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A Guide To Buying & Selling NFT Planets


If you're already familiar with NFTs, chances are you've heard of Bored Ape Yacht Club or even CryptoPunks, which are two of the most popular. If you purchased a BAYC NFT at the mint, you would have paid approximately 0.10 ETH, which is approximately $300 at the time, as the price of ETH was much lower. Here is the most recently sold BAYC.

3 Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT differ in prices
3 Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT differ in prices

The most recent sale was for 769 ETH, which is roughly $3,537,400. Yes, that JPEG was sold for a large sum of money.

Why not try investing in NFT Planets if you're an Astrophiola? You will undoubtedly enjoy it! The question is, do all NFT projects perform as well as the example above? No doubt about it. However, if you follow the instructions in this article, you will almost certainly get the right NFT Planets and be able to sell them for a profit.

How To Choose The Right NFT Planets?

COPYRIGHT_SZ: Published on https://stationzilla.com/nft-planets/ by Suleman Shah on 2022-11-06T13:12:50.601Z

Visit OpenSea. And you can see them for yourself if you look at a few NFT Planets projects and sort them by "Highest Last Sale."

Now, the way to make the most money in NFT Planets is to join projects with a lot of potential early, and it's critical that you get in early because all of these NFT projects have something called a "Whitelist," which is basically everyone who gets to buy at the pre-sale. It's critical that you get into these pre-sales because you'll always come out on top and make a killer ROI.

Because the actual reveal happens after the public sale, whitelist members usually get to mint (buy them before they drop in the secondary market) multiple NFTs rather than just one. The price is always the highest between the pre-sale and the public sale. So, you can basically buy 2-4 of them at the lowest possible price, sell two on the secondary market, and keep one because you never know how big a project will get and you can profit right there. Also, if you're worried about how you'll find profitable projects, this article will outline specific KPIs (key performance indicators) so you'll know what to look for.

Getting Started

First and foremost, you will require a few items.

  • Discord - To participate in any NFT project, you must first join their Discord channel, where they will post information about the project, including the whitelist criteria.
  • Wallet - You'll need two different wallets, one called MetaMask and the other called Phantom Wallet.
  • Required accounts - You must create accounts in both OpenSea and Solanart, which is very essential to do; simply follow the prompts and connect your wallet.
  • Crypto - Depending on the project you're getting into, you'll need ETH in MetaMask or SOL in Phantom to get started.

Market Research

How To Mint Profitable Projects

When it comes to finding profitable NFT projects, this is perhaps the most important factor to consider, as timing + research = $$$. All NFT projects have either art or utility; ideally, you want to get involved in projects that have both, as long as they meet the KPIs listed below. However, there will be times when you go below or above the KPIs in specific situations.

KPIs To Observe

However, you should always keep an eye out for NFT projects mentioned on Instagram, Reddit, and TikTok, and if any project catches your eye and the KPIs are met, you should definitely jump in and join that whitelist.

  • Art - Yes
  • Utility - Yes
  • Discord users - more than 2k
  • Discord activity - High
  • Total NFTs available - less than 10k
  • Secondary market price - higher than mint
  • Previous pattern - Yes

The reason you want to stay within these parameters in high-potential projects is that you'll almost always get into the best projects first and have a better chance of making the whitelist.

You should always try to find projects that match the KPIs, but there are times when you can go above and beyond the parameters, such as when you notice a pattern, in which case you should join a project, get whitelisted, and see where it leads.

Finding Profitable Projects On The Secondary Market

To make a killing in this business, you should ideally mint profitable projects that meet the aforementioned criteria, but you should always be on the lookout for quick flips on secondary markets like OpenSea that add up fairly quickly.

What you're looking for is a pattern of multiple NFT Planets from a single project that is being sold multiple times within minutes. This is usually determined by external factors such as PR or a shoutout from an influencer; you can learn more about this by joining their Discord, but typically, if you notice a difference in the floor price, you will buy it right away.

When you click on the collection of the project that has been sold multiple times, you'll see a floor price at the top that represents the lowest price that has been listed for that NFT, and then sort by "Low to High" and select "Buy Now" on the left, which essentially shows you every NFT in that collection that has been listed for sale. What you're looking for is the difference between the lowest and the subsequent few. If you see an NFT with the lowest price at 0.50 ETH, two at 0.55 ETH, and the next at 0.80 ETH, you buy it right away and list it for 0.79 ETH. Within minutes, it will be sold, and you will have made a nice profit because you only need two sales to sell yours.


You now understand precisely how to locate profitable NFT Planets. Engage in as many projects as possible that align with the KPIs above and you will succeed. You'll earn the most money from the flips you receive from Mint, such as the ones above, and you'll invest the profits in secondary markets such as OpenSea and Solanart, where you can perform quick flips every day. Aim for five to ten quick flips per day and as many mints as possible on high-potential projects. Again, aim for 2-3 at mint on high-quality projects, sell two and keep one, and always be on the lookout for patterns.

The Metaverse is being constructed right before our eyes, and now you know how to cash in on one of the most insane money-making opportunities ever. Take action and make 2022 the year of your life!

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