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Psalms Spells - How They Can Enhance Your Spiritual Well Being


Although there are verses in other sections of the Bible that are also powerful, some people would classify especially the Book of Psalms as a grimoire or psalms spells book. There are spells or chants in there for just about everything from victory in war, healing, love, and hexing, and the wording of the psalms can be extremely powerful than any chant that the majority of wiccans and witches can make up.

Psalms are often employed as spells, incantations, and invocations in the Hoodoo tradition. There have been several factors throughout history that have contributed to this. One major factor is the fact that in many nations that were formerly conquered or invaded, witchcraft was illegal for over a hundred years.

Many individuals who were enslaved were also compelled to convert to Christianity, and the Bible was typically the only book they were permitted to own. The Bible, luckily, is also a magical literature. When you need to change your perspective on a difficult situation, turn to the psalms and their words of wisdom.

Powerful Psalms Spells

Hoodoo practitioners have been using the Psalms for spell work for years, and with remarkable success. Selecting the appropriate Psalms for your needs might be challenging, but the following list can help.

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  • Psalm 99: For the aspirant to enlightenment
  • Psalm 61: Blessings and good fortune when entering a new house
  • Psalm 65: To have success and prosperity in all you do
  • Psalm 57:11: You need God's blessing to succeed in anything.
  • Psalm 16:11 says, "Turning sorrow into joy is the work of God."
  • Psalm 77: In order to meet one's basic necessities and be safe
  • Psalm 19:14: To free oneself from oppressive forces.
  • Psalm 137:7 tells us to let go of our resentments and grudges if we want to experience true happiness.
  • The Psalms 3, 59, and 70 may serve as a shield against attackers.
  • Psalm 23, 35, 38: When you're sick or hurting
  • Psalm 30: An Thanksgiving Psalm and a Healing Psalm
  • Psalm 1:28: Bless the house with peace or prosperity
  • Psalms 3, 25, and 54 may provide spiritual solace in times of trouble.
  • Psalm 133: For the sake of restoring harmony
  • Psalm 41: Beseech the Lord for your daily bread
  • Psalms 38 and 39 address the dangers of slander.
  • Psalm 32: God's favor, kindness, and love
  • Psalm 47: For one's name to be held in esteem and affection
  • Psalm 36: As a shield against false accusations
  • Psalm 36:4: That petty talk may not hurt you or make you angry
  • Use Psalm 109 as armor against a persistent foe.
  • Psalm 69: To break rid of bad or destructive habits
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People Also Ask

How Can I Use The Psalms In My Magick?

The Psalms have a significant role in the practice of Awe Wow, also known as Pennsylvania Dutch Folk Magick. If you want to benefit from the Psalms, you should read them aloud very quietly so that the vibrations of the words land lightly on your ears.

What Psalms And Prayers Do You Use?

Psalms interpreted in the same way as they would be used in conventional hoodoo rituals. 45 and 46 are favorites of the husband's. 45 rubs anointing olive oil all over his own body as a kind of self-care. The wife receives anointing with oil and prayer at the age of 46.

What Is The Significance Of The Psalms?

For as long as there have been people, they have turned to the Psalms like they would a "spell" or fortunate mantra. According to Kabalistic doctrine, each Psalm has a unique strength.

Final Words

Pain, business problems, adversaries, bad habits, faith, dreams, love, marriage, pregnancy, luck, safety, travel, respect, and much more are all addressed by psalms spells. If you're having trouble in one of these areas, try reciting one of the psalms that was written with that issue in mind.

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