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New Moon Spells - Harness The Lunar Energy

The new moon is a time of initiation and fresh starts. Now is the perfect moment to sow the seeds of the things you wish to see grow in your life. So, you need to try these new moon spells.

Caroline Teresa
Nov 08, 2022192 Shares2598 Views
The new moon is a time of initiation and fresh starts. Now is the perfect moment to sow the seeds of the things you wish to see grow in your life. So, you need to try these new moon spells.
Making a wish, purpose, promise, or vow is a custom that is widely practiced. It is thought that as the moon gets bigger, your intention or aim will probably come true by the time the moon has cycled through once more and is brand new.

Top New Moon Spells And Rituals That Work Wonders

Use The 369 Method

A common manifestationapproach during the new moon, known as the 369 method, simply entails writing down an objective or affirmation several times a day. Your affirmation may be something like, "I will get a large sum of money,"for instance, if you wish to manifest money.
You can commit to using this strategy every day for six months, up until the full moon that corresponds to the astrological sign of the new moon, if you want to play the long game. The full moon occurs two weeks following the new moon. This is how it goes:
  • As soon as you wake up in the morning, repeat your affirmation three times.
  • During the afternoon, repeat your affirmation six times.
  • Before you go to bed, repeat your affirmation nine times.

New Moon Circle Spell For Achieving Your Goals

Taking part in the new moon circle spellsgives you the chance to interact with people and amp up your intentions. "[New moons are] a moment to give and receive—to establish community," said Danielle Beilstein, M.A., a spiritual advisor and, astrological counselor, "And that's where new moon circles come into play."
Here is a guide to hosting new moon circle spells, along with an example timetable to get you started:
  • Decide who will be the group's leader.
  • As you go around the circle, say your name and one word that best describes how you are feeling right now.
  • Spend 5–10 minutes meditating to ground yourself and focus on yourself.
  • Spend some time alone journaling about your surroundings.
  • Participate in the revelation made during the writing process.
  • Spend an additional ten minutes outlining your goals in the present tense. For instance, "I am discovering myself feeling strong and flexible at my weekly yoga session,"or "I am feeling at ease and calm on my date with X."
  • At least one of your goals should be stated.
  • Another brief meditation should be done to end the circle.

People Also Ask

What Spells Can I Do On A New Moon?

  • Consider what you wish to attract into your life.
  • Create a declaration.
  • Write in your journal.
  • Plant literal seeds.
  • Draw a divination card.
  • Develop a vision board.
  • Consult a tarotcard reader.
  • Make contact with those who can help you.

What Happens Spiritually During A New Moon?

The new moon phase is an introspective moment that symbolizes the planting of seeds for the future. It's a great time to set clear goals for the next month, start new projects, and take stock of how far you've come since the last new moon.

Do Wishes Or Spells Come True On The New Moon?

Yes, the new moon is a period when dreams come true, and desires are granted.


The energy of the new moon provides us with the opportunity to break our bad habits. The energy of the new moon helps us get rid of poisonous thought patterns and substances like excessive alcohol, processed foods, caffeine, and tobacco use from our bodies and thoughts. That is why, it is advised to perform new moon spells.
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