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Tips & Benefits Of Homemade Toner For Combination Skin

Homemade toner for combination skin is a fantastic way to achieve balanced and refreshed skin. With homemade toner for combination skin, you can say goodbye to excess oiliness and dryness.

Dr. Cooney Blades
Jan 18, 20241118 Shares26009 Views
One of the best beauty tools that you might not know about is toner. It's so crucial that your CTM program is complete with it. Why, then, should you use toner? Because it's excellent! Toners can not only get rid of extra dirt, oil, and makeup, but they can also keep your skin's pH levels in check.
Remember that it moisturizes too because it has humectants in it. If all of this still doesn't make you want to spend a lot of money on one, try making one at home with things you already have in your kitchen. But before I give you some homemade toner for combination skinrecipes, I want you to think about what color your skin is.

What Is A Toner?

Woman in Green Tube Top Sitting on White Ceramic Bathtub
Woman in Green Tube Top Sitting on White Ceramic Bathtub
Toner is an essential part of any face care procedure. A cleanser is one of the most overlooked beauty items, even though every routine needs one. Every beauty magazine and website will always talk about cleansing, toning, and moisturizing (CTM).
This is because they are so important. Toning is something that not many women understand while cleaning and moisturizing are pretty straightforward. Most women don't use natural toners regularly because they don't know what benefits they have for the skin. Because of this, we will start by talking about why you should use toner.

Benefits Of Using A Toner

Now that you know all the benefits, you need to learn how to use a natural toner correctly to get the best results. Here is a guide with step-by-step instructions on how to use a cleaner to get healthy, beautiful skin.

Balancing Ph Levels

One of the main benefits of toner is that it can repair and balance the pH levels of your face. The pH of the skin is naturally slightly acidic, somewhere between 4.5 and 5.5. Cleansers, especially ones with a higher pH, can throw off this balance. Toners help bring the skin back to its ideal pH level by being slightly acidic. This makes a setting where the skin can grow.

Enhanced Cleansing

By adding a toner to your procedure, you can clean your face even more deeply. Even after washing your face with a cleaner, oil, dirt, and makeup can still be on your skin. A toner is the best follow-up because it gets rid of any dirt or oil that is still there. This makes sure that your skin is spotless, which makes it easier for other skin care items to work better.

Tightening Pores

A cleaner can make a massive difference for people with big pores. A cleaner can make a big difference because some of them have irritating properties. Some toners have astringent qualities that help close up pores and make the skin look better. By making the pores smaller, toners make it less likely that dirt and oil will get stuck, which lowers the risk of blackheads and acne.
Woman in Bathtub With Flowers
Woman in Bathtub With Flowers

Homemade Toner For Combination Skin By Ingredient

You should use an item that you know is good for your face in your toner. The list of DIY toners is broken down by what they contain. Remember that because these homemade toners don't have any chemicals, you should put them in the fridge and throw them away after two to three days.

Witch Hazel

Witch hazel is a cleanser that can help with dry skin, acne, and itching.
Pure witch hazel can be sprayed on your face or put on with a cotton pad. It makes your face feel better and may make your pores look smaller.
You Can Also Try This Recipe
  • 4 tablespoons witch hazel, make sure it doesn't have alcohol in it, or it will dry out your skin.
  • 2 tablespoons of aloe vera
  • just a few drops of your favorite scent
  • Mix the toner's ingredients well, and then pour it into a spray bottle or use clean hands or a cotton pad to put it on your face.

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera makes your face look better and helps clear up acne. It keeps skin wet, which makes it an excellent cleaner for dry skin. You can make your toner with this simple recipe that works great for fair skin. This toner is full of antioxidants and moisturizers, and it may help calm redness:
  • 1/2 cup of rose water
  • 1/2 cup of aloe vera
  • After mixing it all well, could you put it on your clean, dry skin?

Essential Oils

You can give your toners a great smell by adding essential oils. Some of them are also good for your face. It's common to use tea tree oil to heal acne, but keep in mind that it's solid and may make sensitive skin feel tingly or burning. You might also want to think about these essential oils:
  • lilac and chamomile
  • Sage Clary
  • sandalwood and geranium
  • rose and jasmine
Try Making Your Toner:
  • 1 tablespoon witch hazel
  • 1/2 teaspoon of vitamin E oil, which may help scars from acne
  • 3. Three drops of lavender oil

Rosewater Toner

Rose water can naturally keep your skin's pH in check. If you use a wash or exfoliant that is too alkaline or acidic, your skin's pH can become out of whack. Rose water is also gentle, keeps skin moist, and smells great.
  • Try making your rosewater toner:
  • 1 tablespoon rose water
  • 1 tablespoon alcohol-witch hazel free
  • Mix everything and mist your whole face with it.

