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How To Cast Spells To Make Someone Think Of You?


Do you harbor unrequited love? What a wonderful thing it would be to have that person think of you the same way that you think of them. The spells to make someone think of you are given below.

These love spells to make someone think of you causes the other person's thoughts about you to figuratively "grow" in their head and heart. This will lead to a more healthy relationship between two lovers.

They will spend more time together and keep thinking of the ways to take this realtionship to an other official level and you two can spend your whole life together too.

This love spell can be used on someone you are already dating but don't think they are showing as much interest in you as well as on someone you are not yet in a relationship with.

Spell To Make Your Lover Or Partner Think About You

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What you'll need for the spell that will make someone think about you:

  • A container with soil in it for seeds.
  • Single cent (or other copper coin).
  • A seed packet.

How To Cast A Spell

  • A full moon night should be chosen. Take your soil pot and your penny on this particular night, and position them so that they are both in full view of the moon.
  • Deeply bury your currency in the ground.
  • Bury the seeds above the coin, but make sure that they are arranged so that they spell out the initials of the person you want to think of you.
  • Cast the following spell over the seeds while you do this: "In my lovers mind have thoughts of me bloom, by the Goddess Venus and the light of the moon."
  • Position the pot so that it will have a direct line of sight to the moon. As an illustration, perching on a window sill.
  • Be sure to take good care of the seeds by giving them water and exposure to sunlight. The thoughts of the person you secretly like will be nurtured in the same way that you cultivate the seeds.

People Also Ask

For Which Purposes Can You Use A Love Spell?

Use love spells to:

  • Find a new love for yourself.
  • Heal a break-up.
  • Have your friendship turn into something more.
  • Make yourself more attractive to someone.
  • Breathe new life into an existing relationship.

How To Do A Love Spell?

If you want a person you know to fall in love with you, including a photo of them in your ritual or writing down their name on a particular piece of paper with other pertinent symbols would be crucial.

What Are Some 5 Easy Love Spells That Work Fast?

  • Honey Jar love spell.
  • Full Moon love spell.
  • Candle love spell.
  • Saffron Herb love spell.
  • Get-an-Ex-Back love spell.


Make sure you genuinely want the person to think about you before doing spells to make someone think of you. Be cautious about what you wish for because you might receive it, according to an old proverb.

When performing love spells, you should carefully consider these terms. After all, it is simpler to make someone think about you than to make them stop once the spell is in place. You have been warned; use caution while casting these spells.

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