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What Is A Twin Flame - Meaning, Symbolism And Signs


What is a twin flame?A twin flamewon't always be your romantic soul mate or what you could refer to as "the one," but they will almost always change your life, frequently from the moment you first meet them.

Have you ever encountered someone who altered your course of events? Perhaps it was your twin flame.

Although you're not sure why the encounter seems preordained. They may not be your typical type or someone you would typically fall for.

However, you do fall hard. If there was one word to describe twin flame relationships, it would be "intense."

You feel such a strong connection with this person that it could only serve as a stimulus for your spiritual development.

But what does "twin flame" actually mean? Perhaps even more crucially, how can you tell when you've discovered yours?

According to psychospiritual mentor and love coach Lisa Vallejos, "These high-level spiritual love connections exist, but there is a very fundamental misunderstanding of what that entails.

The terms"twin flame connection" and "romantic soul mate" are frequently used interchangeably, yet they refer to very different concepts.

Have you ever experienced a platonic connection that felt as deep as a soul-mate relationship and perhaps left you with comparable battle scars and tales of epic adventure?

It's also possible that you go into a new job intending to despise your coworkers but instead find a mentor who becomes like the parent figure you've been longing for.

It doesn't necessarily have to be romantic; it might even be a parent-child bond, says Vallejos.

These strong bonds might take the form of romantic partnerships, but they can also be wholly platonic.

Since twin flames are passionate, life-altering relationships that can permanently alter who you are, sex isn't everything.

There Is A Difference Between Twin Flames And Soulmates

Even though soulmate and twin flame relationships may seem to feel the same, there are several important distinctions to be aware of.

For instance, the connection between twin flames and soulmates is very different.

When you first meet your soulmate, you'll feel as though you've known them for a very long time.

Fedrizzi claims that the profound sense of understanding that unites you is what magnetizes you to one another.

You'll be curious to find out why you feel this way about this person. When you first meet your twin flame, you'll quickly feel comfortable. You might click right away and develop a friendship right away.

"In terms of their relationships, soulmates and twin flames can also be distinguished. Soulmates have strong ties through their emotions and consciousness," says Fedrizzi.

There are many transitions in this rigorous cooperation. Sometimes soulmates bring with them karmic lessons that need to be understood in this lifetime. If so, your relationship can experience a lot of highs and lows.

Because of your strong link, you can find yourself in an uncomfortable situation where you have to put up with things that aren't good for you.

A twin flame connection is felt in the soul even though it doesn't have "soul" in its name.

According to an energy healer and clairvoyant Alyssa Johnson, a person's twin is their mirror, reflecting the lessons they need to learn for this lifetime.

While love relationships with your twin are not always tumultuous to reveal underlying traumas that need to be addressed, they may do so.

According to psychotherapist and relationship counselor Charmayne Kilcup, Ph.D., who spoke to Bustle, the majority of people who believe they are in twin flame relationships are connected to their karmic soulmates.

You may meet several soulmates in your lifetime, but you will only have one twin flame.

Overall, relationships with a twin flame or soulmate will be unlike any other connections you've ever experienced.

Neither of them is inherently good or bad, and finding your soul mate does not ensure a fulfilling relationship.

Although both kinds of relationships might be difficult, they are all meant to support your growth and healing.

Couple Holding a Cup of Coffee while Looking at Each Other
Couple Holding a Cup of Coffee while Looking at Each Other

What Is A Twin Flame Friendship?

What is a twin flame? In actuality, a twin flame might be your closest friend. You feel a soul connection with them even though you have no romantic love for them.

It's amazing to be best friends with your twin flame since you two have such a deep connection. This suggests that they will understand you, unlike anyone else.

A twin flame may begin as your friend and end up as your lover because of how strongly you are connected, but this isn't always the case.

Although you can't predict how your twin flame connection will progress, you'll be able to tell when the spark is there.

Twin flames can make good friends as well. There is a strong spiritual connection between you and your twin flame that will affect your physical connection.

You will sense a powerful attraction to each other since you have a deep soul connection.

This might seem strange at first, especially if you're not used to speaking in this way, but it's a positive thing. You could learn a lot about yourself from your twin flame relationship.

How Do You Know When Will You Meet Your Twin Flame?

