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What Are The Herbs For Luck And Success?


These bulk herbs for luckcan be the ideal place to start if you want to make fragrant crafts for St. Patrick's Day. You may make nutritious cosmetic remedies that are also known to bring luck with wholesale cosmetic herbs.

This blog will talk about several cosmetic herbs that, according to folklore, bring good luck and success. These lucky herbs aren't only good luck charms, you can also use them in your homemade bath and body preparations to benefit from them.

Many of these plants offer advantageous qualities for the body and skin. You will undoubtedly discover some useful herbs to incorporate, whether you want to use your cosmetic recipes or develop your lucky-scented creative ideas. So, anyone who wants to make luck-bringing cosmetics should start with one of these wholesale herbs.

Lucky Plants For The Home

In this article, you provide a list of some fortunate plants that homeowners might cultivate and which, by Vastu Shastrai, are said to promote peace and wealth.

Good fortune Home plants are essential for directing the natural flow of good energy. Auspicious plants for the home can help relieve stress and clean the air by taking in carbon dioxide. The energies that are stale and sluggish are removed from the home by auspicious plants. You unconsciously associate them with the calming effects of the color green.

The power to draw plenty into one's lifeand strengthen interpersonal connections, according to Vastu Shastra, is enhanced by healthy growing plants and plants that bring money and good luck when put in the appropriate directions.

White and Brown Dry Herbs On Ceramic Bowl
White and Brown Dry Herbs On Ceramic Bowl

Herbs For Luck And Prosperity

The best herbs which can bring good luck to your home are listed below.


Basil is a miracle plant that you can cultivate in your backyard or garden. This common green plant with a sweet smell could be a powerful way to bring you success and money. Basil may be used, among other things, to safeguard your house and energy.

To protect you and your house from any bad energy directed at you, place a plant on your windowsill. In addition, basil is a herb that enhances life transformation and attracts prosperity and wealth.

It can help you achieve professional success and draw money of all kinds into your life. To draw money to you, keep a few basil leaves in your wallet, purse, or pocket. Basil is a common ingredient in many of the money-drawing spellsyou can find online.


Another highly popular and fortunate herb that is simple to produce and find is mint. It spreads so swiftly and widely that you might not want to put it in your garden directly on the ground.

Keep it in large pots instead, both inside and outside your house. From wild mint to more complex flavors like chocolate mint and even strawberry and banana mint, there are many distinct varieties of mint.

The Mint is powerful money and luck magnet. If you run your own company, you may use mint to entice new customers. Keep a mint plant at your workplace or at the entrance to your business to aid with cash flow.

Mint can help you break spells and get back to a prosperous condition if you're concerned that you've been cursed or have a spell on you that has something to do with money or fortune. Keep a mint leaf in your wallet or pocket. It will help you make more money and keep what you earn or buy.


Chamomile is a potent plant that you may use to increase your wealth and success since it can provide protection, break jinxes, and help money flow into your accounts. Chamomile, in addition to making it simple to cast a charm intended to keep you small and poor, may also help you attract luck and money like bees to honey!

Washing their hands with chamomile tea is good for gamblers. If you want to succeed, keep some chamomile on your desk or bring some with you to meetings. Your financial situation may benefit from chamomile.

Chamomile may be strengthened by being combined with basil; put the two plants near to one another in your wallet or mojo bag.


Everyone is aware that clover is a lucky charm! Even a three-leafed clover will work well on its own to bring luck and good fortune; a four-leafed clover is not even necessary. To bring luck your way, you might keep a piece of clover in your wallet or magic bag.

My daughter discovered a four-leafed clover in your yard, and it is now framed. If you let the wild clover in your garden grow, it will help your home attract luck and riches. When you're out for a walk and see clover, think about what it means, especially if you're thinking about starting a business or getting involved with someone.

Clover is a sign of happiness and success, so seeing one is like getting a message from the universe that your plans will work out.


Even though some people equate patchouli's earthy, grounding aroma with hippies, this plant is incredibly helpful for boosting luck and attracting riches. As you make your way to achievement, it will help you stay grounded and focused.

You may observe the practical methods of achieving genuine riches with the use of patchouli. It also helps to change your view of what wealth and luck are, which may not only be financial. It may be so well-liked among hippies for this reason.

To bring luck into your life, you may also grow some patchouli plants in your yard or keep one on your balcony.

Person Holding Black Scissors While Cutting Herbs
Person Holding Black Scissors While Cutting Herbs

List Of Lucky Plants For The Home

If you put the following plants in your home, you'll be lucky.

Good Luck Plant - 4 Tulsi

Tulsi, or holy basil, is one of the most potent, sacred, and auspicious good luck plants that increase positivity at home, according to Vastu shastra.

