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Denise Richards And Her Husband's Car Shot In A Road Rage Incident


Monday in Los Angeles,Denise Richards and her husband's car shot in a road rage. PEOPLEconfirms that Denise Richards is "very shaken up" after someone shot at her car in Los Angeles because they were angry about something.

Phypers was driving the 51-year-old actress to a movie studio when the male driver behind them got angry because they couldn't find the place, TMZsaid Tuesday.

Denise Richards And Her Husband Car Shot

Actress Denise Richards shot at in road rage incident in LA, TMZ reports

Something scary. Multiple newssources say that Denise Richards and her husband Aaron Phypers' car was hit by a bullet after they got into a road rage fight. PEOPLE confirms that Denise Richards is "very shaken up" after someone shot at her car in Los Angeles because they were angry about something.

On Monday, the scary shooting happened as Richards and her husband Aaron Phypers were driving to Popsicle Studio in Los Angeles, where Richards was filming for an upcoming project. A person on the set tells PEOPLE,

She was very shaken up and terrified, but she was a trooper and she went and filmed the whole day. She didn't want to not show up to work.- Source from PEOPLE

The source said that Richards was in the passenger seat of their Ford F-150 Shelby pickup truck while Phypers, who is 50 years old, was driving. As the couple drove to South Los Angeles for the one-day movie shoot, Phypers saw a gold and maroon van following them.

[Aaron] could tell — he kept making rights because they were clearly being followed. The guy was obviously pissed behind him.- Source from PEOPLE

"The van was on his tail, pushing him almost... they couldn't figure it out," the source says, adding that Richards and Phypers were both "frantic" about what was happening.

When the van finally stopped to their left, Phypers lowered his window to talk to the driver. The source says that during their conversation, the man "went off of them" and said that Phypers cut him off.

Even though Phypers said he was sorry, the man kept yelling at them, so Phypers drove away, the source said. The couple didn't realize the man had shot the back of their truck until they got to set. Luckily, no one got hurt in the accident.

The guy had taken off by then, but when they realized the car was shot, they were really freaked out, and the production secured the scene. Even though they were upset, [Richards] decided to stay and film. Her role was just a one-day deal.- Source from PEOPLE

The production company made her feel safe but they didn't file a police report. They think now that people were after the car itself because it's worth a lot of money.- Source from PEOPLE

Even though there was no police report, the source confirms that someone on set called the police after the incident. But it's not clear if police went to the scene because the Los Angeles Police Department says it doesn't know anything about what happened.

The news first came out on TMZ. Angels Fallen: Warriors of Peace, which Richards is making right now, will come out in 2023.


Fox News Digital can confirm that Denise Richards and her husband Aaron Phypers were involved in a road rage incident that led to shots being fired at their car.

When the accident happened, the "A Walking Miracle" star and Phypers were reportedly on their way to Popsicle Studio in Los Angeles. The man and Phypers talked, and the man said that Phypers, who is 50 years old, had cut him off.

Phypers eventually drove away, and it wasn't until the couple got to the studio that they found out the man had allegedly shot at the back of their Ford F-150.

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