Apple Cider Vinegar

  • The natural acids in apple cider vinegar can smooth out your face and make it look better.
  • Use this soothing DIY toner recipe, which has chamomile in it to help you relax. Chamomile kills germs without changing the pH of the skin, and honey makes it more moist:
  • One cup of water
  • One chamomile tea bag
  • 1 teaspoon of honey
  • 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar

Tea Tree Oil Toner

It's great to use tea tree oil to make your toner for oily skin. Tea tree oil has been used for a long time to help clear up clogged skin. It clears out pores and gets rid of extra oil on the skin's surface.
Along with that, tea tree oil helps close up pores and gives skin a matte finish. This homemade toner is excellent for people with thick skin or skin that gets spots or acne quickly.
What's In It
  • 3 cups of water that has been filtered or distilled
  • 5 drops of tea tree oil
  • Put the toner in a bottle or jar.
How To Make A Tea Tree Oil Toner
  • Get purified water and put it in your bottle.
  • Ten drops of tea tree oil should be added to every 25ml of water.

Lemon And Witch Hazel Toner

Witch hazel, lemon, and aloe are all great things to use to make your skin-brightening lotion. Witch hazel helps keep skin tone even and is often used to clear out pores and keep the skin's natural oils in balance. When you add aloe to this DIY toner which is known for soothing—it makes your skin more hydrated and less red.
What's In It
  • 1 big lemon
  • 3 cups of water that has been filtered or distilled
  • 1/4 cup of witch hazel
  • 1 teaspoon of goo from aloe vera
How To Make A Lemon And Witch Hazel Toner
  • Put the lemon juice in a bowl after pressing it.
  • It should be twice as much witch hazel as lemon juice when you add it.
  • Put in pure water.
  • Add one teaspoon of aloe vera gel and mix well.
  • Put the toner in a bottle or jar.

Green Tea Toner

Green tea is known for having antioxidants, and when used as a toner, it can help make skin look younger and more even. Use this method to make a great toner that will brighten your face.
What's In It
  • One tablespoon of matcha green tea powder
  • 1 cup of clean water
How To Make Green Tea Toner
  • Add the purified water to the matcha powder and mix it well with a whisk.
  • Fill up a bottle or jar with toner.

Homemade Rice Water Toner

Toner made from rice water helps your body make more collagen and calms and soothes your face. Also, it works for all skin types.
What's In It
  • One-half cup of rice
  • 1.5 cups of water
How To Make Rice Water Toner
  • Clean the rice under running water.
  • To cover the rice, put it in a bowl and pour water over it.
  • Take 12 to 24 hours off.
  • Take the rice out of the water and pour the water into a bottle or jar.
Women Using Hand Moisturizer
Women Using Hand Moisturizer

Is Homemade Skin Toner As Efficient As Store-Bought Toners?

A toner from the store is sometimes better than a toner you make yourself. This tool is all about what you want it to do. Let us show you how to make your natural skin toner and which natural store-bought ones you should try.
You should use an item that you know is good for your face in your toner. The list of DIY toners is broken down by what they contain. Remember that because these homemade toners don't have any chemicals, you should put them in the fridge and throw them away after two to three days.

What Does Face Toner Do?

Most likely, you use a cleaner that is a little on the acidic side of the pH scale, which kills more germs because your skin is oily or prone to acne. But if your skin is sensitive or dry, use an alkaline or gentle wash. After washing your face, a toner helps bring your skin's pH level back to its ideal level.
There should be as little change in the pH of our skin as possible. The pH of your skin should be about 5.5, which is slightly acidic. This helps the acid mantle, which is a protective layer on the top of your skin. The skin can protect itself and grow new cells best when its pH is in the correct range.
Women Using White Soap
Women Using White Soap

How To Use Toner

The toner works best when used on clean skin once or twice a day. Always stop using it if it makes your skin red or irritated.
  • First, wash your face and pat it dry with a soft cloth.
  • Spray your face, neck, and chest with the cleaner after shaking it up. On the other hand, you can put some toner on a cotton ball or the palm of your hand and use that instead.
  • Before putting on serum or lotion, let the toner soak in for about a minute. Putting on lotion or serum while your skin is still a little damp will help keep the wetness in and keep your skin soft.
  • Put on sunscreen to avoid getting a photosensitive (sunburn) reaction.
  • Could you put it on again in the evening?
  • Toner works best on clean skin, but you can use it as a face mist any time of the day to refresh your skin or bring back your makeup. It won't soak in as quickly, but the nutrients will make your face look better and less dry.

Homemade Toner For Combination Skin - FAQs

Which Homemade Toner Is Best For Combination Skin?

A Green Tea and Cucumber Toner is excellent for combination skin, offering hydration and oil control.

What Should Be In A Toner For Combination Skin?

Ideal ingredients include witch hazel for oil control, aloe vera for hydration, and chamomile for soothing effects.

How Do You Make Natural Toner At Home?

Mix equal parts of rose water, witch hazel, and aloe vera gel for a simple and effective natural toner.

Is Rosewater A Toner?

Yes, Rosewater is a natural toner known for its hydrating and soothing properties, making it suitable for various skin types, including combination skin.


In the pursuit of radiant and balanced skin, crafting a skincare routine tailored to combination skin is essential. Homemade toners offer a personalized and effective solution, allowing you to address the specific needs of both oily and dry areas.
Whether you opt for the refreshing Green Tea and Cucumber Toner, the calming Chamomile and Lavender Infusion, the invigorating Citrus Burst Toner, or the budget-friendly DIY Rice Water Toner, these recipes provide a natural and affordable way to achieve the perfect balance for your combination skin. So, dive into the world of homemade toners and unlock the secret to a glowing complexion tailored just for your homemade toner for combination skin.
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