she looked to slur her words. The 48-year-old supermodel, who has been sober since 2018, seemed to fumble through her speech as she honored her friend Anthony Vaccarello, the creative director of the premium fashion house, with the Fashion Innovator award at the Wall Street Journal's Innovator Awards.
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