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2 Potent Spells To Get Ex Boyfriend Back

It may seem tough to reconcile with an ex, especially if the other spouse has moved on. If you're determined to keep your relationship intact, here are some spells to get ex boyfriend back to bring your ex back will be necessary.

Caroline Teresa
Nov 04, 202228 Shares1086 Views
It may seem tough to reconcile with an ex, especially if the other spouse has moved on. If you're determined to keep your relationship intact, here are some spells to get ex boyfriend backto bring your ex back will be necessary.

2 Powerful Spells To Get Ex-lover Back

Here are 2 spellsto get ex boyfriend back:

First Spell

  • A bowl of the rose's petals.
  • One cup of brown sugar.
  • Three tablespoons of basil.
  • Two tablespoons of olive oil.
  • 4 cents
  • Honey.
  • A glass of red wine.
  • A letter that you write outlining your goals.
  • A little red or pink candle.
This spell is a request to the pagan sorcerer of Iberian descent known as San Cipriano, also known as Saint Cyprian of Antioch. This spell is a request to San Cipriano, a legendary miracle worker, for the return of your ex-lover.
Start by writing a simple letter outlining your names and the names of your ex-partner, along with a list of the benefits it would bring you both if they came back. After you're finished, fold the letter and put it in the bowl.
On top of the letter, lay the candle. Then scatter some rose petals, basil, and a touch of brown sugar around the bowl. After tasting the honey and adding some to the bowl along with 4 drops of red wine, arrange the 4 pennies at the four cardinal points around the interior of the bowl.
Take a minute to remind San Cipriano why it would benefit both of you if your sweetheart came back to you, and then place the wine glass as an offering next to the bowl. The candle must be lit and allowed to burn completely before proceeding. Be careful not to let the candle burn out before you watch it carefully.

Second Spell

  • A single image of your ex.
  • A picture of you and rose oil.
  • An orange candle.
Dress your candle with rose oil in the morning. Place both of your pictures side by side. Place the candle holder underneath the two images.
Imagine all the enjoyable times you've shared in the past. You can try to send your ex a personalized message if you'd like. After establishing your intention, light the candle and allow it to burn all day.
At night, tip the candle so that a few wax flecks land on your ex's portrait. Put your image over theirs, and the wax will bind the two together. Until they get in touch with you, place the images in a sacred location and keep the envelope there.

People Also Ask

How Long Do Spells To Get A Lover Back Last?

Depending on how it is cast, a spell to bring a lover back can last for a very long time. To give your spell the durability it needs, you must speak with authority. The knowledge and assistance of a spellcaster are also helpful in avoiding any unfavorable effects connected to your spells.

Should I Select An Immediate Spell To Get A Lover Back Instead?

One of the simplest ways to get an ex back is to use an immediate spell to return true love. But occasionally, these spells could fall short of delivering all the outcomes you need from makeup.

Can I Use More Than One Spell To Have My Ex-Lover Come Back?

Casting more than one "bring back a lover" spell has the potential to be harmful or ineffective. To maintain their maximum potency, several of these spells must be used alone. Casting numerous spells at once raises the likelihood of uncontrollable blowback.


Spells to get ex boyfriend back can be very successful, especially when conducted by a skilled magician. An experienced spell caster has all the resources and know-how necessary to ensure that your quest for rekindled love is successful.
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