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Best November UFC Fights

Traditionally, each UFC event begins with a preliminary card, followed by a main card, with the last bout serving as the main event. November UFC fights delivered on all fronts. The MMA leader put on three events in the last month of 2022, including some stunning finishes and exciting matches.

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The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), a mixed martial arts promotion located in the United States, organizes and schedules UFC events. On November 12, 1993, the UFC held their debut event, UFC 1. Each UFC event has a number of bouts.
Traditionally, each UFC event begins with a preliminary card, followed by a main card, with the last bout serving as the main event. November UFC fightsdelivered on all fronts. The MMA leader put on three events in the last month of 2022, including some stunning finishes and exciting matches.
This month, fans of the world's leading MMA organization were treated to some genuinely amazing bouts, which have been listed below, over two Fight Night programs and one blockbuster pay-per-view.

Best Finishes From November on UFC FIGHT PASS

November UFC Fights

UFC 281 Dustin Poirier Vs. Michael Chandler

Michael Chandler's star power has skyrocketed after he signed with the UFC in 2020. The former Bellator champion has taken on a "kill or be killed" attitude since joining the greatest mixed martial arts (MMA) organization in the world, which has resulted in some incredible bouts.
Chandler created another all-time classic only one year after his Fight of the Year slugfest with Justin Gaethje at Madison Square Garden. This time, he faced up against one of the greatest stars in the UFC, Dustin Poirier.
When these two lightweights squared off at UFC 281, tensions were running high. This was a high-stakes bout because both combatants wanted a chance to go back into contention for a championship at 155 pounds.
Due to the fact that both Americans had success in the first round, it is arguable that it was the greatest round of the year. Early on, Chandler delivered a flurry of punches, but Poirier managed to stay on his feet.
Although Chandler was the more aggressive fighter, Poirier was able to deliver a precise counterstrike and knock him out, leaving "Iron" wounded and beaten by the round's finish. Nonetheless, he fared well in the second round, knocking Poirier down and dominating the bulk of the match.
With the score knotted at one going into the last round, Chandler went for another takedown in the hopes of replicating his success from the previous round. An excellent battle was brought to a close when Poirier turned the tables and submitted his opponent with a rear naked choke.

UFC 281 Israel Adesanya Vs. Alex Pereira

Former kickboxing rivals Israel Adesanya and Alex Pereira fought in the main event of UFC 281 at Madison Square Garden in one of the most anticipated middleweight championship battles in UFC history. Expectedly, the fight delivered.
Alex Pereira was hailed as 'The Last Stylebender"s only striking match after two kickboxing victories against Israel Adesanya, including a stunning knockout. Adesanya was seeking a sixth middleweight title defense, while Pereira was eight bouts away from a world title.
The first round was tense as both combatants were cautious. Adesanya dodged Pereira's forward pressure. In the last seconds, the reigning champion knocked out his Brazilian opponent, who was spared by the bell.
Alex Pereira unexpectedly scored a takedown in the second round. Israel Adesanya used the clinch and wrestling to put the challenger in uncomfortable situations in the third and fourth rounds.
Adesanya entered the final round ahead on the scorecards and needed to beat the clock to maintain his championship. The Nigerian-born Kiwi's mobility was hampered by Pereira's leg kicks throughout the bout.
Adesanya was trapped against the fence with three minutes left. Pereira unleashed several hard blows, some of which got past the champion's guard, before landing his famous left-hook flush on the chin. After a few more hits, the referee stopped the fight and declared a new champion. Adesanya seemed bewildered.

UFC Vegas 64 Neil Magny Vs. Daniel Rodriguez

Daniel Rodriguez has defeated Mike Perry, Kevin Lee, and Li Jingliang in his previous four fights. Since joining the UFC, "D-Rod" has become one of the division's greatest attackers. He proved it against Neil Magny.
Rodriguez outboxed Magny early on. He kept hitting his left straight, forcing Magny to retreat and remain near the barrier. 'The Haitian Sensation' battled with range against 'D-Rod' and seemed to be losing the fight coming into the last round.
Before the third round, Magny was inspired by his coach's words and refused to back down. He became the first fighter to finish Rodriguez with a D'Arce choke in under 90 seconds.
Due to his eagerness to fight everyone, regardless of status, Neil Magny is one of the UFC's most admired competitors. The promotional veteran has the most welterweight victories, surpassing Georges St-Pierre and Kamaru Usman. Magny has long guarded the 170-pound elite. Daniel Rodriguez was his latest victim.

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Final Words

The last two months of the year have traditionally been when the November UFC fights boast the finest combat matchups and entertainment. Pay-per-view events, considered a pinnacle of the combat sports industry, are held annually in November at Madison Square Garden. Also, most combatants want to end the year on a positive note, so they'll be giving it their best.
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