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Prayer To Remove Spiritual Blockage - What The Bible Says About Spiritual Blockages

Today, we'll take a closer look at one of the tricks the devil employs to prevent Christians from functioning to the fullest in the body of Christ. It's the prayer to remove spiritual blockage.

Caroline Teresa
Dec 24, 20228 Shares263 Views
One thing the devil is aware of is that a believer who totally commits to this God will always do great things on earth and that the devil has no bearing on any of God's children.
Because of this, Satan is always on the move, doing evil things to keep God's children from doing what they were meant to do in life.
Today, we'll take a closer look at one of the tricks the devil employs to prevent Christians from functioning to the fullest in the body of Christ. It's the prayer to remove spiritual blockage.
Blocking spirits come from the devil's domain and are used to stop or change a person's luck or fate.
The devil sends blocking spirits to stand in the way of God's children's development in life, causing them to live hand to mouth or become street beggars for life.
Stalling business, careers, and promotions is a way of blocking spirits.
Obstructing spirits can postpone your marriage by preventing you from finding your God-ordained spouse.
They can also prevent you from finding work, achieving financial success, and other things.
It is impossible to ignore how blocking spirits affect the lives of God's children. Because when nothing works for a man, it may be so aggravating and frequently results in suicidal thoughts that it can drive a man to a high level of despair and even death.
Believers are aware of the devil's plan, therefore we must constantly be on guard to thwart it with the power of God's word and through prayer.
Because there is a higher power in our lives than the spirit of blockage and the devil, every real believer understands that we are of God and have triumphed over every spirit of blockage in our lives.
But the devil takes advantage of the fact that the majority of believers are unaware of this.
We must be aware that we have a higher God inside of us who stops evil forces from coming near us or acting around us when we move, speak, or pray.
God is bigger than everything and lives in each of us, so evil spirits can't stop God's good things from coming into our lives.
Young man praying on the floor
Young man praying on the floor

Best Prayers For Overcoming Obstacles

8:15 (Romans)

Because you haven't been given the spirit of slavery to dread once more. But you now have the Spirit of Adoption, which makes us say, "Abba, Father."

Philippians 2:14

Because he, who brought the two factions together and destroyed the dividing wall, is also our source of peace.

Overcoming Spiritual Blocks

Dear Lord, let every defense crumble when your glorious name is mentioned! The Lord, pick me up whenever I fall and wherever I may go. Please keep me in the palm of your hands.
Raise me up so that I can conquer obstacles in my path and succeed where othershave failed.

Isaiah 5:22

Do you not quake in My presence? ", asks the LORD. "Do you not dread me?
Because I set the sand as the sea's border in an eternal edict, the sea is unable to cross it. Even when the waves howl, they are unable to cross them despite their tossing.

2:6 In Ephesians

Principalities and spiritual evil in high places are moving around and consuming the naive children of God, but we have an armor that protects us and keeps them far from us.
This is called "blocking spirits.
In Christ Jesus, we have been raised together and made to sit side by side in heavenly places, far above principalities, powers, might, dominion, and every name that is mentioned, both in this world and the one to come.
Man praying on the beach
Man praying on the beach

People Also Ask

What Does The Bible Say About Blockage?

Let us "cast off everything that hinders the blockages (sin) that so easily entangle us," as the biblical author expressed it (Hebrews 12:1b).
We are given the creativity, intelligence, teamwork, willpower, and grace to take the chance of falling, unclogging, and living freely.

How Do You Pray For Spiritual Healing?

Lord, your healing oil is like a living stream that pours through me. I decided to take a daily bath in these crystal-clear waters.
I'll keep an eye on you and have faith in you that I'll make a full recovery. I surrender all to you and ask for your serenity.

What Are Prayer Blockers?

The first obstacle to prayer is resentment. When you still feel hurt, angry, bitter, or hateful toward someone, it makes it hard for you to pray.


Therefore, since we are sitting high above it and it is beneath our feet as a result, blocking spirits have no power over us.
This is the power of the believer, and it only becomes visible when we walk in its consciousness.
As fellow believers, blocking spirits are under our feet, so trample upon them with all the strength you have and they will flee from you.
God has given us the power to step on the devil and his servants, such as blocking spirits.
However, you must understand that we can only trample upon those things that are under our feet. Continue to pray and tell your friends and family about this.
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