Ever meet someone and feel as though it was meant to be? Maybe your buddy sets you up on a blind date, and when you meet that individual outside of the bar for the first time, you suddenly feel familiar.

Or perhaps you're at a party meeting new people when the person sitting next to you begins relating a tale from their childhood that is so close to your own that you get goosebumps.

Instantaneously, you realize that this individual is going to play a crucial role in your life. These might all be twin flame connections.

In either case, you may sense that this meeting is predestined since your energy types are comparable.

Even if you don't believe in psychic abilities, you could sense that this encounter was meant to be.

There's a feeling of coming home,says Vallejos. You can't tell where you begin and they finish because of the energy that seems to be blending.

She also claims that your twin flame will frequently have gone through similar childhood trauma.

This does not imply that your experiences are the same; it is possible that you and the other person experienced abandonment, abuse, or neglect in quite different ways.

In fact, through learning from one another, the variances in your trauma will aid in your mutual growth, comprehension, and processing of your own.

Twin flames (and the synchronization you feel as a pair) can serve as a mirror, even if a twin flame isn't a soul divided in two, because we are all whole on our own.

Twin flames are frequently described as beings that were created from the same soul but were split in two.

While a twin flame isn't just one soul divided in two because each of us is entirely on our own, they do serve as a mirror in which your unresolved pain, as well as past-life or ancestral work, are mirrored.

It may be intense. Staring at a mirror all day is what it's like to be in a twin flame relationship, Vallejos adds.

Twin flames are occasionally referred to as "mirror souls." The links are described by Vallejos as "holy spiritual love ties."

Contrary to relationships with life partners, whom we often refer to as soul matesor "the one," twin flame relationships are passionate and difficult.

Through them, they compel us to face our unresolved issues and, through struggles and victories, grow as a person.

Due to their intensity, twin flame relationships don't frequently last a lifetime. Instead, they are individuals who come into your life for a while to guide you and help you develop.

According to Vallejos, Those partnerships frequently end because they are exceedingly challenging to sustain.

A Romantic Couple Embracing
A Romantic Couple Embracing

What Happens If You Break Up With My Twin Flame?

To be honest, it will hurt if you end your relationship with your twin flame, whether it be sexual or platonic.

Due to the intensity of twin flame relationships, the breakup is typically just as difficult. There may be a period of mourning, and it's necessary to cry as much as you want and let all of the pain out at that time.

To assist you in navigating it, you might even want to think about working with a therapist. But even though it hurts, everything is proceeding according to plan, which is the silver lining.

The majority of the twin flames I am aware of did not find their twin flame but rather a high-level soulmate. I don't believe twin flame relationships are intended to last a lifetime. They are supposed to be that catalyst, in my opinion. According to Vallejos, It pulls into scars that we could be carrying from prior lifetimes or ancestral trauma, or even from this life.

Consider your twin flame to be a motivator. Even if the depth of the relationship makes ending it tough, it's okay.

You shouldn't wait around for your twin flame because not everyone finds one in this lifetime.

Don't expect them to be your life partner or to show you, unconditional love, if you meet them by chance or happenstance; it is a different kind of connection.

You never know when your twin flame will reappear in your life; you could even become lifelong friends.

But finding your soulmate is a whole other ballgame when it comes to long-term commitments like marriage.

Twin flames might fall into a cycle of breaking up and getting back together because their sexual or platonic interactions are often so intense.

Please attempt not to do that. Let them depart when the moment is right. Reusing the suffering in the form of a sporadic relationship would only make the breakup more challenging.

When you meet your twin flame, it could feel (or might have felt) like a celestial spark. They could teach you some of the hardest things you'll ever encounter and irrevocably alter the path of your life; in return, you'll do the same for them.

The connection will direct you in the proper direction and assist you in facing and resolving old hurts.

Consider your twin flame to be a key spark in your life that you will never forget. However, if the relationship doesn't endure forever, it's not only okay—completely it's natural.

Breakups are powerfully transformative occasions. Try a new hair color or a cosmetic style that previously frightened you.

When you're ready, a post-twin-flame-breakup is the perfect moment for a makeover, both physically and spiritually.

You are strong enough to dabble with pastels or finally learn how to read birth charts if you can withstand a twin flame breakup.

