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Return To Sender Spell - Redirect Bad Vibrations


A classic witchcraft return to sender spell is intended to send the spell back to the person who sent it. The people who cast this spell believe that it is a form of karmic activity, in which the target is returning the bad energy they have thrown your way.

The goal is to direct any unfavorable thoughts or deeds back toward the source. Since you are attempting to refocus energy that is already present, you don't classify it as retribution per se. Therefore, you won't necessarily start the conflict but will take part in exchanging blows.

Turns someone's bad energy around so that it is directed back at them. It's kind of like reaping what you sow. Some of the customers who requested this return to sender spell did so because they disliked the thought of hurting someone physically.

Our coven members who undertake this kind of activity on your behalf also decide not to damage any targets with this in mind. The spell's energy is therefore only intended to return the energy that was directed toward you. As a result, it also has a thin line between protection magic and

Consider a tarot or psychic reading if you feel that you need more information about your circumstances before casting. After the spell is completed, you might want to seek a psychic reading to figure out what to do next and whether the target is still aggressively after you.

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The ability of return to sender spells is that the force that your opponent sends your way will be returned to them in a similar quantity. The more tragedy they inflict on you, the more misfortune they will experience themselves.

It rebalances the cosmos in a certain manner and makes room for a heavenly kind of justice. Spells that return mail are spells of personal defense! There isn't any black magic; all that exists is a practitioner's intention while using their magic and the observer's perspective.

Return To Sender Spell With Lemon

Simply returning all damage to its source is an easy way to get justice. This is a spell that keeps you secure and protected while encouraging karmic retribution, in a mild sort of wrath that isn't harmful to you. A straightforward ritual to restore all damage to its source.

How This Spell Works

The black candle is used for protection, not for evil. In reality, a return to sender or karma spell is a protective shield that causes all harm to ricochet back to the source. Lemon is a purifying substance that may be used to cleanse and absorb bad energy.

By slicing it open, you let some new, pure energy surround us. Cloves are in harmony with Jupiter and the element fire. Traditionally, they are burned or worn as a form of defense against magical or psychic assaults.

 Person in Black Hat Holding a Spell Book while Seriously Looking at the Camera
Person in Black Hat Holding a Spell Book while Seriously Looking at the Camera

The Ingredients Needed For This Spell

  • 1 dark candle.
  • 1 lemon.
  • A knife, or your boline.
  • 1 smudge stick (such as black pepper, ginger, or cinnamon).
  • A variety of cloves.

How To Do The Return To Sender Spell?

Place the lemon in a cup or other container and keep it there all night long beneath your bed. The cloves will protect you as you sleep, and the strength of the lemon will take care of purifying you.

Throw the lemon in your compost or ordinary trash the next morning. For additional protection, relight the candle anytime you need to refresh the magic.

Do You Need A Return To Sender Spell?

Make sure you are actually under a magical attack before casting a return-to-sender spell. It is important to remember that you could just be having a terrible run of luck. A magical assault requires knowledge and abilities that are quite uncommon.

Having said that, it doesn't appear to be anything more than a random chance if you have experienced a string of bad luck. Consider the following:

  • Do you have any further plausible reasons for the misfortune you have experienced?
  • Have you lately enraged anyone?
  • Is the person you offended knowledgeable about magic, or are they connected to anyone who is?

Remember that even if you check off all three of the aforementioned boxes, it doesn't necessarily imply that magic is being used against you.

People Also Ask

When Do You Use The Return To Sender Spell?

Spells that return mail are employed when you are the target of magical powers.

What Powers Does This Spell Use?

By using these spells, you can use the forces of karmic justice to deflect and then return the bad energy that was aimed at you.


Spells that return mail are employed when you are the target of magical powers. By using the return to sender spell, you can use the forces of karmic justice to deflect and then return the bad energy that was aimed at you.

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