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Zayden Banks - Second Son And Third Child Of Lil Durk


Zayden Banks, the third child of American rapper Lil Durk, is a well-known child. His father is a well-known Chicago, Illinois, rapper, and singer-songwriter. He is well-known for his studio albums, including Remember My Name, Lil Durk 2X, and others.

Zayden must like playing basketball and other sports. Durk, his father, has worked very hard to provide his kids with a safe and healthy environment. A father with a traumatic past is making every effort to give his kids a decent childhood.

Zayden Banks was born on November 5, 2013, with the zodiac sign of Scorpio. His parents have chosen to keep the details of his birth private, although it is known that he was born in the USA. As a result, he has American citizenship and is of African-American descent.

Quick Facts About Zayden Banks

First NameZayden Banks
CountryUnited States
Birth PlaceUnited States
ProfessionFamily Member
Birth SignScorpio
Last NameBanks
Age9 years
Birth DateNovember 5, 2013,

Zayden Banks' Age And Lifestyle With His Siblings

He is Lil Durk's child. Bella, Angelo, and Zayden, Durk's kids, go to school and participate in a variety of activities. This is how Lil saw his children growing up. The oldest son is Angelo Banks, while the oldest daughter is Bella Banks.

Zayden is the middle child, but he's also one of the cutest. Zayden recently attended his sister's performance at a theater where she was decked up as a blue butterfly. In her attire, she was stunning. Siblings often participate in fun events like ice skating circles. They enjoyed it a lot.

The children seem to be charming and well-behaved. As a mom, Lil seems to be doing a great job. Angelo and Zayden both seem to like playing sports, especially basketball. Bella comes across as charming, vivacious, and creative.

When it comes to raising his kids and providing a safe and secure atmosphere for them, Durk has done everything possible. A man with a tragic past is doing everything he can to raise his children properly.

Zayden Banks In Red Shirt
Zayden Banks In Red Shirt

School & Education Of Zayden Banks

Because Zayden Banks is just 9 years old, the majority of his knowledge is kept under wraps. Regarding Zayden Banks' schooling and grades, nothing is known. However, based on Zayden Banks' age, it's possible that he was already reading in elementary school at that time.

Zayden Banks's Career

Zayden has not yet established a successful solo career in the media. Despite the fact that his father, Lil Durk, is a producer, singer, rapper, and musician, he is already well-known. While his well-known father is performing, he has been studying. In fact, we may speculate that he could imitate his father in a few years.

Who Is Zayden Bank's Father?

Lil Duck, the father of Zayden Banks, describes himself as both a composer and a rapper. I'm Ma Hitta and Sneak Dissin, Lil Duck's first two songs, were released in 2001. In addition, Lil Duck released LifeAin't No Joke, another mixtape, on October 19, 2012. The mixtape was a great hit; by 2015, over 216,000 people had downloaded it.

In addition to Lil Duck 2X, Just Cause Y'all Waited for 2, Remember My Name, and other albums, Lil Duck has also released a number of singles. He has achieved enormous success both critically and financially, and the majority of his albums and hits are well-known.

Who Is Zayden Banks' Mother?

The identity of Zayden's mother is still a mystery. Following his divorce from Nicole, Zayden adopted three new children, one of whom was Zayden. The mother of these three children remains unknown, however. The siblings and step-siblings of Zayden include sisters Bella and Willow and brothers Angelo, Skyler, and Du'mier.

Zayden Banks' Father Relationship

Lil Durk, a rapper, was romantically linked to Nicole Covone. The two had been dating for one year prior to moving in together in 2009. As a result of their relationship, they have two kids together. Their first child, Angelo Banks, was born in 2011. After two years, the couple welcomed a second child into the world.

Bella Banks, the couple's second child, was born in 2013. Zayden Banks, Lil's second kid, was born to an unidentified woman.

In 2014, he revealed the arrival of Du'mier Banks, his second child. After that, he had Skyler Banks, his fifth child, whose mother is similarly unidentified. But Zayden's father uses his Instagram profile to provide location updates for Zayden.

Some Uncommon Facts About Zayden Bank

  • One of the renowned people whose father helped him become famous is Zayden Banks.
  • On Instagram, Zayden Banks is active under the handle @zaydenbanks.
  • Zayden Banks has black hair and dark brown eyes.
  • Du'mile Banks, Bella Banks, Willow Banks, Angelo Banks, and Skyler Banks are Zayden's other five siblings.
  • In the year 2022, his father became engaged to content creator India Royale, who is also an entrepreneur.
  • In 2001, his father launched his career by performing the songs I'm a Hitta and Sneak Dissin.
  • In the course of his career, his father has produced over 672 music videos.
  • His father had a net worth of around $8.3 million.

Social Media Presence

Although he doesn't use social media himself, his father has created a secret account for him where he uploads his pictures and videos. He posts images and videos of his many performances, professional endeavors, modeling, and family portraits. You may follow him on Instagram at @zaydenbanks if you want to learn more about him.

Net Worth Of Zayden Banks

Although Zayden is too young to work, he joyfully benefits from his father's money and has an opulent lifestyle. However, the father of Zayden Banks has accumulated a large fortune in the entertainment industry. The entire estimated net worth of Lil Durk is $2 million.

People Also Ask

What Is The Birth Sign Of Zayden Banks?

Scorpio is the birth sign.

What Is The Age Of Zayden Banks?

9 years old.

Where Is The Birthplace Of Zayden Banks?

United States


Zayden Banks was born in the United States. He is 9 years old right now. He is African American in ethnicity. Up until today, his mother's identity has been a secret. He seems to be developing in a loving, safe environment.

There can be no doubt about his future career success. With our best wishes for him, he will be able to achieve greater success in both his professional and personal lives. Let's hope for the best.

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