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Kim Marie Kessler - Best Known As The Second Wife Of WWE Wrestler Randy Orton

Kim Marie Kessler is an American socialite best known as WWE wrestler Randall Keith Randy Orton's second wife, as well as an actor and stuntman. The SmackDown brand wrestler Randy Orton has also had appearances in movies like "That's What I Am" (2011), "12 Rounds 2: Reloaded" (2013), and "The Condemned 2" (2015) from WWE Studios, as well as the television program "Shooter" (2016).

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Kim Marie Kessleris an American socialite best known as WWE wrestler Randall Keith Randy Orton's second wife, as well as an actor and stuntman. The SmackDown brand wrestler Randy Orton has also had appearances in movies like "That's What I Am" (2011), "12 Rounds 2: Reloaded" (2013), and "The Condemned 2" (2015) from WWE Studios, as well as the television program "Shooter" (2016).
Despite not working in the entertainment industry, Kessler routinely attends events and performances with her spouse and has been featured in several publications. She and her husband took part in an interview on an episode of WWE Network's "Unfiltered With Renee Young" in September 2015. She used to be a regular New Yorker who carried on with calm. She is now regarded as her husband's socialite, entrepreneur, and staunchest ally.

Quick Facts About Kim Marie Kessler

NicknameKim Orton
Full nameKim Marie Kessler
Date of birthApril 1, 1985
BirthplaceNew York, U.S.A.
Age37 years old
Marital statusMarried
Currently residingO’Fallon, Missouri
SpouseRandy Orton (Husband)
Sun SignAries

Early Life And Childhood

April 1, 1985 is the date of birth of Kim Marie Kessler. The stunning Kim is of Caucasian descent and has American citizenship. Kim was born in New York, New York, to a modest family.
Kessler was not born into a famous family; thus, nothing is known about her early years. She quickly rose to fame after starting to date renowned wrestler Randy Orton.

Marriage Of Kim Marie Kessler

Samantha Speno and Orton were previously married; they had a daughter together. However, the couple split in 2012 and divorced the following year. He began dating Kessler, a divorcee at the time. Before he asked her to marry him while they were on vacation in Bora Bora, the two had been dating for around three years.
With just their children present, the couple was married in Las Vegas, Nevada, later that year. Kim's kids are also known to be close to Orton, and the couple often post photos and videos of themselves on social media. She got pregnant in 2016 and posted updates about her pregnancy on social media; their daughter was delivered later that year.
They also adopted a puppy they came across in Bora Bora while out on a hike. The two have attended events together and have never tried to conceal their connection on social media. He and she have appeared together in a number of print, broadcast, and internet media sources.

Husband Of Kim Marie Kessler

On April 1, 1985, Randy Keith Orton, a professional wrestler, actor, and stuntman, was born. Due to the amount of time and attention he had to devote to his wrestling career, Randy was unable to spend meaningful time with his family. Randy decided against pursuing a wrestling career as a result.
In 2000, he made his professional wrestling debut in St. Louis, Missouri, at the Mid-Missouri Wrestling Association-Southern Illinois Conference Wrestling (MMWA-SICW). Orton signed a contract with World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) in 2001. He was moved to Ohio Valley Wrestling (OVW), their farm region, in Louisville, Kentucky, where he participated in the training.
Randy faced Hardcore Holly in his first WWE bout on television on April 25, 2002, on SmackDown. Randy Orton quickly captivated the crowd with his outstanding presentation on wrestling.
The 2016 action-thriller series "Shooter" included actor Randy Orton in a minor role. While his ex-wife, Samantha Speno, is now unmarried, Randy and Kim are living extremely happy lives. She is the owner of the Rocks and Stars jewelry brand in addition to her company, Stultify Incorporation Limited.

Kim Marie Kessler Controversies

Since she started dating Orton, Kim Marie has been involved in several controversies, mostly because their relationship started after his first marriage ended. She has been charged with being a gold digger due to her clear love of professional wrestling and Orton's wealth gained during his many years in the business.
Additionally, she takes the time to delete any comments and tweets from fans that he may have received. One of the most well-known episodes involving the couple was a long-term pursuit and harassment by a fan called Kayla Gomez. In response, the two posted Kayla's online handle, "Ms. Piggy." Gomez had been trying to take pictures of Orton and post them online, challenging Kim, who was also drawn to Orton.
He subsequently revealed in a statement to the public that Kayla had been expelled for bugging and stalking his wife. He also counseled her to go about her daily lifeand let otherstease her. In the end, the issue became less significant, and the two continued living their normal lives.

Kim Marie Kessler’s Road To Fame

Gorgeous socialite Kim Marie Kessler attracted media attention immediately after starting a relationship with legendary WWE wrestler Randy Orton in 2012. When she met Randy at a WWE event in her hometown of New York, the fantasy became a reality. They dated briefly before getting engaged in Bora Bora in July 2015.
Kim confirmed their connection to the world by posting images of their date on Twitter. Randy Orton and Kim Marie Kessler were quite open about their relationship in public. The couple disclosed every aspect of their romance on their social media profiles.
Kim and Randy have also been seen together at several significant gatherings. They were never shy about showing off their affection to others.

Some Interesting Facts About Kim Marie Kessler

  • She loves animals, and she and her husband got a puppy called Spike.
  • While on vacation in Bora Bora, the couple saved Spike.
  • Due to her marriage to Randy Orton, Kim Kessler took considerable heat from the general public. She received the moniker "gold digger."
  • In 2016, Kim Kessler announced to her followers that she was expecting a child.
  • The spouse of Kim Marie Kessler, Randy Keith, better known by his ring name Randy Orton, is a wrestler, actor, and stuntman who appears on the WWE program Smackdown.

Kim On Social Media

Since maintaining a strong online presence is essential to Kim Marie Kessler's "career" as a socialist, she does it across several significant social media platforms. Since starting her Twitter account in March 2014, she has amassed approximately 1,300 tweets and 80,000 followers.
She just made a new Instagram account after her old one was deleted. She has over 3000 followers on Instagram and has posted over 50 times about her and her husband's travels there.

Kim Marie Kessler's Net Worth

Kessler and her husband, professional wrestler Randy, are worth a combined $11 million. He earns a living from his vocation as a wrestler. The celebrity also earns $3 million per year.

People Also Ask

How Did Randy Orton Meet Kim Kessler?

They first met at a live concert in Kim's hometown of New York.

Where Is Kim Marie Kessler From?

She is from New York, New York, United States

When Was Kim Marie Kessler Born?

She was born on April 1, 1985


Kim Marie Kessler's pleasure with her present circumstances is now tipping the scales between her personal and professional lives. She aspires to achieve a lot in the future and inspire her mates and younger generations.
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