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Snake Spiritual Meaning - What Does Snake Represent Spiritually?

In the west, snakes have a bad reputation. But in a lot of other places, they are seen as gods and a way to heal. Even in modern times, scientists are looking into how venom can be used as a medicine.

Caroline Teresa
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In the west, snakes have a bad reputation. But in a lot of other places, they are seen as gods and a way to heal.
Even in modern times, scientists are looking into how venom can be used as a medicine.
They also stand for change and rebirth because they shed their skin.
But what is the snake spiritual meaning? Let's learn more about what they are.

Spiritual Meaning Of Snake In Native America

In the Southwest, many tribes thought that snakes moved quickly like lightning and were dangerous because of their speed.
The water snake was the symbol of the Hopi Snake Clan, and it can be seen on many rocks. Many tribes did the Ritual of the Snake because they thought it would keep them safe on hikes and hunts.
The older people thought that the snake was a sign of lifeand being born again. Because of this, snakes showed up in a lot of sand paintings and healing ceremonies.
Also, they thought the snake had something to do with secrets, fertility, rain, and healing. As it lived and died, the snake also became a sign of rebirth.

Spiritual Meaning Of Snake In Christianity

In the Bible, a snake or serpent is a symbol of the Devil or Satan, who is the one who leads everyone astray.
So, when a person or a country is called a snake, it means that it is clear that it does bad things. In Jeremiah 15:34, it says, "Like a snake, he has swallowed us, filled his stomach with our tasty things, and then spit us out."
When the Hebrews lived in Egypt, they ran into snake charmers. Moses used his God-given magic to fight back against them.
Snakes can be seen on Egyptian headdresses, statues, urns, and pottery. When the Israelites were in the desert, they ran into poisonous snakes, which bit them and killed them.
After they begged Moses to save them, God told him to put a snake on a pole so that anyone who was bitten could look at it and live. The Caduceus, which is a mix of Greek and Hebrew symbols, came to represent medicine because of this power to heal.
A green snake curled up on a tree branch
A green snake curled up on a tree branch

Spiritual Meaning Of Snake In Celtic Mythologies

In early Irish literature, there are legends connecting snakes with treasures despite the absence of these reptiles from Ireland. In many old Celtic stories, the gods are said to have fought and killed sea serpents on the high seas.
The dragon that Perseus killed was a water beast, and Celtic literature says that St. Patrick drove all the snakes out of Ireland but left the "peists" (a general term for serpents) and told them to stay in the caves.
Early representation of snakes was seen as zigzag lines and seen in the earliest evidence in Hallstatt Period vessels. In Celtic symbolism, snakes are seen not as a type of animal but as a multifaceted symbol that represents the idea of the creation process. In this case, too, the fact that they can shed their skin is a sign of rebirth.

People Also Ask

What Does The Snake Symbolize?

  • Healing
  • Wisdom
  • Primal Energy
  • Protection
  • Earth
  • Stealth
  • Charm
  • Rebirth and Eternity

What Does It Mean If You See A Snake?

When you see a snake, it can be scary, but it's also a sign that you're about to go through a time that could be dangerous, and your mind is trying to warn you. This doesn't always mean that something bad is going to happen, but it does mean that a big change is on the way.

What Is The Essence Of Snake As A Spirit Animal?

A snake spirit animal means that things will change. Only a small number of people have this spirit of change, which is important for growth. If you have this spirit animal, you are a healer and you are ready to move to new places.


Not all snakes have bad meanings. Most people think that snakes are symbols of the devil, but that's not true.
Instead, these serpents encourage rebirth, healing, the power of women, and a good soul. If you have this snake spirit, you can grow on your own because you know how to adapt to the changes that happen all the time in this uncertain world.
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