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Open Access Journal Guide


The Open Access Journals were established to create a trustworthy platform and provide unfettered access to scientific material to facilitate the quick dissemination of the latest updates in diverse domains of research and technology. Readers can access the information for free and use it to improve their intellectual grasp of the topics. By providing this ground-breaking initiative, Open Access Journals is dedicated to giving accurate and respected scholarly contributions to the relevant community.

What Does It Mean If A Journal Is Open Access?

Open access is an academic and social publishing strategy that makes research information freely available to readers, as compared to the conventional subscription model, which requires readers to pay a fee to access research information. Open access is a global movement aimed at making academic content, such as articles and data, freely and publicly available on the internet.

It is termed "open access" if there are no financial, legal, or technological obstacles to accessing a publication. This implies that anybody may read, download, copy, distribute, print, search for and search within the content, or use it in educational or in some other lawful manner. Although open access has the ability to increase the number of writers and readers of scientific research, this has yet to be achieved. An open access journal follows the open access publication paradigm.

How Do I Know If A Journal Is Open Access?

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Open access publishing

Mostly it depends on the field to know that whether a journal is an open access or subscription. There is no complete clearinghouse of open access journals. Trial, error, and searching can help better. However, open access means that the journal is available to everyone, regardless of whether or not they subscribe to the journal. The following points can help us to know which journal is open access.

  • Visit the publisher's website for the best results. The majority of journal web pages make it clear whether or not they are open access journals.
  • Look beneath the title of a journal to discover if it is open-access or supports it. Users can go to the open-access article published in the journal by clicking the open-access article link in journals that enable open access.
  • Since there are so many firms that publish open access journals. Using the Google Scholar search engine, you may find articles on your topic of interest.
  • You'll need to use the advanced search if you want to get filtered results that only display open access articles. By checking the option for open access journals in the advanced search, you may narrow your search results to only reveal open-access papers.

What Are The Different Types Of Open Access?


A paper draft that has not yet been subjected to official peer review and is disseminated to gather early comments from peers on research.


After peer review, a manuscript draft is referred to as post-print.

Version Of Record

After peer review and processing by a publisher, the final version of a manuscript is called the Version of Record.


A form of publication in which certain articles are offered open access for a greater fee (than complete OA journals), while others are toll access.

An Author Manuscript

Article has been accepted for publishing by a publisher is known as an accepted author manuscript.

An E-print

It is a digital version of a research paper that can be accessed over the internet and stored in a repository.

Green Open Access

Making a version of the paper publicly available in a repository is known as green open access.

Gold Open Access

It means that the final version of a work is made publicly available as soon as the publisher publishes it.

Gratis Open Access

The paper is available to read for free, but its reuse is limited, for example, by the copyright 'All Rights Reserved.

Libre Open Access

Depending on which license is adopted, the article is made accessible under an open license, allowing it to be shared and reused. (The terms libre and gratis relate to limits on copyright and licensing.)

Diamond Open Access

It is a type of gold open access that does not charge an article processing fee (APC).

Should I Publish Open Access?

Open Access publications lessen the need for permission and remove financial obstacles for users. Researchers, teachers, journalists, policymakers, and the general public can access OA content without having to pay a fee. According to several studies, Open Access literature obtains more citations than subscription content.

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