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Reiki For Self-Healing - Is It Really Possible?

Using Reiki for self-healing includes taking responsibility for your health and well-being. The word responsibility means “being able to respond.”

Alexander McCaslin
Nov 19, 20228 Shares825 Views
Using Reiki for self-healingincludes taking responsibility for your healthand well-being. The word responsibility means “being able to respond.” In this case, it means listening to your body’s messages, learning from them, and going on with a deeper awareness of what your body needs - and what you, as a whole, need in your life.
It also means treating your body and your entire self with love and respect. Giving yourself a Reiki self-treatment can be a significant aspect of loving yourself.

Self-Healing With Reiki

It's the body's repair and reproduction powers that carry out the healing in all cases, whether traditional medical treatments or complementary therapies are used. While Reiki can be extremely beneficial in your quest for optimal health, it is not a panacea. For the healing to be complete and thoroughly incorporated into that person's life, a shift in consciousness and a readiness to allow for changes in lifestyle, attitude, and ways of being are required for the person receiving Reiki.
You will continue to be harmed even if you use Reiki on yourself every day and continue to engage in any detrimental habits or activities that take a toll on your health. A significant improvement in your health may be apparent right away because Reiki is excellent and capable of performing the most astounding feats. Even if you're a Reiki master, you aren't impervious. It encourages you to take responsibility for your well-being and health by involving you in the healing process.
A young lady sitting while meditating with her hand placed in her chest
A young lady sitting while meditating with her hand placed in her chest
One of the significant benefits of Reiki First Degree - and the primary focus - is the ability to apply Reiki to oneself for self-healing. It begins to dislodge blockages and obstacles within your energetic system when you start regularly bringing Reiki into yourself. It slowly but surely affects the deeper layers of blocked and stagnant energy caused by suppressed or buried damaging thoughts, emotions, attitudes, and beliefs.
Dislodging and removing these barriers causes them to rise to the top, begging for attention. This frequently entails having flashbacks or having vivid nightmares about the last events that pop into your head all of a sudden. In some instances, you may even find yourself feeling like you've been plagued by the same old issues you thought you'd dealt with years ago. Nevertheless, if they occur, it will only be to force you to face your fears, and once you do, they will vanish entirely.


In order to go forward, you must face your past to heal and learn from it. This is an essential step in the process of detachment. You can't get rid of years of blocked or sluggish energy in a day. Therefore this is a long-term process. If you stick with it for a while, you'll start to feel better and better about yourself and your life, less worried about what othersthink, and happier with who you are as a person and what you've accomplished.
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