A Romantic Couple Hugging on the Beach
A Romantic Couple Hugging on the Beach

What Is A Twin Flame Relationship?

The stages of a relationship change when it's your twin flame. Spinelli claims that while each twin flame stage is unique based on the individuals involved, there are eight common ones:


Even before you meet, you'll be aware that your soul mate is out there waiting for you.


"Once you meet, your entire life will be flipped upside down. Get ready to fall rapidly. When you first meet, there is an extraordinary immediate attraction," says Kaiser.

The Honeymoon Phase

Yes, honeymoon phases may also occur during twin flames! At this time, your relationship is fresh, significant, and lovely.

Challenges Emerge

Spinelli contends that fundamental wounds manifest over time and lead to relationship divides. These challenges typically reflect the individual soul work that the two of you need to do.

The Test

"Your love will be tested as you start to delve into your dark aspects," Kaiser said.

All of your weaknesses will become apparent as you start to question one another and yourself.

The Chase

The chase, also known as twin flame separation, occurs frequently in twin flame relationships; someone will inevitably leave.

With twin flame relationships, there is a lot of push-pull, Kaiser continues.

The Surrender

Spinelli and Kaiser think that you and your partner can rejoin if all of your triggers, anxieties, and issues have been resolved.

Coming Home

Your life may start and harmony is restored after you have fully bowed to and accepted your fate. "

Shared meaning is created during the conversation, and empathy and understanding are increased, as explained by Spinelli.

Twin Flame Characteristics

  • Twin flames will look similar to one another, sometimes looking like siblings or even biological twins. (Not constantly, but typically.)
  • Twin flames will grow up together and work in similar settings (although in different areas of the world or country). They will have experienced similar events as kids and teenagers at the same time—or very close to it.
  • These are only a handful of the commonalities between the couples; there are probably more. You and your twin will essentially lead parallel lives while sharing a historyof different occurrences.
  • Even if they have a lot in common, it is common for them to originate from very diverse backgrounds.
  • One person will nearly always be the exact opposite of another in many respects. One could be a better saver of money than the other. One can have a higher level of sex than the other.
  • Identical twins and twin flames exhibit comparable behaviors. Have you ever watched twins at work? They are always in sync with one another, yet when they disagree or argue, it's as if they are from two different planets, even if they are both the same and in opposition to one another. And Twin Flames specifically aims to do this.
  • Telepathic communication between twin flames will exist, but it won't always be aware of it. Simply put, it occurs frequently and on its own.
  • Suffering, both physical and emotional, is easily felt by one another. As twin flames, you are essentially the same person living in two different bodies. While it doesn't diminish your uniqueness, being with your twin does help you feel "complete."
  • The "Mirror Image" of you that your twin flame is exactly accurate. Your identity will be among them. This helps you accept and love yourself unconditionally since you already love and accept your twin flame without conditions.
  • Suffering, both physical and emotional, is easily felt by one another. As twin flames, you are essentially the same person living in two different bodies. While it doesn't diminish your uniqueness, being with your twin does help you feel "whole."
  • The "Mirror Image" of you that your twin flame is exactly accurate. Your identity will be among them. This helps you accept and love yourself unconditionally since you already love and accept your twin flame without conditions.
An Elderly Couple Embracing while Sitting on a Wooden Bench
An Elderly Couple Embracing while Sitting on a Wooden Bench

Are Twin Flame Relationships For Real?

It depends on who you ask, I suppose. However, a lot of people think that twin flames are sort of genuine.

According to Patel, you [walk through life] seeking someone who is perfectly matched for you.

Consider remarks like 'They are a fantastic fit or 'They are built for one another.' That is a soulmate.

In other words, believing in the concept of an ideal mate is not always a spiritual belief.

While twin flames and soulmates may not be "real" in the traditional sense of the word, the idea behind them is. The intensity of a connection between two individuals may be very, very real.

We may experience extremely deep connections with others, and that's great in that sense. It can seem like 'destiny' or 'coming home.'

"Likely, it's because portions of your neural system are identifying sections of another nervous system that share a lot of similarities, such as childhood memories, thoughts, beliefs, and hopes," the author says.

