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Spiritual Meaning Of Crows - Are They A Sign Of Evil And Death?


Many people think that seeing or dreaming of crows means bad things, like death or darkness.

Even though you might think of these birds as scary omens of bad luck, the spiritual meaning of crows are much deeper than that.

Crows are good for the environment in the wild. These birds eat almost anything because they are omnivores.

Crows even help farmers get rid of pests that are a pain.

Crow Meaning And Symbolism

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Crows are considered good luck in many cultures, contrary to popular belief. Crows symbolize destiny, transition, intelligence, courage, mystery, adaptation, and a higher perspective. Crows also symbolize manipulation and mischief.

The Christian Symbolism Of Crows

Crows symbolize death in many civilizations. The myth that crows peck out corpses' eyes makes them death omens. This comes from Mesopotamian and Egyptian mythology and is typically seen in Northern Europe.

Crows symbolize mortality in Christianity, making them an omen of death or evil. Christian crows symbolize Jesus' crucifixion. Due of its link with death, the crow symbolizes sin and evil.

A Bible bird wailing in a tree foretells death or a major life change. Crows are considered unlucky in Christianity. They believe that three caws signal a bad event.

The Native American Symbolism Of Crows

Native Americans value crows. Crows symbolize rebirth to Native Americans. Many tribes have creation tales about the crow. The Omaha tribe thinks a crow led an aged buffalo bull to water after heavy rainfall. Because of this kindness, the buffalo became humans and ancestors of numerous North American tribes.

The Cherokee believe crows were constructed from cornstalks, whereas the Tsimshian think they are transformed humans who were punished for their sins on earth.

Crows are associated with the Great Spirit because they can look in all directions. The Pawnee tribe believed the crows watched over everything on earth, hence no wrongdoing went unpunished.

Two crows standing on the branches of a dead tree
Two crows standing on the branches of a dead tree

The Crow As Your Totem Or Power Animal

Crows are Great Spirit totems, representing creation and spiritual power. Crows are revered and are good strength animals. Because crows symbolize knowledge, seeing one implies you're connecting with the owner's spirit. Together, you can overcome one-dimensional thinking and laws.

You may identify with numerous facets of reality and trust your instincts if you think yourself as a crow. You may be clairvoyant or "second-sighted." As air element totem, the crow links the conscious and subconscious minds.

Crows As Spirit Animals

"Spirit animals" are creatures, living and dead, that bridge the spiritual and physical worlds. This describes organisms in both realms.

Spirit animals are thought to guard the natural world and see things humans can't. They assist us find what we need when we need it and warn us of danger or upcoming events we may not see. Spirit animals must connect the human and spiritual worlds, whether they are alive or dead.

People Also Ask

Do Crows Mean Death?

Crows symbolise death spiritually rather than physically. Thus, seeing a crow is unlikely to portend your or your loved ones' demise. However, the crow is here to tell us that our physical mortality has deeper meanings and spiritual truths that can be found in the crow.

Are Crows Signs Of Good Luck?

Crows may represent a temporary setback that leads to long-term success and progress. Crows may seem to bring bad luck, but this is just temporary. Thus, seeing a crow boosts success and achievement.

Are Crows Good To Have Around?

A crow family can eat 40,000 insects, including armyworms, caterpillars, and grubs, in a single mating season. Many farmers and gardeners consider the insects pests. These environmentalists carry and store seeds to restore woodlands.


Crows are very connected to the spirit world, so if you see them often or they show up in your life in strange ways, it's probably a sign from the spirit world. Depending on where you are on your spiritual path, crows can mean different things to you. Pay attention to the other synchronicities going on around you to learn more about what they mean.

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