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Thai Conglomerate Bought Miss Universe Organization For 20 Million Dollars


A Thai conglomerate bought miss universe organizationMiss Universe Organization from IMG. The pageant, which is 71 years old, has a new owner in the form of JKN Global Group, which is headed by chief executive officer Anne Jakapong Jakrajutatip.

The Miss Universe Organization is a global and welcoming organization that honors women from all walks of life, cultures, and traditions. Its mission is to advocate for a future that is shaped by women and is beneficial for everyone.

Pacific Knitting Mills founded the Miss USA and Miss Universe pageants in 1952, and continued to co-sponsor them for decades. In 1952, the first Miss Universe Pageant was held in Long Beach, California.

It was won by Armi Kuusela of Finland, who gave up her title, albeit unofficially, to marry just before the end of her year. Until 1958, the Miss Universe title, like the Miss America title, was dated by the year succeeding the contest, hence Ms. Kuusela's title was Miss Universe 1953 at the time.

The Miss Universe Organization has organized and run the competition since its inception by Pacific Mills. Pacific Mills and its subsidiaries were eventually purchased by the Kayser-Roth Corporation, which was then purchased by Gulf and Western Industries.

MISS UNIVERSE is one of the competitions that has been running the longest and is one of the most viewed in the globe. It is televised in 165 countries around the world and is seen by more than half a billion people on an annual basis.

The Miss Universe Organization, which is led by CEO Amy Emmerich and President Paula Shugart, provides a global platform for more than 10,000 women each year to make a positive contribution via devoted personal, professional, and charitable activities all over the world.

The announcement made today, along with the recent rule changes that created greater competitor eligibility, further propels the Organization's commitment to inclusivity, with JKN Global Group's Chief Executive Officer Anne Jakapong Jakrajutatip becoming the first woman owner of The Miss Universe Organization.

Today's announcement also comes on the heels of recent rule changes that created greater competitor eligibility. As a result of the transfer, JKN's portfolio of worldwide broadcast and media properties, including entertainment and consumer items, has been expanded.

The Miss Universe Organization has a strong brand and a clear vision, both of which will be built upon by JKN after its acquisition. This will result in the development of an integrated and compelling proposition, as well as new opportunities to grow the business in key and untapped markets, including Asia.

The new owner sees the acquisition of The Miss Universe Organization and the opportunity to collaborate with its forward-thinking leadership team as an incredible honor.

This is a powerful and strategic addition to our portfolio because of the global reach of the Organization, its relationships with global partners and brands, and the wealth of opportunities it provides for content creation, licensing, and merchandising.

This is Anne Jakapong's statement that was made public on Wednesday. She went on to say that the company's goal is "not only to continue its legacy of offering a platform to enthusiastic individuals from varied origins, cultures, and traditions but also to modernize the brand for the future generation."

During the announcement, JKN shared its plans for generating additional value based on the natural strength of the Miss Universe brand. One of these plans includes the upcoming debut of MU Lifestyle, which is a new licensing and merchandising arm of The Miss Universe Organization.

This arm will leverage the strength of the Miss Universe brand and JKN's lifestyle portfolio to create a new range of merchandise, in addition to entertainment and various business opportunities that reflect the strength of the brand.

The following was provided by Paula Shugart, President of The Miss Universe Organization, and Amy Emmerich, Chief Executive Officer of the organization.

She said that It gives them great pleasure to announce that The Miss Universe Organization will continue its development in collaboration with JKN.

Final Words

Their connections with companies and brands all over the world are at their all-time highest, and the innovative approach that they take to business ensures that they remain at the vanguard of their field.

They would like to express their gratitude to IMG for laying the groundwork that has allowed them to fulfill their goals and objectives for the brand.

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