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Kim Scott Mathers - The Suicidal Ex-wife Of Eminem

Kim Scott Mathers, also known as Kimberly Ann Scott, rose to popularity in the late 1990s after dating artist Eminem for over ten years. The day before, on January 9, 1975, Kathleen Lou Doherty gave birth to Kimberly Anne Scott. She was identical to Dawn Scott, who is also her twin sister. The twins were born in Warren, Michigan, a state in the Midwest of the United States.

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Kim Scott Mathers, also known as Kimberly Ann Scott, rose to popularity in the late 1990s after dating artist Eminem for over ten years. The day before, on January 9, 1975, Kathleen Lou Doherty gave birth to Kimberly Anne Scott. She has an identical twin sister named Dawn Scott.
The twins were born in Warren, Michigan, a state in the Midwest of the United States. The girls were brought up by their mother when she got remarried; their alcoholic stepfather Casimer Sluck was a violent drunkard. The girls fled their house as a result of the awful family circumstances.
Little is known about Kimberly Anne Scott's early lifeapart from the domestic issues. Lincoln High School in the United States was attended by Kimberly Anne Scott and her identical sister Dawn Scott.
While Kimberly and Eminem were living with their mother, they started dating. They welcomed their daughter Hailie Jade into the world on Christmas Day of 1995. After that, Kimberly Anne Scott left the Mathers' house. Eminem was now experiencing success in his business and was finding it difficult to balance music and family life. The couple got married in 1999 despite clear indications of incompatibility early on in their relationship.

Quick Facts About Kim Scott Mathers

Full NameKim Scott Mathers
Birth DateJanuary 9, 1975
Age42 years old
Celebrated NameKim Mathers
Birth PlaceWarren, Michigan
Profession:Author, Illustrator
Net Worth:$2 million
Sexual OrientationStraight
Marital StatusNot Married
SpouseEminem (m. 2006–2006), Eminem (m. 1999–2001)
KidsHailie Jade, Stevie Laine Mathers, Parker Scott

Kim Scott Mathers Biography

The ex-wife of rapper Eminem is Kimberley Anne Scott, popularly known as Kim Scott Mathers (born January 9, 1975). In Warren, Michigan, Kim and her identical sister Dawn Marie Scott were born.
She was living with her mother, Kathleen Sluck, and her stepfather before running away from him, who was allegedly an aggressive drinker at the time.
The court ordered Eminem to provide Kimberly $52,000 for caring for their daughter after Eminem and Kimberly separated in 2001.
Parker Scott, Kimberly's son, has no known knowledge regarding his father. After Eminem reportedly abused her on his Up In Smoke Tour in 2001, she attempted her life by slicing her wrist with a knife.
Eminem and Kimberly Anne both went to Lincoln High School. Kimberly likes to travel, shop, watch movies, and listen to music. She filed a $10 million lawsuit against Eminem for inflicting her mental suffering.

Some Interesting Facts About Kim Scott Mathers

  • Lincoln High School was the same school that Kim, Dawn, and Eminem attended.
  • After he recorded a song about her and she stopped him from rapping about her, Eminem was sued by the woman.
  • Parker Scott, Kim's other child, also has an unknown father.
  • Kim once attempted suicide by slashing her wrist after being attacked by Eminem while on his Up in Smoke Tour. The occurrence happened in 2001.
  • The two celebrities' stunning daughter has achieved fame as Instagram influencer. In 2014, Hailie received her diploma and enrolled at Michigan State University.

Kim And Eminem

Kim Scott Mathers has known Eminem since she was a little girl. In actuality, they had known one another since they were little. They initially met in 1987, namely, when they were teens. Following then, many rumors about the two began to spread throughout the whole 1990s. They dated for approximately ten years. Additionally, they had a kid name, Hailie Mathers.
After the 1995 birth of Hailie, the two's relationship developed into a serious one. In 1999, they ultimately decided to marry. But after a few joyful years, things became difficult in their union. Even though their marriage dissolved in 2001, they remained together. Instead, they remarried in 2006 before divorcing the following year.
Kim Scott Mathers with a fierce look
Kim Scott Mathers with a fierce look

The Suicidal Tendency Of Kim

According to several reports, Kim Scott Mathers may be suicidal. Word of her suicidal attempts spread, which attracted visitors to her Michigan home. She, however, became defensive and restrained. After that, you brought her to a hospital for a medical checkup and psychological assessment. She later acknowledged, though, that Eminem had helped her to conceal her suicidal thoughts.

Kim Scott Mathers Daughter With Eminem

One of her biggest accomplishments was pairing up Eminem and Hailie Jade in 1995. Her daughter has become a tremendous influencer with 2.9 million Instagram followers and a newly launched three-month-old YouTube show with roughly 87,000 subscribers. Despite all her mother has gone through, Hailie seems to be in good spirits, and this most certainly had some effect on her development as a child.
When Hailie was just 6 years old, Kim made her first known attempt at suicide when Eminem was on tour. The mother of the little girl attended one of his performances with some friends and saw as he beat up a blow-up doll intended to resemble her while singing "Kim," a song that was obviously about her. She made an effort to slash her wrists that evening.

Kim Mathers talks about Eminem

Kim Scott Mathers Net Worth

Eminem, Kimberly's ex-husband, has a net worth of more than $200 million, whereas Kimberly Ann Scott only has a net worth of $2 million.
In addition, the court mandated that Eminem provide Kimberly with $52,000 per year in support and custody in 2001.

People Also Ask

Who Is Kim Scott?

The most well-known Kimberly or Kim Scott is well known for being Eminem's ex-wife. The two's connection was extensively covered in tabloids throughout the 1990s and the beginning of the 2000s.

Where Is Kim Scott Now?

As a self-employed illustrator, Kim Scott is following her profession. In Macomb Township, Michigan, she is the owner of a residence. She reportedly has a net worth of £1.5 million.

When Was Kim Scott Mathers Born?

Kim Scott Mathers was born on January 9, 1975.


Kim Scott Mathers is currently satisfied with her current circumstances, which are tilting her professional and personal lives. Among her future goals are to inspire her peers and future generations, as well as to achieve many of her current ones.
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