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What You Need To Know About CBD Plus USA?


CBD Plus USAbills itself as a safe, legal, and cost-effective CBDsolution. This Oklahoma enterprise has its sights set on dominating the entire country. However, they're following a concerning trend in the CBD industry right now: 'all-natural' promises that don't hold up to scrutiny. We can overlook a few fake chemicals, but lying about your product line's all-natural status is dishonest. It's also inexcusable that their CBD topical contains parabens. We're deferring approval until a few improvements are made.

CBD Plus is a supplement that contains CBD. The CBD in the United States comes from locally produced, non-GMO hemp, but we're not sure how they extract it because they simply state it's 'carefully extracted.' We strongly advise CBD Plus USA to make this information public if they wish to become the powerhouse they claim to be.

They also only publish cannabinoid profiles for their CBD products at the moment. We require contamination testing for each batch of CBD oil used to create product or for each SKU in order to qualify for our Safety Badge.

A building with CBD Plus written at the top alongside the CBD Plus USA logo
A building with CBD Plus written at the top alongside the CBD Plus USA logo

How CBD Plus USA Relates With Colorado Cures

Colorado Cures is the brand name used by CBD Plus USA to market their goods. Colorado Cures is a well-known Colorado brand that sells a variety of items. During the pandemic, they even provide curbside assistance for collecting stuff.

CBD Plus USA is the brand name on their capsules, however it's possible that this may be phased out in favour of the new Colorado Cures identity. The firm says that all of its goods are created with natural components, and most of their products are in full spectrum.

The term "full spectrum" refers to a product that contains the entire range of cannabinoids found in hemp. CBD, CBN, CBC, and up to 110 additional cannabinoids will be included in these goods. The presence of 0.3 percent THC is what genuinely distinguishes a full spectrum product. This is the legal maximum for CBD products generated from hemp. With Colorado Cures full spectrum tinctures, the entourage will be in full effect by including the whole range of cannabinoids. Below are the products offered by Colorado Cures

  • Tinctures of CBD Isolate
  • Tinctures with a broad spectrum of CBD
  • Taffy and CBD Vegan Gummy Bears
  • CBD Topicals are a kind of CBD oil.
  • CBD Cones for Medical Use
  • CBD Capsules are a kind of CBD oil that comes in capsule form.
  • Third-party businesses provide CBD for pets, water, wax kits, vape, and vape accessories.


CBD Plus USA, based in Oklahoma, promises to provide a straightforward, truthful alternative to medicines. They're aiming to eliminate the stigma surrounding cannabis, as do many CBD retailers, and to mainstream all-natural treatment. Their stated objective is to become the largest and most dependable CBD provider in their own state, and then the entire country.

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