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Heather Helm - Best Known As The Wife Of Matthew Lillard


Heather Helmis a regular American woman who gained notoriety as the wife of famed Hollywood actor Matthew Lillard. Additionally, her husband is well-known for his roles in the films Scream (2012), Home Run Showdown (2012), Without a Paddle (2004), Hackers (1995), Serial Mom (1994), and Hackers (1996).

Additionally, he performed the renowned Shaggy Rogers character in two live-action Scooby-Doo movies. Top 10 Classic LToased Films You May Not Have Known AboutHelm is also credited for her husband's success since she stood by him through every high and low in his life. Apart from each other, the couple gets along well and has three adorable kids as a result of their union.

Quick Facts About Heather Helm

Full NameHeather Helm
Born Date17 July 1971
Age51 years
Best Match for MarriageTaurus, Pisces, Scorpio
Lucky Number6
Lucky StoneMoonstone
HusbandMatthew Libbard
Lucky ColorSilver
Married DateAugust 12, 2000,
Height5 feet 8 inches
KidsAddison, Macey, and Liam
Marital StatusMarried
Eye ColorBlue
Hair ColorBlonde
Birth PlacePasadena

Early Life Of Heather Helm

Heather Ann Lillard is Heather Helm's full legal name. Her birth took place on July 17, 1971. She was raised in California, the US, where she was born. Heather spent most of her early years in California.

Her mother's and father's names are not yet known. Also unknown is if she has any siblings. Heather Helm is an American citizen by virtue of her birth in this country. She is a member of the white race.

To get a Bachelor of Arts degree, Heather completed her main schooling at La Canada High School in her native California. Heather enrolled at the University of California, and in 1993, she graduated with honors. Thus, it may be said that Heather finished her schooling in California.

Heather Helm With Family
Heather Helm With Family

Career And Professional Life Of Heather Helm

At the beginning of her career, Heather Helm supported herself by working as a librarian. Later, Heather accepted a management position at Walt Disney, where she gained a wealth of marketing knowledge.

Later, she and her husband relocated to Pasadena, where she made the decision to join a real estate firm. When Heather began working as a director for the real estate firm Ted Clark & Partners, her career took off.

Later, Compass was given to each division of the business. Ted's partner, Heather, quickly joined the business. Heather didn't have to look back after that. She grew and began doing pretty well in her company.

Today, Heather is a partner with Pacific Union International, a different real estate business. Today, Heather is a member of an elite group of real estate professionals and a partner in two very successful real estate firms.

Heather Helm’s Husband

At a gathering, Heather and Matthew made their first acquaintance. Rumor has it that Matthew and Heather hit it off right away. Helm later told him that she was going to a friend's wedding in Italy, and he promptly invited himself. Additionally, their romantic connection started then and still exists now.

The famous man and his devoted wife dated before getting married. On August 12, 2000, Mr. Lillard and Miss Helm exchanged vows as husband and wife. Time flies when you're married to your closest friend, the bridegroom remarked, adding that they decided to be married the day they met. They have now been married for 20 years.

And finally, he confessed his love to Heather Lillard. They have been married for 22 years as of 2022, having married on August 12, 2000. Three kids in total were born to Heather Helm and Matthew Lillard. They include Liam Lillard, born in 2008; Addison Grace, born in 2002; and Macey Lyn, born in 2004.

Children Of Heather Helm

In their marriage, the couple has been blessed with three beautiful children. Addison Grace Lillard, the couple's first child, was born to Matthew Lillard's wife in 2002. At birth, she weighed 6 pounds, 10 ounces.

The couple had their second child two years later. A second daughter, Macey Lay Lillard, was born on October 19, 2004. Finally, the couple welcomed their first son and third child. In 2008, Liam Lillard was born

Facts About Heather Helm

  • Heather has experience working in the social welfare sector.
  • She has been a founding member of the Circle of Friends as well as a longtime participant in the Pasadena Children's Guild. Additionally, she participates actively in Scrubs and Huntington Hospital.
  • She was also a current member of Friends of Foothill Families and the chairperson of the nonprofit Madison's Foundation.
  • She is a devoted follower of Christianity and actively participates in the religious community.
  • Heather Lillard, Matthew Lillard's wife, works in social welfare as well. She is active in a number of nonprofits that promote social welfare.
  • She was a founder member of the Circle of Friends as well as a longtime member of the Pasadena Children's Guild. She is a member of Scrubs and a supporter of Huntington Hospital as well.
  • She also served as chairperson of the Madison's Foundation nonprofit organization and was a current member of Friends of Foothill Families.
  • She also participates actively in religion and is a fervent supporter of Christianity.

Heather Helm’s Net Worth

Her stated net worth is $600,000. However, it is impossible to verify this value. Her spouse, on the other hand, is worth $2 million. A successful lady, Heather Helm, is now well-known thanks to her spouse. Building the life she currently has must not have been simple. Without a doubt, she is deserving of everything.

She now enjoys a luxurious lifestyle and is able to provide her children with a comfortable upbringing. Matthew, who was also instrumental in Heather's success, deserves a share of her success.

People Also Ask

Who Is The Husband Of Heather Helm?

Matthew Lillard.

What Is Heather's Age?

51 years old.

How Tall Is Heather Helm?

Heather is 172 cm (5 feet 8 inches) tall.


Despite the fact that her husband is more well-known than she is, she is a very successful realtor. She maintains her unique appearance. She has also served as the Walt Disney Company's director of special event planning. She managed several projects as well as the preparation for big-budget debuts.

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