This plant may cleanse the air and ward off insects, in addition to having high medical value. Tulsi may be cultivated anywhere it can receive regular sun exposure, including the front or rear of the home, the balcony, or windows.

Good Luck Plant - 4 Jade Plant

The jade plant is regarded as a fortunate plant because of its small, rounded leaves. This good luck plant for home may be placed in the home or workplace since, in Feng Shui, the jade plant represents luck and favorable positive energy.

Jade represents rebirth and growth, and the fortunate plant's leaves have a form that is similar to jade stones. However, experts advise against putting the jade plant in the restroom.

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Good Luck Plant - 3 Bamboo Plant

Both Vastu and Feng Shui link the lucky bamboo (Dracaena sanderiana) from Southeast Asia with prosperity and good health. The significance of a certain fortunate bamboo plant greatly depends on how many stalks it has.

For example, it needs five stalks for riches, six for good luck, seven for health, and 21 for tremendous health and fortune. Bamboo plants are considered lucky plants since they purify the air and clean the environment. Keep the bamboo plant in the east corner, if possible.

Good Luck Plant - 4 Money Plant

Pothos, often known as the money plant, is said to help people overcome financial challenges and bring prosperity and good fortune to their homes. Money plants remove contaminants from the air, serving as a natural air cleanser.

There is practically no upkeep required for these lucky plants. Legend says that having a money plant at home can help with both personal and professional success.

Good Luck Plant - 5 Areca Palm

According to Feng Shui, areca palm trees promote health, tranquility, and wealth. These fortunate houseplants drive away bad vibes and draw in good ones. With indirect sunlight, this leafy plant may be cultivated anywhere in the home. These lucky plants for the house may boost humidity while also filtering out common air contaminants.

Chamomile tea has a reputation for being lucky, but it also has other advantages. This calming plant may be used to make cosmetics that will soothe your body, ease pain, and enhance several bodily processes.

Check out this post on 13 Benefits of Chamomile Drink For Skin, Hair, And Overall Health if you're curious to discover more about the advantages of this herbal tea. Take a sip! So, aside from a little luck, you'll discover that there are many excellent reasons to try preparing this tea!

What Are The Herbs For Luck And Success?

Chamomile tea has a reputation for being lucky, but it also has other advantages. This calming plant may be used to make cosmetics that will soothe your body, ease pain, and enhance several bodily processes.

Check out this post on 13 Benefits of Chamomile Drink For Skin, Hair, And Overall Health if you're curious to discover more about the advantages of this herbal tea. Take a sip! So, aside from a little luck, you'll discover that there are many excellent reasons to attempt to prepare this tea.

Herbs Near A Pot
Herbs Near A Pot

Using Herbs For Luck And Prosperity In A Mojo Bag

Because you talked so much about using mojo bags in this post, You wanted to explain what a mojo bag is and how you can make one to attract money and good fortune. Mojo bag usage in particular has its roots in African American hoodoo.

These little bags, or amulets, which are carried by a person to aid in attracting their desires, are loaded with magical things like herbs, stones, and even written prayers. Like many of the herbs for luck you discussed today, they can also have strong protective symbols and aspects that support the wearer's psychic energy.

Similarly, Native Americans employed medicinal pouches. They also filled them with symbols, herbs, feathers, and other mystical objects. Crane bags are the names given to them in Druidic and Celtic cultures.

You may either construct a little bag for yourself while creating your magical bag, or you can utilize a small velvet bag with a drawstring.

It's a good idea to take the bag and magical artifacts and spend some time sitting in calm meditation before using them in spells. The better the result, the more positive energy you put into your effort.

Any of the plants mentioned above can be included in your medicine bag, and for added luck and fortune, you can also include vitrine, jade, or pyrite. When you require a little more magic, manifesting power, or psychic protection, keep your mojo bag hidden away in your pocket or purse.

People Also Ask

What Can Herbs Do?

With the help of cheap cosmetic herbs, you may create nourishing cosmetic medicines that are also said to be lucky.

Do Plants Make Your Home Lucky?

The lucky plants in the home is crucial for controlling the natural flow of positive energy.

Which Plants Are Lucky Charms For The Home?

Mint, chamomile, clover, and patchouli are all lucky plants for the home, just like basil.


As you can see, there are several widely available and typical herbs for luck that are beneficial to people who want to use them. You can mix all the herbs to make them function better, you can mix them.

The herbs you might employ for luck and wealth can frequently be used to ward off bad things from happening to you or your finances. They can cast hexes and jinxes. Try trying a couple of these herbs alone and in various combinations to see which herb or combination of herbs produces the best effects for you.

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