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Dealcoholization Of Tissue - What Clearing Agents Should Be Used?


Dealcoholization is used for more than just making wine and beer. It is also used in medicine and science. The dealcoholization of tissue is one of the most amazing treatments ever developed by humans. In this article, we'll look at the agents that will be utilized in the dealcoholization of tissue cells, as well as their significance.

What Is Dealcoholization Of Tissue?

The process of eliminating ethanol (alcohol) from tissue or other substances is known as dealcoholization. This procedure is also known as "clearing." It has been used to improve the health of patients in a variety of medical and therapeutic settings.

Dealcoholization has various advantages, including improved digestion, greater nutrient absorption, a lower risk of alcohol-related disorders, and increased immune function. Dealcoholization is the removal of ethanol from a substance using specialized equipment.

The alcohol is removed from the tissue or other material using a mixture of heat, pressure, and filtering. According to medical practitioners, the technique is relatively quick and efficient. The clearing is a process that occurs between dehydration and paraffin penetration.

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The goal of this stage is to replace the alcohol with a fluid that will combine with the paraffin. Paraffin wax is a soft, solid wax that is white or colorless. The tissue is exposed to two or three different cleaning agents.

Agents For The Dealcoholization Of Tissue

Clearing agents are used to remove alcohol and other dehydrants from tissues before they are embedded (usually in paraffin wax) and from finished slides, before they are mounted. These agents are used all over the histology lab. Most clearing agents are very dangerous and can catch fire, so you should be careful with them.


The most widely used clearing agent is xylene. This agent is an aromatic hydrocarbon that is widely used in the histology lab to process, stain, and coverslip tissues. It is a clear liquid or gas with a sweet smell that is found naturally in oil, coal, and wood tar.

It is called crude wood spirit because it is found in the crude wood spirit. If the dehydration process is not completed, the xylene becomes opaque or milky as water escapes from the tissue. If this occurs, re-immerse the tissue in pure alcohol and continue dehydration.

The main issue with utilizing xylene is that it is poisonous, and long-term exposure is especially bad for your health.

Skin, eye, respiratory tract, and mucous membrane irritation result from breathing in xylene vapor. Additionally, xylene has a negative impact on the central nervous system, which can lead to headaches, fatigue, memory loss, irritability, dizziness, and other symptoms.


Benzene is one of the alternatives if they do not prefer xylene as the clearing agent. Why do people opt to look for an alternative to xylene instead? Researchers such as Nasar Alwahaibi, Shaima Aljaradi, and Horiyah Alazri explore alternatives to xylene.

Their medical research study entitled "Alternative to Xylene as a Clearing Agent in Histopathology" reported:

Xylene is the clearing agent used most commonly worldwide. Xylene is preferred by many histologists, because it removes alcohols from tissues rapidly, renders tissues transparent, and facilitates paraffin infiltration. [However,] Xylene is toxic and therefore a threat to personnel working in histopathology laboratories.

At room temperature, benzene is a liquid chemical that is either colorless or a light yellow color. It is mostly used as a solvent in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries, as a starting material and intermediate in making many chemicals, and in gasoline. There are both natural and man-made ways to make benzene.

Benzene is recognized for its rapid action. As a result, it is appropriate for urgent biopsies. It is, nevertheless, exceedingly flammable and carcinogenic. Prolonged exposure can harm the bone marrow, resulting in aplastic anemia.


It is also a good clearing agent; however, it is used less frequently in histopathology laboratories. It's a colorless, combustible, transparent liquid with a distinct fragrant odor. It is water-insoluble but soluble in organic solvents such as acetone, chloroform, ethanol, and benzene.

Toluene has an advantage over other clearing agents in that it is less hazardous, particularly to xylene. However, if you accidentally breathe it in or get it on your skin or eyes, it will irritate them.


Chloroform has many uses in the industries of pharmaceuticals, dyes, pesticides, and refrigerants. It can also be used as a clearing agent in histopathology labs. It is a clear liquid that evaporates quickly and smells like ether. It dissolves only a little bit in water, but it dissolves completely in organic solvents like ethanol, benzene, acetone, and so on.

It is better than other agents because it works well on both hard and soft tissues, like bone and the brain. But it works less quickly than other clearing agents.

Clearing Of Tissue In Histopathology

Clearing of Tissue in Histopathology ll Clearing Dealcoholization of Tissue ll @mlt1234

People Also Ask

What Is Dealcoholization In Histopathology?

Dealcoholization is the process of taking alcohol out of something, like a histology sample that has been treated with alcohol to get rid of water.

What Are The 3 Different Methods Of Tissue Preparation?

The three most often used tissue processing methods are the routine manual approach, the quick manual method, and the microwave method. Each of these strategies is distinct, with its own set of advantages and downsides. For the past century, the most often used procedure has been routine manual tissue processing.

Why Do We Need To Remove Alcohol To The Tissues Prior Impregnation?

Water is present in tissues in both free and bound forms and must be eliminated before processing may continue. Alcohols (such as ethanol) are commonly used for dehydration; however, they also dissolve certain biological components, such as lipids.

What Is The Importance Of Clearing In Tissue Processing?

The clearing is necessary for the removal of alcohols and the infiltration of paraffin wax into the tissue. Others have looked into cheaper clearing agents that don't change the shape or staining properties of tissue slices.

Final Thoughts

When performing this treatment, doctors should keep in mind that good clearing agents should swiftly replace alcohol and not over-harden the tissue. This is referred to as "clearing" since they penetrate, make the tissue translucent, and harden it. Too much time in the cleaning agent hardens the tissue, making it harder to section.

Other less widely used clearing agents include carbon disulfide, methyl benzoate, methyl salicylate, the paraffin-xylol combination, carbon tetrachloride, and clove oil.

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