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Max Handelman - An American Sportswriter, Producer, And Blogger

Famous film producer Max Handelman was born in the United States. A film producer and sportswriter is credited with founding the production company Productions. Together with his childhood buddy Erik Barmack, Max Handelman co-wrote the best-selling book Why Fantasy Football Matters (And Our Lives Do Not).

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Famous film producer Max Handelmanwas born in the United States. Together with his childhood buddy Erik Barmack, Max Handelman co-wrote the best-selling book Why Fantasy Football Matters (And Our Lives Do Not).
He is a talented American sportswriter, producer, and blogger. He is best known for his work on the 2009 action thriller Surrogates, which he produced and starred in alongside Bruce Willis.
He formerly served as a director for NewsCorporation, where he played a key role in the establishment of the Fox Sports fantasy football section. In 2023, Max will co-produce the American thriller movie Cocaine Bear.

Quick Facts About Max Handelman

Full NameMax Handelman
Date Of Birth1973-05-03
SpouseElizabeth Banks
ChildrenFelix Handelman, Magnus Mitchell Handelman
EducationUniversity of Pennsylvania
Net Worth$1.5 Million

Max Handelman's Biography

American producer and sportswriter Max Handelman Along with being a blogger, he and Erik Barmack co-wrote the book Why Fantasy Football Matters (And Our Lives Do Not). Additionally, he co-founded Brownstone Production, a production firm whose 2009 debut feature, Surrogates, was distributed.
He also has a passionate interest in fantasy football. Together with his buddy Erik Barmack, he co-wrote the book. Additionally, they worked together on the Beyond Bowie weblog, which covers the Portland Trail Blazers. He co-founded the movie production firm while working as a producer.
In addition, he made his producing debut with Todd Lieberman and David Hoberman's sciencefiction mystery movie "Surrogates." After being launched in September, it immediately became a smashing success. He has also served as a News Corporation director and was instrumental in setting up the Fox Sports fantasy football section.
Additionally, Max was a busy producer who collaborated with his wife Elizabeth as an executive producer on the American comedy series Resident Advisor. Alex J. Reid was the creator, and on April 9, 2015, Hulu hosted its debut.
He also attended Catlin Gabel School, from which he received his diploma in 1991. He then enrolled at the University of Pennsylvania, where he earned a bachelor's degree. He then obtained his master's degree in 2003 at the University of California, Los Angeles.

Age, Date Of Birth, And Zodiac Sign

He was raised in Portland, Oregon, where he was born. He married the actress Elizabeth Banks in 2003, with whom he had two surrogate children. On their first day of courses at the University of Pennsylvania, he and his wife were introduced.
His race is Caucasian, and he practices Judaism as his religion. Max is a Taurus and is now 49 years old. He has not provided any information about his parents.

Married Life Of Max Handelman

a married guy, Max Handelman. In 2003, he married his stunning wife, Elizabeth Banks. Max met Elizabeth, a well-known actress when they were both attending college. The couple delivered their first child, a boy named Felix, via gestational surrogacy in March 2011.
And on November 14, 2012, they had their second son, Magnus Mitchell Handelman, also through this method. Currently, the gorgeous family lives in Los Angeles. Max is straight in termsof his sexuality.
The pair wed in 2003 after meeting on September 7, 1992, Elizabeth's first day of college at UPenn. Through surrogacy, they became the parents of two kids: a boy named Felix born in 2011, and a daughter named Magnus born in 2012.
Elizabeth and Max have been together for over three decades and presently live in Los Angeles. The Charlie's Angels director said in a conversation with the Huffington Post that she is most proud of her marriage.
Elizabeth pulled Max into the profession when they first got married since he was working an 80-hour work week and she was shooting on location for up to six months of the year. Together, they founded Brownstone Productions.
Max Handelman In Black Suit With His Wife
Max Handelman In Black Suit With His Wife

Max Handelman's Professional Life And Career

Max is a huge fantasy football and other fantasy sports enthusiast. With his longtime friend Erik Barmack, he co-wrote his first book on the subject. The publication, titled "Why Fantasy Football Matters (And Our Lives Do Not)," came out in August 2006.
Max is also an incredible supporter of the Portland Trail Blazers, a basketball team situated in Oregon. With Todd Lieberman and David Hoberman as co-producers on the American sci-fi covert film "Surrogates," he made his debut in the industry.
It was released on September 25, 2009, and became a tremendous success, grossing over $122 million at the box office.
Alongside Elizabeth, Michael Petok, Natalia Anderson, and Ira Ungerleider, Max, who was at this point an official creator, worked on the American satire series "Inhabitant Advisors" in the meantime.
On April 9, 2015, "Hulu" featured the arrangement created by Alex J. Reid, Natalia Anderson, and Taylor Jenkins Reid.
Following that, he collaborated with his significant other, Elizabeth Banks, and Paul Brooks to develop the American spoof "Pitch Perfect." Additionally, he co-produced "Pitch Perfect 2" and "Pitch Perfect 3," its sequels.
Additionally, he was the producer of the 2017 TV movie "The Trustee."
Along with Doug Belgrad and Elizabeth Cantillon, Max and Elizabeth are standing in as producers via "Brownstone Productions" for the upcoming action parody "Charlie's Angels," a revival of the "Charlie's Angels" tradition. On November 1, 2019, "Sony Pictures" made it available.

Some Interesting Facts About Max

  • He earned a bachelor's degree from the University of Pennsylvania in 1995.
  • He worked for News Corporation as a director.
  • His first book, Why Fantasy Football Matters (And Our Lives Do Not), was released in August 2006.
  • He founded the production company Brownstone Productions with his wife, Elizabeth Banks.
  • Elizabeth Banks, an actress, is Handelman's wife.
  • At UCLA's Anderson School of Management, Handelman received an MBA.
  • Max is an avid Portland TrailBlazer supporter.

Max Handelman Movies

  • Surrogates
  • Pitch Perfect
  • Resident Advisor
  • The Most Hated Woman in America
  • The Trustee
  • Charlie’s Angels
  • Cocaine Bear

Physical Appearance Of Max Handelman

Max Handelman has unquestionably reached a respectable professional height. He is a healthy 159 lb (72 kg), standing at an optimum height of 5 ft 9 in (176 cm). His dark brown hair and eyes are attractive. In addition, his physical type is typical.

Max Handelman’s Net Worth

Max and Elizabeth have a combined net worth of $50 million as a result of their successful writing and producing careers. Prior to entering the journalism business, he worked as an investment banker.
He was a key player in Fox Sports' creation of a fantasy football division when he was employed by News Corporation. With a buddy, Max subsequently co-authored the book Why Fantasy Football Matters (And Our Lives Do Not), and he now maintains a regular online blog.

People Also Ask

How Old Is Max Handelman?

Max Handelman is 49 years old.

Who Is Max Handelman Married To?

Max Handelman is married to Elizabeth Banks.

How Many Children Does Max Handelman Have?

Max Handelman has two kids namely Felix Handelman and Magnus Mitchell Handelman.


There can be no doubt about Max Handelman's success in the future. He will be able to succeed more in both his career and personal lifewith our best wishes for him. Hope for the best.
Max Handelman's pleasure with his present circumstances is now tipping the scales between his personal and professional lives. He aspires to achieve a variety of objectives in the future, in addition to inspiring his peers and younger generations
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