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Moran Rosenblatt - A Multi-award Winning Israeli Actress


Moran Rosenblatt's most well-known film and television credits include Lipstikka, Wedding Doll, Fauda, and Hit & Run, but she is also a director. Moran Rosenblatt is a well-known actor in Israel. Over the course of her career, she has received a variety of honors for both the films she has directed and the films themselves.

Quick Facts About Moran Rosenblatt

Real NameMoran Rosenblatt
Birth DateSeptember 14, 1985
Profession or CareerActress, Writer & Director
Age35 Years
Birth PlaceTel Aviv, Israel
Sun signVirgo

Early Years Of Moran Rosenblatt

Moran Rosenblatt was born on September 14, 1985, in the city of Tel Aviv-Yafo, which is located in the nation of Israel. There is no information that can be located on her parents' background at this time. She received her diploma from Tichon Hadash High School, which is located in Jerusalem.

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Rosenblatt continued her training in the performing arts after fulfilling her requirement to serve in the Israeli Armed Forces by enrolling in the Haderech Studio in Tel Aviv, where she remained a student until 2009.

Moran Rosenblatt’s Professional Career

Modeling was where Moran got her start in the professional world; afterward, she moved into the entertainment business. Lipstikka was the first film in which Rosenblatt appeared on the screen. In the 2013 short film version of The Invitation Season 2, she gave a performance as the character Noa.

Her portrayal of Noa in the movie Snails in the Rain, which was released in the same year, garnered her widespread acclaim. She was honored with the Ophir Award for Best Actress in the category of Best Actress in 2015 for her work in the film Hatuna MeNiyar, in which she played the role of a young lady who suffered from an intellectual handicap.

She attended the Sam Spiegel Film and Television School in Jerusalem from 2014 through 2016 and concentrated her studies on screenwriting during that time. After being cast in the Israeli-Austrian film Baumschlager in 2017, she was offered a supporting role in the Netflix series Fauda, which will begin airing in 2018 in regions where German is the primary language.

Baumschlager was released in 2017. Kiss Me Kosher, a comedy film released in 2020, had her as a co-star with Luise Wolfram. Rosenblatt went on to feature in a number of well-known films, some of which include A Place in Heaven, Apples from the Desert, and Wedding Doll. In the 2021 season of the Netflix television series Hit & Run, she played the role of Tali Shapira.

 Moran Rosenblatt Shot From A Movie
Moran Rosenblatt Shot From A Movie

Personal Life Of Moran Rosenblatt

Moran Rosenblatt's girlfriend is Joy Rieger. They haven't tied the knot as of yet. She also has acting experience. She is also a native Israelite and is now 28 years old. Her homeland is Israel. Joy's filmography includes such titles as Past Life, Virgins, The Other Story, and Valley, amongst others.

Some Interesting Facts About Moran Rosenblatt

  • Moran Rosenblatt is a distinguished Israeli actor and director who has been honored with a number of accolades for her body of work.
  • The 14th of September is her special day, and on that day, birthday festivities are conducted in honor of her unique day.
  • Her year of birth is 1985.
  • Her zodiac sign is Virgo.
  • Tel Aviv, which is located in Israel, served as the location of her birth.
  • She was born in Israel and now has Israeli citizenship. On the other hand, one cannot determine her ethnicity.
  • Nobody knows anything about her past, including who her parents were or whether or not she had any siblings.
  • She desires that her private life be shielded from the prying eyes of the public and the press.
  • The Ophir Award for Best Actress is the acknowledgment that she merits for the job that she has done as an actress, and she just received this honor.
  • In addition to that, she was awarded a trophy for being the best actress in a film at the LGBT Film Festival, which was an incredible accomplishment.
  • In fact, she maintains a passionate relationship with Joy Rieger, who is a well-known actress in Israel.
  • The overwhelming accolades that Moran has received are primarily attributable to her performance in "Wedding Doll." It is one of the tracks that she has released that has been the most successful.
  • She was recognized as the best actor in her category at the Ophir Awards and received the award for her work.
  • Moran has a soft spot in his heart for all types of animals.
  • In addition to her career as an actor, she also played the roles of writer, director, and producer during the creation of the short film "If You're Happy" (2016).

The Physical Appearance Of Moran Rosenblatt

Moran Rosenblatt has a height of around 1.64 meters (or roughly 5 feet 4 inches). She has dark brown hair and eyes of the same color as her hair.

The Net Worth Of Moran Rosenblatt

It is believed that Moran Rosenblatt has a net worth of between $1 and $5 million. However, she has not disclosed how much money she really makes. Given how far she has come, it is reasonable to infer that she is doing well financially.

People Also Ask

When Was Moran Rosenblatt Born?

The 14th of September, 1985, is the day she was born.

What Nationality Does Moran Rosenblatt Have?

Moran Rosenblatt is an Israeli citizen.

What Kind Of Work Does Moran Rosenblatt Do For A Living?

She works in acting, writing, and directing, among other things.


As a result of Moran Rosenblatt's contentment with her life as it is right now, the scales of her personal and professional lives are now tipping in favor of the former. She has several objectives that she wants to achieve in the future, in addition to becoming an example for both her contemporaries and the generations that will come after her.

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