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Wisin Y Yandel - Music Career Highlights And Why They Broke Up


Reggaeton duo Wisin Y Yandelare from Puerto Rico. They have been performing together since the late 1990s and have won multiple honors, including a Grammy in 2009. They made historyas the first and only reggaeton group to ever take home the trophy.

They developed from dancehall-obsessed teenagers to two of reggaetón's most recognized singers. The music duo Wisin & Yandel first performed together in 1998 in the city of Cayey. Wisin of Wisin y Yandel was honored as one of the forefathers of modern reggaeton by receiving the Excellence Award at the 2021 Premio Lo Nuestro awards.

Wisin (born Juan Luis Morera Luna) invited Yandel (born Llandel Veguilla Malavé), his longstanding musical collaborator and half of one of reggaeton's most successful duos, Wisin y Yandel, to receive his accomplishment award.

Fans who grew up with Wisin y Yandel's songs were left wondering whether the couple was still together and, if not, what caused them to break up after Wisin won the award on his own.

Wisin & Yandel - Estoy Enamorado (Official Video)

Quick Facts About Wisin Y Yandel

Name of the BandWisin Y Yandel
Carrier Started1990
No. of Awards47
Net Worth$40 million
Band MembersJuan Luis Morera Luna (Wisin) and Llandel Veguilla Malave (Yandel)

Why Did Wisin Y Yandel Separate?

Wisin y Yandel's meteoric climb to fame was unprecedented when they formed their duo and dominated the reggaeton industry in 2005. They were the best-selling reggaeton band of their time, with ten number-one singles among their 22 Top 10 successes on Billboard's Hot Latin Songs list.

Despite the reports at the time, Wisin y Yandel decided to split amicably in 2013 after an amazing tenure. In response to rumors that Wisin was envious of Yandel's solo success, Yandel has said that such rumors are completely false.

While it's true that Wisin and Yandel both went on to have successful solo careers, the decision to part ways had less to do with the artists' respective musical goals than with "the management side" of their creative endeavor.

[Wisin and I] have a great relationship. The problem was the team, I would even go as far as saying that it was the management side of things. Now I'm running with my own team and I'm super happy.- Yandel told El Nuevo Dia

Updates On Wisin Y Yandel

After months of performing together in separate solo shows, Wisin and Yandel have agreed to reunite for a global tour and record release in 2020 titled "Si Supieras."

During their time apart, Wisin recorded four solo albums, the best of which, "Victory," reached No. 2 on Billboard's Top Latin Albums list. Yandel has put out three studio albums, two of which (“Dangerous” and “De Lider a Leyenda”) reached the top spot on Billboard's Top Latin Albums chart.

Both are well-known for their many partnerships with other artists. In the summer of 2020, Yandel discussed his new album, "Quien Contra Mi," with Billboard. For the album, he re-recorded some of the songs from his solo debut and enlisted the help of roughly 28 other musicians.

Notably missing from the list of 28 performers is Wisin, with whom Yandel said they were working on a new record.

People Also Ask

Who Are Wisin And Yandel And What Does They Do?

Wisin and Yandel are a Puerto Rican reggaeton duo made up of Wisin and Yandel. They began their career together in the late 1990s and have won several prizes, including a Grammy Award in 2009.

They announced in 2013 that they will be taking a break from their duet career after their Lderes tour. Following a five-year break, the team announced in February 2018 that they are reforming and would go on a global tour.

What Was The First Album Of Wisin And Yandel?

Wisin and Yandel appeared on two albums in 1998: DJ Dicky's No Fear 3 and the Fresh Productions collection La Misión Vol. 1. After the popularity of this record, the company decided to release Los Reyes del Nuevo Milenio, Wisin & Yandel's first album.

When Did Wisin And Yandel Win Latin Billboard Awards?

The Los Extraterresres album by Wisin & Yandel was honored with the 2009 Latin Billboard Music Award for Latin Rhythm Album of the Year, Duo or Group on April 24.

Final Words

Wisin Y Yandel has been releasing music since the 1990s. Their discography includes some of the genre's greatest successes, such as "Rakata," "Sexy Movimiento," and "Pam Pam." The tour will stop in 26 cities, beginning on September 30 at the FTX Arena in Miami and include stops in Atlanta, New York, and Houston.

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