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Tetragrammaton Talisman W 24 Silver Chain


The silver tetragrammaton talisman w 24 silver chain is stunning. But before you purchase and wear it, be aware of what it is. The demon Tetragrammaton was thought to be a devil who guarded witches against persecution in the seventeenth century.

Transcendental Magic is a book by Eliphas Levi from the nineteenth century. Levi was regarded as a magician, and he used the Tetragrammaton sign within a pentagon in the book. This stood for the supernatural, the natural world, and god. This gave rise to the Tetragrammaton's continued usage of esoteric symbols.

Tetragrammaton Pentagram Talisman Logo
Tetragrammaton Pentagram Talisman Logo

Tetragrammaton Pentagram Talisman (Pewter)

OAPL is thrilled to provide this premium item from Charme et Sortilege! These talismans are carefully made in Canada and are created in accordance with Hermetic and Qabalistic principles. Each talisman comes with a printed card (in both English and French) that has a brief ceremony to activate it.

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The pendant has a diameter of 1.25 inches. A black braided string that comes with it may be knotted to any length, or you can use your own chain or cord in its place.

A Tetragrammaton talisman with two sides made of exquisite pewter. It serves as a pinnacle representation of God's might and is worn for both personal and ceremonial protection. A pair of wings and a triple knot, emblems of Angelic authority and Divine order are shown on the backside.

Tetragrammaton Symbol

The letters YHWH, which stands for the hidden name for God or EHYH, which stood for female or Eve, are combined to create the Tetragrammaton sign. Tetragrammaton literally translates to a four-letter word.

The four letters yod, he, yau, and he together in the Hebrew alphabet spell out YHWH, the Ineffable Word of God. The high priest only said this name once per twelve months. It was regarded as mystical and divine. It might be seen on charms and amulets.

It was believed that the Tetragrammaton represented Yahweh himself. The Tetragrammaton included a hidden component. The fundamental HWH, which represented life, being, or woman, was this. When this was translated into Latin, it became Eve.

The letter Y did not translate when the Bible was translated into Latin. Instead, the letter J was used to create JHWH, which stands for Jehovah.

The Tetragrammaton was referred to as Jehovah by Christians between the 10th and 19th centuries. The Tetragrammaton, which was given to Yahweh by Christians in the second century, was restored to him in the 20th century.

Since ancient times, people have worn and utilized pentacles as potent emblems of protection. Its meaning has origins in mysticism, alchemy, magic, and philosophy. The four elements of fire, water, earth, and air may be represented by the pentacle's five points.

The fifth is a symbol of spirit. The Tetragrammaton appears on amulets and in magical formulas dating back to the Gnostics' era. Many medieval miracle workers claimed that their proficiency came from their understanding of the Tetragrammaton.

How To Activate Tetragrammaton Talisman W 24 Silver Chain?

If you understand what this means, how to charge it, and where to put the bigger ones, you can safeguard yourself against the entry of evil forces.

Simple Version

Pass it by incense the day before the full moon, and on the night of the full moon, leave it out to absorb the energy of the moon. Avoid using sea salt since it could cause harm.

Standard Version

It is necessary to activate this protection amulet on Sunday at noon. On Sunday of that week, the moon will be in its first quarter, when it is expanding.

To activate it, you must take an A4 sheet of white paper and cut it in half. On the left side, use a ballpoint pen to draw a six-pointed star (two triangles, one with the tip pointing up and one with the tip pointing downward), and on the right side, draw a five-pointed star (similar to the one on the pentagram), both large and as accurate as you can. It will be positioned vertically.

After you've drawn both stars, position the tetragrammaton in the middle of the space between them. Then, while keeping your eyes closed, focus on the sun, which is the energy that provides heat, life, and overall energy.

Then, imagine the magical, psychological, and physical protection this amulet will provide for you. It is a sign of the divine, the union of the perfect, the true name of the everlasting Father. Nothing will be able to breach this defense.

People Also Ask

What Is The Tetragrammaton Used For?

It symbolizes the trinity: God, Son and Holy Spirit, or Father, Mother and Son. Y H W H are the tetragrammaton, "the four letters", which are the name of God.

Who Created The Tetragrammaton?

Eliphas most likely would have titled his work "Theory and Practice of Occult Magic" if he had been writing today. The Tetragrammaton is one of the formulas and invocations presented by Eliphas in chapter 1 that are part of the "practice" segment. "5 E. The pentagram. The microcosm and its sign. Power over the elements and over the spirits"

What Is The Forbidden Name Of God?

The four-letter name of God, YHWH, is prohibited from being repeated outside of the Temple except by the High Priest, according to all contemporary Jewish faiths. Jews no longer recite this name at religious ceremonies because the Temple in Jerusalem has long since disappeared. For some reason, it is never pronounced by Orthodox or Conservative Jews.


This article's goal is to help you get a deeper comprehension of the implications of this tetragrammaton talisman w 24 silver chain by supplying you with the necessary background information.

For further information, get in touch with us right away through our email info@oapublishinglondon.com.

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