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Using CBD For Improved Health In Pets


In recent years, pet owners have become aware about the health benefits CBD can provide for their pets, therefore, many pet owners had chosen the option to use CBD for improved health in pets. CBD products for pets have become quite popular, and many companies that make goods for people have launched pet-specific lines. But you might be wondering if all of this is just marketing hype, or if CBD can genuinely help your pet?

Yes, CBD is beneficial to your pets for the same reasons it is beneficial to you. If you've read the scientific chapters in this book, you'll recall that all mammals (as well as many other animals) have an endocannabinoid system. Your dogs and cats have CB1 and CB2 receptors all over their bodies, ready to take advantage of CBD's therapeutic advantages.

The Very Important Differences Between You And Your Pet

Size may appear to be the obvious response, and it is perfectly correct. Because your dogs are significantly smaller than an adult human (or even a toddler), they require much lower amounts.

There are subtle distinctions between our endocannabinoid systems and those of our animal buddies, aside from size. THC sensitivity is one of them. THC sensitivity in animals is much higher than in humans. Toxicity can occur if they consume too much THC, and while this is unlikely to be fatal, it can be a very unpleasant experience for both you and your pet.

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Dogs have considerably more cannabinoid receptors in their cerebellum and brainstem than humans and other animals, making them particularly sensitive to THC. Too much THC can produce dangerous negative effects in dogs because these regions of the brain control coordination, heart rate, and respiratory rate (among other things). "Static ataxia" is a common indication of poisoning in dogs, which you can recognize if your dog appears rigid and has problems standing. If you believe your dog has taken too much THC, you should seek medical help.

This is why hemp-derived CBD products are preferred for pets because they contain minimal (and, in terms of your pet's reaction, inconsequential) levels of THC. This isn't to say you shouldn't feed your pet cannabis-derived CBD products with THC, but you should stick to CBD-dominant products and start low and slow, as the old adage goes. More THC may be medically good for your pet if they are suffering from severe pain caused by arthritis or cancer, or if they have cancer-related tumors. If this is the case, get advice from a veterinarian.

A dog and a cat sitting close to each other on a wooden platform
A dog and a cat sitting close to each other on a wooden platform

How Much Should I Give My Pet?

If you're using a tincture or oil, the label should explicitly state how many milligrams of CBD are in each bottle or serving, as well as how much is in each milliliter. One dropper equals one milliliter in oils and tinctures. Begin with the lowest dose possible and monitor your pet's reaction over the next week. You can keep the medication at this level if there is a visible improvement. Move up to the mid-range dose and watch for a week if you don't see any improvement or if the benefit at the low-end dose fades after a while. The low-end dose is usually adequate, but every pet is unique!

Low-End Dose: 0.05mg/pound, twice daily.

Mid-Range Dose: 0.125mg/pound, twice daily.

High-End Dose: 0.25mg/pound, twice daily.

What Can CBD Treat For Pets?

The good news is that CBD can help your pet with a lot of the same symptoms, ailments, and diseases that it can treat you with. The following are the primary advantages of CBD for your pet:

  • Anti-anxiety
  • Anti-inflammation
  • Pain relief
  • Anti-nausea
  • Anti-epileptic
  • Anti-cancer
  • Neuroprotectant

CBD will be a powerful anti-inflammatory that will be beneficial to senior pets whose mobility has been hampered by stiff and painful joints, as well as pets with inflammatory bowel disease. Because of its remarkable anxiolytic qualities, CBD is also beneficial for stressed pets. CBD is a terrific all-natural topical solution for your pet if they have skin allergies or irritations.

CBD may be just what you need the next time you need to get your pet into the car because of its anti-nausea properties. CBD can help your pets with epilepsy, and it has the same anti-cancer properties that it does for humans. Furthermore, it has neuroprotective qualities for the brain, which may aid in the elegant aging of your pet's brain.

A bunch of green cannabis leaves with a purple light above it
A bunch of green cannabis leaves with a purple light above it

CBD Products For Pets

All you have to do is Google "CBD for pets" and a slew of results will up. While there aren't as many options for pets as there are for humans, you can still find a variety of CBD-infused products for them:

  • Biscuits, chews, and a whole variety of treats
  • Tinctures and oils
  • Capsules
  • Topical sprays, salves, and butters

Treats are a fantastic method to get fussy pets to eat CBD, but tinctures and oils provide you the most control over dose and can simply be mixed into your pet's regular diet. Topicals are also a suitable choice for skin issues or aching joints.


The cannabis or hemp used in CBD products for your dogs should be grown in clean, organic, and environmentally responsible settings, just like you should when sourcing your own CBD products.

The FDA has fined several companies for selling CBD products for dogs that contained little or no CBD. The FDA's website has a list of manufacturers and their violations, but reputable producers should be able to supply you with certified test results for their goods so you can check the CBD concentration.

Another thing to keep in mind when buying baked or cooked product is that CBD can evaporate completely (the boiling point of CBD is 320–356°F), so find out what temperatures and how long the treats were baked or cooked. Essential oils are sometimes used along with CBD products. Because some essential oils have therapeutic properties, make sure you investigate any essential oils that have been added to figure out why they're there. Essential oil additives can make animals very sensitive, so if you buy a product with essential oils, keep an eye on how your pet reacts. You should also read the labels to see if the product contains any chemical additions or preservatives.

Finally, be familiar with your extraction processes. While CO2 extraction is typically thought to be the most environmentally friendly, it is also the most expensive. Other methods, if used correctly, can provide viable alternatives. When in doubt, inquire about the producer's extraction processes and lab testing findings.

Wrapping Up

Cannabinoids are prone to decomposition. Keep oils and treats at room temperature, away from harsh lights and sunlight. Extreme heat and cold can drastically alter chemical makeup. If the color has changed, it is most likely ruined and should be thrown away.

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