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Convicted Killer Danelo Cavalcante Spotted Over 20 Miles From Last Sighting


Convicted killer Danelo Cavalcante spotted over 20 miles from last sighting. He managed to escape from a Pennsylvania prison, was seen late Saturday night in the northern Chester County area near Phoenixville, according to Pennsylvania State Police.

This sighting placed Cavalcante more than 20 miles away from the last reported sighting, which had been near the county prison he escaped from on August 31.

Changing Appearance And Vehicle Theft

Cavalcante, 34, has made efforts to alter his appearance. He is now described as "clean-shaven," quite different from earlier photos that depicted him with facial hair.

Additionally, he was spotted wearing a distinctive outfit that included a yellow or green hooded sweatshirt, a black baseball cap, green prison pants, and white shoes.

COPYRIGHT_SZ: Published on https://stationzilla.com/convicted-killer-danelo-cavalcante-spotted-over-20-miles-from-last-sighting/ by Alexander McCaslin on 2023-09-11T01:30:30.961Z

A significant development in the case is that Cavalcante is now believed to be driving a vehicle for the first time since his escape.

Specifically, he is thought to be in possession of a stolen 2020 white Ford Transit van, reported stolen by Baily’s Dairy, a local dairy farm near the prison.

The theft reportedly occurred between 7 and 10 p.m. The stolen van bears Pennsylvania license plate ZST8818, and it has a cooling unit on its roof and damage on the left rear fender.

Policeman is walking on road and police vehicle is parked on road during night while other vehicles are moving on road.
Policeman is walking on road and police vehicle is parked on road during night while other vehicles are moving on road.

Round-the-Clock Manhunt And Sightings

The search operation for Cavalcante has been intense, involving nearly 400 officers conducting a round-the-clock effort.

Cavalcante's escape from Chester County Prison was captured on surveillance footage, where he was seen using an unusual method of fleeing by "crab walking" between two walls in an exercise yard.

He then ran across a roof, scaled a fence, and navigated through razor wire to make his escape.

Sightings of Cavalcante have been reported in and around Chester County's Longwood Gardens, situated approximately three miles from the prison.

These sightings have been both from surveillance cameras and by individuals. The escapee's brazen actions have left nearby residents feeling unsettled.

Convicted Killer's Terrifying Past

Cavalcante's escape follows his conviction for first-degree murder in the brutal 2021 killing of his former girlfriend, Deborah Brandão.

He stabbed Brandão 38 times in front of her two children, who are now under the care of her sister.

Additionally, Cavalcante is wanted in connection with a 2017 homicide case in his native country, Brazil, according to a US Marshals Service official.

The escape raised concerns among Brandão's family, who have barricaded themselves inside their home and are under 24-hour police protection.

Despite the ongoing manhunt and Cavalcante's elusive behavior, law enforcement remains confident that he will eventually be apprehended.

Officials urge the community to check their surveillance devices and immediately report any sightings of the escapee by calling 911. A reward of $20,000 is being offered for information leading to Cavalcante's capture.

He is described as approximately 5 feet tall, weighing 120 pounds, with brown eyes and long dark curly hair.

Pennsylvania State Police are expected to provide updates on the case during a press conference scheduled for later today.

Final Words

In the ongoing manhunt for convicted murderer Danelo Cavalcante, his sightings over 20 miles away from the last reported location have heightened concerns.

Despite his attempts to change his appearance, Cavalcante's actions, including stealing a vehicle, continue to fuel an intense search effort involving nearly 400 officers.

Community vigilance remains crucial, with law enforcement urging residents to report any sightings while a $20,000 reward is offered for information leading to his capture.

Authorities remain confident in eventually apprehending the escapee, who is wanted for a heinous murder and other crimes both in the United States and his native Brazil.

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