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Surgical Implantation Of A Bluetooth Device In The Ear


After failing several times since enrolling in college 11 years ago, a medical student in India surgically implanted a Bluetooth device into his ear to cheat on his final exam.

As reported by the Hindustan Times, the undisclosed student was one of 78 students who appeared for the final MBBS test at Mahatma Gandhi Medical College on February 21.

A physical search revealed a cell phone on him, which was discovered by invigilator Dr. Vivek Sathe.

He was arrested. Upon investigation, it was found that the phone was linked to a Bluetooth device.

However, when they romped the student, who the institution had not disclosed, they could not find the Bluetooth gadget that had been lost.

COPYRIGHT_SZ: Published on https://stationzilla.com/surgical-implantation-of-bluetooth-device-in-ear/ by Suleman Shah on 2022-05-13T06:02:45.278Z

Following interrogation by college officials, one official allegedly stated that he had a skin-colored tiny Bluetooth device implanted in his ear by an ENT specialist, according to the Hindustan Times.

Another student was apprehended with a little SIM-powered gadget and a mini Bluetooth device but claimed to college authorities that it was not surgically implanted and could be withdrawn with a pin. Here are more details to the subject surgical implantation of a Bluetooth device in the ear.

Cheating In Indian Exams

Cheating in tests is prevalent in India, particularly in competitive exams, where students frequently write on little chits, on their hands, on any part of their body, on a table, etc.

Because of the large number of individuals that apply for the limited number of seats, these tests are extremely tough to pass.

And, sure, there are genuine "flying squads" of people that go to exam centers to look for all kinds of novel ways of cheating.

Another event that made national and international news occurred in 2015 when multiple parents and relatives of kids were caught jumping school fences while police stood nearby watching the mass cheating happen in Bihar.

Hundreds of people were detained, including some parents, and at least 750 kids were expelled due to the photos becoming viral.

Universities in India have extremely demanding admissions tests.

The "extremely tough examinations that define your life" issue is a type of tunnel vision in some upper middle-class households.

The background is that admittance to prestigious colleges is based on stack rating in the entrance exam.

You cannot "buy" your way into an exceptional institution by demonstrating substantial extracurricular accomplishments, as you might for an American Ivy League.

So STEM admissions at top institutions (particularly medical and engineering) are extremely tough, and some upper middle-class families believe that nothing less than admittance to these schools is sufficient.

While 11 years is long, attempting 2, 3, or even 4 years is not unusual.

One of my relatives applied to medical schools multiple times.

People who fail entrance examinations are unlikely to attend safety schools, which are seen as entirely useless in the perspective of those aspiring to top institutions.

Instead, they attend cram schools to try the following year again.

This is common, and it's even anticipated that you'd do it following your first failure.

Use Of Electronic Devices In Cheating

The specific manner of cheating is unimportant.

Cheating with electronics occurs and has occurred since the dawn of time.

Cheating prevention procedures have long been in place in schools.

There were some low-tech anti-cheating techniques in the 90s (for example, no cell phones).

Still, certain regions in China currently have some highly over-the-top anti-cheating mechanisms, such as signal jamming.


Students being caught in mass cheating or using clever tactics to avoid being detected is not unusual in India, where competition is stiff and applicants outnumber job openings and college places.

The university examination committee has launched an internal inquiry into the situation, and gadgets have been submitted for testing.

Following the completion of the inquiry, it will be assessed if the situation deserves a police case for employing unfair tactics in an exam, according to deputy registrar Rachna Thakur, who was with the squad.

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