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Khushi Mukherjee - An Indian Actress And Model, Who Works In Hindi TV Shows And Web Series


Actress Khushi Mukherjee hails from India. Modeling was where Khushi's profession got its start. Anjalaturai, the film in which she first appeared, was released in 2013. In 2017, she made her debut in the reality program MTV Splitsvilla Season 10, which was her first appearance on television.

After then, she became known for her roles in the Jai Shri Ram television serials Balveer Returns, Love School, and Kahat Hanuman. Khushi works in many languages, including Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, and Kannada.

Quick Facts About Khushi Mukherjee

Full Real NameKhushi Mukherjee 
Date of Birth24 November 1996 
Place of BirthKolkata, West Bengal, India
ProfessionActress & Model
Age26 years old
Zodiac SignSagittarius
Net worth8 million INR
Current ResidenceMumbai, Maharashtra, India

The Early Life Of Khushi Mukherjee

COPYRIGHT_SZ: Published on https://stationzilla.com/khushi-mukherjee/ by Suleman Shah on 2023-02-02T09:56:03.008Z

On Sunday, November 24, 1996, the beautiful model was brought into this world by her parents in Kolkata, which is located in the state of West Bengal in India. She came from a Bengali household when she was born. Every year on November 24th, Khushi and her family and friends gather to celebrate her birthday.

Khushi Mukherjee is now 26 years old. The lovely woman is a member of the Brahmin caste in the Kulin community. When it comes to Khushi's family history, it is important to note that she grew up in a stable and happy household. On the other hand, she does not share the names of her parents, her brother, or her sister with the public.

Her father, whose identity is not known, is a businessman, and her mother is a housewife. In addition, she has a sibling who is a boy. Khushi also used her social media accounts to share photographs of her family with her followers.

Since she was a youngster, she has had a strong interest in taking part in modeling and performing.Khushi Mukherjee enrolled at St. Lawrence High School in order to complete her secondary education.

After that, she uprooted her life and traveled to Mumbai, where she enrolled in the Thakur College of Science and Commerce so that she could finish her degree. In later years, she became involved in the entertainment business. She is now a well-known model and TV actress in her native country.

The Career Of Khushi Mukherjee

Khushi Mukherjee started modeling after graduation. In addition to her profession as a model, she also appeared in the 2013 Tamil movie Anjalaturai. After that, Khushi had roles in the films Dongaprema and Heart Attack, both of which were in the Telugu language.

After working in the south Indian film industry for a while, Khushi started sending in her resume for jobs in Hindi television. Her first appearance on television was in Season 10 of Splitsvilla, which is a popular show on MTV. However, she has previously made a brief appearance in two different television serials, namely Jai Bajrangbali and Sihasan Battisi.

In 2018, as a result of her participation in Splitsvilla, Khushi Mukherjee was given the chance to enroll in MTV Love School. She was terminated from this show over the course of five episodes. She is now seeking to focus her attention on her job in television. Her first film, Anjalaturai (2013), was her introduction to the acting world.

As a result of her performance in the program on MTV, she was offered roles in the television shows Jai Bajrangbali and Sihasan Battisi. In 2018, she was a contestant on the reality series Love School on MTV; however, the network decided not to continue using her after the fifth episode.

She played the role of Jwala Pari in the 2019 season of Baalveer Returns, which aired on SAB TV. The first of May, 2020, saw her make an appearance in the web series Riti Riwaz Love Festival. Later on in the same year, on October 20, 2020, she had an appearance in the internet series Noorie. In the web serial "Fatherhood in 2021," she portrayed the role of the main character.

Khushi Mukherjee Stylish Posing For A Click
Khushi Mukherjee Stylish Posing For A Click

Some Interesting Facts About Khushi Mukherjee

  • Khushi Mukherjee like to apply makeup.
  • She really loves working with Different Concepts in her picture sessions.
  • She enjoys the challenge of sticking to a rigorous eating regimen.
  • Khushi enjoys posing in different hot clothes, including monokinis, swimsuits, and bikinis.
  • Khushi enjoys striking provocative poses for photographs and was most recently featured on the cover of Aadar Cover Magazine 2.0.
  • The magazine used the slogan "STORY OF KHUSHI MUKHERJEE: Doing Bold Shots is Not What Everyone Can Achieve" as its tagline.
  • In addition to the photoshoot she did for Khushi Bold, she was also featured on the front page of a Punjabi newspaper. The article in the newspaper discussed how Khushi's lingerie was sold for four lakh Indian rupees.
  • Khushi is a huge teddy bear enthusiast.
  • She enjoys interacting with and playing with teddy bears, and her bedroom is filled with a variety of teddy bears of all sizes and hues.
  • She has even released photographs and videos of herself playing with teddy bears, although it was quite hot on the set of the video shoot.
  • Khushi likes to take selfies in front of mirrors and can be seen wearing bikinis, bodycon dresses, and other revealing and provocative clothes.
  • Additionally, Khushi Mukherjee takes pleasure in exploring new places all over the world.
  • She has a soft spot for pets.
  • In 2017, Khushi made her television debut as a contestant on MTV's Splitsvilla.
  • She has appeared in MTV Splitsvilla Season 10, Love School 3, Kahat Hanuman, Jai Shri Ram, and Baalveer Returns so far in her career.
  • Khushi Mukherjee has also made a cameo appearance in the Ullu app-hosted online serial Gaandu.
  • In 2019, she played the role of Jwala Pari in the television serial Baalveer Returns, which aired on SAB TV.
  • Sagittarius is her zodiac sign at birth.

Khushi Mukherjee's Net Worth

Khushi Mukherjee is able to support herself rather well because of her acting and modeling careers. She asks for between 40,000 and 70,000 for each episode. It is believed that she has a net worth of 8 million Indian rupees.

People Also Ask

What Is The Religion Of Khushi Mukherjee?

She is a devotee of the Hindu religion.

What Kind Of Things Does Khushi Mukherjee Like Doing In Her Spare Time?

Khushi Mukherjee’s interests include singing and dancing.

What Is The Age Of Khushi Mukherjee?

Khushi Mukherjee is 26 years old.


Reality star Khushi Mukherjee is a well-known individual. The reality star and actress Khushi is perhaps best known for her participation in the tenth season of the Indian reality program MTV Splitsvilla. In this role, she rose to prominence in the entertainment industry.

She has had roles in full-length films such as Donga Prema throughout her career as an actor. We have faith that she will be able to scale greater heights of achievement in the years to come. We hope that everything goes well for her.

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