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Maria Gjieli - Net Worth, Career & Top Facts You Should Know

American model, Instagram sensation, and internet media phenom Maria Gjieli She became well-known on Instagram by posting her sultry, alluring, and voluptuous images and videos. She has a sizable following on Instagram at this time.

Suleman Shah
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Maria Gjieliis well-known on Instagram. Her birthday is August 10, 1997, and she was born in the United States. In addition, Maria is widely known for being a model and Instagram sensation who has obtained representation with the Kelvin 7 Talent Agency.
For her almost 1.7 million followers, she posts pictures of herself modeling, pictures of her meals, and lingerie-related items. American origins may be traced back to Maria. Alyssa Sorto and Maya Michelle Rew are two more models that have been on the cover of Mixed Magazine.

Quick Facts About Maria Gjieli

Full NameMaria Gjieli
BirthdateAugust 10, 1997
Sun signLeo
Age25 years old
Currently residingMiami, Florida, USA
Eye colorBrown
BirthplaceNew York City, New York, USA
Hair colorBrunette
EducationHigh School
Marital statusSingle
ProfessionModel, Instagram Star, OnlyFans star

Maria Gjieli's Biography

American model, Instagram sensation, and internet media phenom Maria Gjieli She became well-known on Instagram by posting her sultry, alluring, and voluptuous images and videos. She has a sizable following on Instagram at this time.
Together with her parents and siblings, Maria spent her formative years in New York City, NY. She attended a local school and graduated from what is believed to be a New York University. She grew enthusiastic about demonstrating as she neared graduation and decided to pursue a career in it. By posting her demonstration photos on Instagram, Maria quickly gained followers.
In addition to this, Maria has gained a reputation as a model and has appeared in a variety of games, underwear, cosmetics, and swimwear lines, including Baddies Illustrated, Fashion Nova Curve, and others. She will most likely appear soon on the covers of a few design and healthpublications. Maria Gjieli is 25 years old.
Maria Gjieli posing in fit blue jeans near the beach
Maria Gjieli posing in fit blue jeans near the beach

Maria Gjieli Education

Maria is a very bright young girl. Maria spent her youth in New York City, New York, with her parents and other members of her family. She attended a public elementary school in the area before completing her education at an unnamed New York institution of higher learning.
She developed a passion for performing right about the time she was finishing up her degree, and she ultimately decided to make a career out of it. By posting her demonstrative images to Instagram, Maria quickly rose to the top of the platform's popularity rankings.

Maria Gjieli Family

New York is where Gjieli's parents were living when she was born there. Because this kind of information is not readily accessible to the public, despite our best attempts, we were unable to learn more about her family.
As a result, there is no information available on the identities of her father and mother. In addition, it is unknown whether or not she has any brothers or sisters. When further information becomes available, it will be added here and updated accordingly.

Who Is Maria Gjieli Dating?

The Instagram celebrity from the United States, who is now 25 years old, is most likely not in a relationship at this time. When it comes to the details of her private life, Maria Gjieli chooses to keep a low profile and makes it a priority to avoid being seen by the general public.
Maria may be seeing someone in secret, but the facts of their relationship have not been made public at this time. It's possible she's not seeing anyone openly. Therefore, it is most likely not a good idea to leap to conclusions.

Maria Gjieli's Career

2016 was the year when everything started. Maria was only 19 years old when people began to take notice of her many talents and stunning good looks. Almost immediately after that, the Kelvin 7 Agency decided to employ her as a model. Since then, she has graced the covers of numerous publications and modeled for a variety of television shows.
Maria has been able to effectively market a variety of business items on her Instagram profile thanks to the assistance she has received from those firms. She has a lot of fans because of how beautiful she is and how attractive her body is.

Body Measurements Of Maria Gjieli

Maria has a weight of 63 kilograms or 139 pounds. Her additional physical measurements are 32:26:40, which translates to hips measuring 40 inches, bra size of 32C, and a waist of 26 inches.
Gjieli has the kind of figure that every young woman dreams of having when she grows up. The allure of her body has been a significant factor in the accomplishments that she has achieved in her career. In order to keep her shape looking like an hourglass, she puts in a lot of effort at the gym and makes sure to eat well.

Maria Gjieli's Net Worth

It is believed that Maria Gjieli has a net worth or a net income of $3 Million. This encompasses her assets as well as her money and her income. Her work as a model and her popularity on Instagram are the key drivers of her financial success. She has been able to amass considerable wealth thanks to the many sources of income she has, but she has decided that she would rather live a simple life.

Some Interesting Facts About Maria Gjieli

  • United States citizen Maria Gjieli was born in New York City.
  • Leo is Maria Gjieli's astrological sign.
  • She is well-known on social media and as a model, especially for her @mariagjieli Instagram account, where she posts pictures of her meals, lingerie, and photos of herself modeling.
  • On the site, she has amassed more than a million fan followers.
  • Maria started using Instagram in October 2016.
  • She appeared on the front cover of Issue 178 of Mixed Magazine.

People Also Ask

How Old Is Maria Gjieli?

She is 25 years old.

What Is Maria Gjieli’s Nationality?

Maria Gjieli holds American nationality.

What Is Her Birth Sign?

Leo is Maria Gjieli's astrological sign.


There is no room for doubt about Maria Gjieli's promising professional future. We hope that by sending our warmest thoughts and best wishes her way, she will be able to enjoy even higher levels of success in both her personal and professional lives. Dare we hope for the best?
The fact that Maria Gjieli is pleased with how her life is now going has caused a shift in the equilibrium that she maintains between her personal and professional spheres. She has several objectives that she wants to achieve in the future, in addition to becoming an example for both her contemporaries and the generations that will come after her.
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