However, Scott notes that similar kinds of emotions can also emerge through trauma bonding, in which neural systems that have experienced trauma recognize one another.

Because of this, it's crucial to concentrate on more than simply strong emotions or painful memories while creating a secure and safe connection.

Purpose Of A Twin Flame

Twin flame love is fundamentally about spiritual development and aims to awaken your soul.

The goal of finding your twin flame, according to Savvas, is to "accelerate your evolution, to release scars, to clear barriers, and to bring you to real self-love."

Additionally, these partnerships may be quite tough since they expose your deepest fears and vulnerabilities, which can be difficult to face.

Twin flame relationships act as a mirror. "Their presence will bring out all the things you don't want to deal with, the doubts you have, the inadequacies you perceive in yourself," said Savvas.

He continues by saying that although twin flame relationships might be turbulent, they are not the same as poisonous ones.

"The twin flame isn't causing you to feel that way; your concerns are merely amplified and triggered," the author said.

Not all twin flame relationships are inherently passionate. While mentor/mentee twin flame relationships are not unheard of, platonic friendships may also have a soul connection.

The mind tries to turn this into a beautiful narrative where everything turns out, Savvas observes.

However, twin flame relationships are challenging on purpose. This partnership is planned to put your knowledge of yourself and your vitality to the test.

Twin Flames Part 1: What Are They?

Signs You’ve Found Your Twin Flame

Each brand-new relationship has its unique mix of strong feelings, restless nights, butterflies, and fireworks.

Clarity and objectivity are not often used adjectives. So, when you meet your twin flame, how do you recognize them?

Everything is much more difficult to understand when your mind is in the clouds. These eight indicators can help you determine whether you've met your match.

Instant Recognition And Intense Attraction

There is an immediate sensation of identification and strong desire when you encounter your twin flame.

Your relationship is cemented in an instant, and everything in your life just seems to fall into place.


Twin flames frequently experience synchronicity. As their relationship develops, twin flames will discover that they share a moral compass and have complementary interests.

Additionally, twin flames frequently discover a ton of "coincidences" and parallel prior lives.

Intense Feelings

You'll notice that your feelings are intensified when you encounter your twin flame. Both positive and negative emotions will feel much stronger and perhaps overwhelming.

Amplified Insecurities And Doubts

Your insecurities, concerns, and doubts are all increased along with your emotions. Keep in mind that your twin flame serves as your mirror, revealing to you the things that are holding you back, such as your worries and anxieties, allowing you to overcome them and emerge from the experience stronger.

Feeling Drawn To The Other Person

Twin flame connections have a magnetic pull. You are immediately drawn to the other person when you first meet.

Additionally, this emotion never seems to fade. Even if the attraction can be sexual, it's most frequently just a strong desire to be in that person's company.

The Relationship Is Turbulent

The majority of the time, twin flame relationships are difficult and turbulent; they are not always sunshine and lollipops.

The fact that you are being forced to face and "own" the aspects of yourself that you don't like and aspects that you'd prefer not to see is all that makes your twin flame connection "ugly." When the curtain is opened, it may be, at best, unnerving.

You’re On Again, Off Again

Your connection with your twin flame will probably be on again and off again as a result of that upheaval.

To say the least, it may be intimidating to face your demons and wrestle with strong emotions.

And you (or your twin flame) might be tempted to give up when it feels like there is too much to manage.

People Also Ask

What Does Twin Flame Feel Like?

Twin flames are often described as magnetic. As if by a magnetic pull, they can't resist them. It's a powerful attraction that makes you want to be with them more.

Are Twin Flames Meant To Be Together?

Twin flame relationships are passionate, but they don't always last. Whether the twin flames' split is lasting depends on the relationship.

Can You Marry Your Twin Flame?

Yes but after personal rehabilitation. In this lifetime, the twin flame connection will offer you challenges to overcome.


A "twin flame" is the eternal quest of a soul for the only thing. When you view the big picture together and develop emotionally, financially, and spiritually, it's not just about the deeper connection of the soul; it's also about the energy, vibe, values, emotions, philosophies, objectives, and a whole lot more.

Regardless of what other people may think, soulmates and twin flames were formed for reasons that are incomprehensible to us.

When it's possible to have both twin flames and soulmates, there's no need to compete for dominance.

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